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Incredible Poker Action at Triton Poker HKD2 Million Main Event

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Posted on 18 December 2018 by "T".

Have an hour to spare? This video will definitely get your adrenaline pumping as you binge watch on Triton Poker's Main Event of the SHR Jeju 2018 - HKD$2 Million NLHE.

High-stakes poker players who participated in the Triton Poker SHR Jeju 2018 - HKD$2 Million NLHE Main Event include the likes of Paul Phua, Sam Greenwood, Mikita Badziakouski, 888poker ambassador Dominik Nitsche, partypoker ambassador Jason Koon, Stephen Chidwick, Tan Xuan, Gabe Patgorski, James Chen, Sergio Aido, Richard Yong, Nick Schulman, and Wai Leong Chan.

Below are teasers of some of the intense showdowns that happened in the Triton Poker SHR HKD$2 Million NLHE Main Event:

Dominik Nitsche vs Stephen Chidwick
Nitsche got a pair of Aces
Chidwick got a pair of Jacks
The flop reveals 5-K-Q...

Paul Phua vs Stephen Chidwick
Phua got K-J of clubs
Chidwick got a pair of 3s
The flop reveals J-9-6...

Sam Greenwood vs Chen
Greenwood got a pair of Aces
Chen got a pair of Kings
The flop reveals Q-10-Q...

Phil Ivey vs Ivan Leow
Ivey got a pair of Queens
Leow got a pair of 3s
The flop reveals J-3-4 (of clubs)...

Ivey may have lost this round, but he got even with Leow on the very next one.

Badziakouski vs Patgorski
Badziakouski got a pair of 9s
Patgorski got J-9
The flop reveals 6-7-8...

Sam Greenwood vs Sergio Aido
Greenwood got A-K
Aido got Q-J
The flop reveals 2-6-Q...

Of course, you need to watch the video (further down on this page) to see who won each high-stakes round!

The final hand saw Mikita Badziakouski vs Wai Leong Chan
Badziakouski got A-Q
Chan got a pair of 6s
The board reveals 10-7-1...


In the end, it was Belarusian Mikita Badziakouski who bagged the Main Event for HK$41,250,000 (or US$5,257,027).

Nikita Bodyakovskiy ‘Mikita Badziakouski' has won back-to-back Triton Poker Main Events, the defending champ who secured the title in Jeju and also the previous one in Montenegro (HK$ 19,618,400 or $ 2,499,184) for a total sum of $US 7,756,211.

Watch the video here:


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10 comments on "Incredible Poker Action at Triton Poker HKD2 Million Main Event"

 doubletop77718/12/2018 08:10:53 GMT
The amounts of money being gambled on the tables are crazy and it sends shivers down my back just watching it. They are all great players and it is an absolute pleasure to watch them all play
 pajalnick18/12/2018 15:54:58 GMT
Yes, games for large sums of money are always interesting .... of course there are people playing where the money is not at all important ..... they have a lot of them .... And so they can risk a lot of money and hardly notice it. ... But for ordinary people, this is of course a shocking sight .... Try to watch this video now ..... once such an announcement .... Probably it's interesting
 CALICUL18/12/2018 16:08:39 GMT
All players who play live poker for big money, should take lessons from these professionals, when they watching big games in TV or on internet.
There is that discrepancy between the amounts of money or between online or live poker.
If you do not know how to play, when you change your strategies, then you can not become a good poker player.
You can watch these movies if you want to play games with big buy in.
 Gerimantas18/12/2018 16:30:07 GMT
Yes so maby good players and big money in this series. I personally think it is nit very good situation to play eith best poker pros because all know hiw to play good and make almost no mistake so most times results is only luck
 Mober18/12/2018 17:28:47 GMT
When i saw that huge winning of more than 5 millions USD, i wondered how much
the buy in was, so i did the conversion.
It is like 255k USD Smile
In other words a fortune for many Smile
Would have been great winning a satellite for it, if there was one and getting paid.
 bowie198419/12/2018 00:11:48 GMT
AA vs. KK plus QQ on the flop - this is ridiculous, shuffle the goddamn deck already. These kind of things happen randomly I know so I shouldn't make some big deal out of them but still it's baffling to see and it's ridiculous as well - it should be random, but it looks far from it.
 sammybeyo19/12/2018 03:42:16 GMT
Oh wow this looks like a really good event but definitely for some of the richest poker players definitely fun to watch how this one plays out and who will be the biggest winners in the end of the day.
 pajalnick19/12/2018 16:03:19 GMT
Yesterday I watched this video .... it is certainly long .... this video lasts an hour and a half .... but it was interesting enough to watch ..... but in principle it is interesting enough to watch any poker tournament where good players play ... . you can learn a lot of interesting and useful .... and try to apply these skills in an online game
 bowie198420/12/2018 21:06:11 GMT
Posted by pajalnick:
but in principle it is interesting enough to watch any poker tournament where good players play ... . you can learn a lot of interesting and useful .... and try to apply these skills in an online game

Sure, you can learn about these players bad habits, might even pick up on some yourself when you are at it but otherwise these tv tournies barely show what goes into certain decisions so you kinda stuck if you only learn the bad lessons out of it.
 godoy28/12/2018 15:59:57 GMT
what about these games with astromonic amounts involved I always wonder where they win so much money after watching a small part I see the Chinese Koreas or know it what they are spending money and laughing like that who spends 1 doalr as if fose 1 milhao I know where the money comes from very cool kkk so be in this game

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