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Dominik Nitsche gets Best Birthday Gift Ever with 888Millions Main Event Win

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Posted on 13 October 2020 by "T".

Dominik Nitsche certainly celebrated his birthday with a blast - taking home $121,000 as he won the 888poker Superstorm Main Event!

After a full month of poker festivities at 888poker, the Millions Superstorm $8M Series Edition has finally come to an end.

In a span of five weeks, 480 tournaments, and a guaranteed prize pool of $8 million, the series wrapped up over the weekend.

888poker Millions Superstorm - $8,000,000 Series Edition Info

  • Duration: September 10 (Thursday) to October 11 (Sunday), 2020
  • Events: 480 tournaments
  • Highlight: $320 buy-in, $1M GTD Main Event
  • Guaranteed prize pool: $8,000,000

The highlight of this poker fest is the 2-day $320 Superstorm Main Event, which offered a juicy $1M guarantee.

A total of 3,196 entrants participated, but on Sunday's Day 2 of the Main Event, just 567 players returned to action.

After 7 hours and 35 minutes of poker action, it was 888poker ambassador Dominik "888Dominik" Nitsche who won the prestigious event. And guess what, it's his birthday to boot!

He fought fiercely even when he was down to just 7BB, and ended up winning the first-place prize worth $121,146!

He wasn't the only one who managed to bag a six-figure payout. The final four struck a deal at the final table. It made three players each secure an amount of $106,000 or more.

888poker Millions SuperStorm Main Event - Final Table Results






Dominik “888Dominik” Nitsche




























Eduardo “franguet” Rocha







*denotes a four-way deal was made

Final Table Action

Nitsche started at the final table as the second-shortest stack. Thanks to an early double, he made his way through the field as four players bowed out.

With five players left, Nitsche made his first knockout. His A-3 suited outdid the K-5 of "kiskutya23" all-in preflop.

After that, Nitsche was third in chips and the final four contenders agreed to their ICM deal. It left $20,000 on the table for the final winner.

With his A-10, Nitsche then dispatched "MrMarley83" who was outmaneuvered with A-2.

Three players remain, and Nitsche once again had A-10. But this time he found himself dominated by the A-K of "Artemka168". Nitsche fought back as a 10 appeared on the flop. That win catapulted him into a heads-up match with more than 2:1 chip lead over "GarbinaD".

In the final hand of the event, it was Level 39 (325,000/650,000/81,250) when "GarbinaD" shoved holding the KDiamond10Club. Nitsche called as he held AHeart9Diamond.

The flop showed QHeart9Heart9Club, which gave Nitsche trip nines; however the JDiamond gave "GarbinaD" a straight. Nitsche was looking to pair the board or hit his kicker to win it.

He did just that when the QDiamond spiked on the river.



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5 comments on "Dominik Nitsche gets Best Birthday Gift Ever with 888Millions Main Event Win"

 dule-vu13/10/2020 11:01:43 GMT
what a better birthday gift to ask then to win on main event and to get great first prize of 121 K dollars!even it was deal between this four players and winner got less money,its still good win!this would be more money for any of this winners,but on this was they had at least 106 K dollars!now he can buy something special for own birhtday from this money!
 CALICUL14/10/2020 07:54:39 GMT
To win a 1st place in a major tournament when is your birthday is something formidable, and if the joy is great, then this success will remain in his memory many years since now. Congratulations for this player and that succes.
 antonis32120/10/2020 00:02:04 GMT
That was a great birthday gift for him , these $121K that he managed to win in the main event . Congratulations to him , also congrats to the rest of the final four for making this very good deal that gave them so much money in this prestige event . Nice for Dominik rthat he came backfrom very short stack and won the last $20K also for the winner of this event ,great performance .
 geseco1220/10/2020 05:41:25 GMT
I saw him play, he's a great player, disciplined, and he won the award on his birthday, what better gift. Well, you always have to be studious to go far in poker, we must always set goals and meet them. great performance by dominik.
 dule-vu20/10/2020 13:32:19 GMT
thats crazy amount and best birthday gift that you can imagine!ofcourse for some poker players this isnt something special,but for every regular and normal poker players this is great amount!now its question for him,how to do best from this and how to invest this money in poker after,more live tournaments or online poker!

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