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Aaron Zang Wins 1 Million Buy-in Tournament For 13,779,491!!!

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Posted on 05 August 2019 by "T".

In the first weekend of August, a champion has been crowned in what could be called the highest buy-in ever in poker tournament history.

Triton Million - A Helping Hand for Charity

  • Schedule: August 1 to 3, 2019
  • Buy-in: £1 million + £50,000 entry fee (approx. US$ 1.3 million)
  • Venue: Grand Ballroom of Park Lane Hilton in London
Aaron Zang became the victor amongst a field of 54 players who joined the £1,050,000 buy-in Triton Million - A Helping Hand for Charity invitational-only NLHE event, taking home £13,779,491 ($16,775,820) after making a deal at the beginning of heads-up play. Zang from China was one of the 27 recreational players who participated after being invited by a poker pro guest in the record-setting event that raised a total of £2.7 million for charity.

The buy-in of £1,050,000, the most money ever to pay to enter a poker tournament in which the £50,000 of each person shall go towards charity, has accumulated a total prize pool of £54 million from the 54 players.

Zang was able to overcome a super-stacked final table on August 3, Saturday. He even outlasted many of the best pros in poker tournament history, defeating Bryn Kenney in a heads-up match in the end. Bryn Kenney earned a total of £16,890,509 ($20,563,324) as runner-up, which is now the biggest single payout in history ever to be won in a poker tournament. Kenney's record-breaking score has catapulted his career live tournament earnings to $55,505,630 now, enabling him to surpass Justin Bonomo ($45 million) and take the no. 1 spot on poker's All-Time Money List.

  • Aaron Zang earned £13,779,491 ($16,775,820) while Bryn Kenney got £16,890,509 ($20,563,324) in a heads-up deal before Zang ultimately claimed the title.
  • Aaron Zang became the first Chinese player to win on the Triton Series.
  • With this current achievement, Bryn Kenney has now dethroned Justin Bonomo in the #1 spot of poker's All-Time Money List. He dethroned Bonomo in the US All Time Money List as well.

Aaron Zang said after the tournament, "Miracles happen." Triton co-founder Paul Phua handed the trophy to his old friend Zang and joked, "I didn't think you were that good."

Zang entered as one of the businessmen rec players and admitted several times that he wasn't as skilled as the players he outlasted in the tournament. Phua said, "This shows that anyone can win", and encouraged more recreational players to take up poker.

Despite not winning the trophy and settling as the runner-up, 32-year-old Bryn Kenney has officially won the biggest-ever prize money in poker tournament history, and this even allowed him to leapfrog his fellow countryman Justin Bonomo to claim the top spot of poker's all-time money list. He said, "I wanted the trophy but it's the biggest win that anybody's ever had, number one on the all-time money list, what can I complain about? It's incredible."

Final Results




Prize (£ )

Prize (USD)


Aaron Zang


£ 13,779,491*

$ 16,775,820*


Bryn Kenney


£ 16,890,509*

$ 20,563,324*


Dan Smith


£ 7,200,000

$ 8,765,628


Stephen Chidwick


£ 4,410,000

$ 5,368,947


Vivek Rajkumar


£ 3,000,000

$ 3,652,345


Bill Perkins


£ 2,200,000

$ 2,678,386


Alfred Decarolis





Timothy Adams





Wai Chan





Chin Lim





Winfred Yu

Hong Kong



*denotes a deal was made before start of heads-up play
*original payout for 1st place was £ 19,000,000; 2nd place was supposed to be £ 11,670,000

Watch the video showing Zang as the final winner of Triton Million:



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7 comments on "Aaron Zang Wins 1 Million Buy-in Tournament For 13,779,491!!!"

 CALICUL05/08/2019 14:11:30 GMT
You have to be a very good player, if you can pay such a large sum for one tournament. I suppose not all players were financed by someone with money. 5 Asian players in the top 11 means something and this thing must to be appreciated. Congratulations to these players who had a good profit in this game.
 StheP05/08/2019 18:09:30 GMT
yup didnt miss second of this event, it was awesome, and I cheered for bryn to win... he is my fav player and I knew he could climb on first spot on all time money list from this tournie... glad that he is #1 and I hope hell stay there forever Blink
 dule-vu05/08/2019 18:26:45 GMT
so winner got less then second player,because of deal before head up!you can imagine that feeling when you have more then 1 million for buy in and then not to care much when you lose before prize pool!I know that triton organisation have only rich players,but still this is sick!
 gufra2006/08/2019 03:09:06 GMT
It's amazing how they can pay more than 1 million dollars to play a tournament, but these are players who have a lot of money and were invited by professional poker players. Congratulations to Aaron Zang for the trophy and for the 16 million dollars, although the winner was economically speaking Bryn Kenney since making a pact I assure a large sum of money. But the most important thing about this tournament is that it was a charity tournament and an excellent £ 2,700,000 tournament was raised. See you at the tables...
 bowie198406/08/2019 21:08:31 GMT
Posted by dule-vu:
so winner got less then second player,because of deal before head up!you can imagine that feeling when you have more then 1 million for buy in and then not to care much when you lose before prize pool!

This was as big of a tax evasion tournament as one can be - 'charity event' my a$$ - it's ridiculous...
 CALICUL07/08/2019 14:20:10 GMT
We live in a world where taxes are too exaggerated in certain areas. Charity event or not i consider that it is not normal to pay very high taxes on those winnings. That money was taxed once by the state of every player and sponsors. An entry into this tournament is very large and the taxes must to be few not huge. This rule with huge taxes is also in sports. This is very bad for all but good for the guvernants. Governments must change this law.
 Mober07/08/2019 15:27:48 GMT
It must have been a good tournament. And the participation was high enough,
if you take in mind the buy in.
And of course that deal was probably the best thing, of the game.
Second one got four millions more from the winner of the tournament Smile

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