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Bill Perkins, Dan Bilzerian claim Jean-Robert Bellande Cheated in High-Stakes Home Game

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Posted on 08 October 2020 by "T".

What's a poker player's worst nightmare? Losing loads of money of course! and oh, also getting accused of cheating...on the same game.

Bill Perkins and Dan Bilzerian accused Jean-Robert Bellande (JRB) of cheating in a high-stakes home game that the latter hosts, pointing out the highly suspicious fact that JRB also backed 50% of two or more players at the table. This comes even though JRB himself lost over $400,000 that week.

JRB hosts what's called as one of the biggest cash games in Las Vegas, but things are not going well for him lately. On Sunday, he posted on his Twitter account that he had a ‘rough week' as he lost over $400,000 and had Dan Bilzerian "turn on me".

After that he posted a screenshot of his text conversation with Dan, who called him a "cheat" and cussed at him for bringing him to that game. No clues about the cheating were revealed by Dan on that screenshot, yet in the end Dan wrote to him "You fat idiot."

To make things even worse for JRB, Bill Perkins tweeted on Sunday "More cheat drama Vegas home game...... people playing in games that are cheat games immediately become suspect IMHO." He did not name names but everyone was quick to catch on who he's referring to.

On Monday, Bill then put up a poll that said:

You're the host of a poker game you get paid time/rake and you also play in the game. You have 50 percent of 2 or more players in a sometimes 8/7/9 player game. As the host should you make non staked players aware of the economics?

About 75% of 6,583 votes said "Yes".

How did JRB get accused of potential cheating in his own high-stakes home game? Dan and Bill is concerned about the fact that it turns out JRB was backing some people in a game that he hosts, including himself, so there's a possibility that cheating could happen in any way. Even if JRB loses, he could still bring home the bacon if "his players" win.

While the start of this week wasn't so great for JRB, the next days were definitely much better for him as no evidence of cheating came to light. Everything was just speculation and accusations. Not even a trace of a cheating technique was exposed.

The next day, Perkins posted an update, that after a conversation between the accuser and accused, a full inspection will be done and all backing transactions will be revealed. On a second update, an "expert" confidently concluded that no cheating occurred.

"The only questionable issue is the backing multiple players in a game. This is what lead to the conclusion of accuser (plus wacky play)."

And that ends the latest drama soap that the poker world has witnessed so far. In this episode, some people publicly accuse others of cheating without solid evidence, only damaging a fellow poker pro's reputation then end up saying, "Oops, my mistake!"

This is not really a new thing for Bill Perkins and Dan Bilzerian, as both have accused poker players of cheating before. On their team-up against Daniel "Jungleman" Cates earlier this year, it turned out they were right. Bill and Dan played in private online high-stakes home games amid the COVID-19 lockdown, with Bill Perkins as the host. Eventually, Cates admitted to "ghosting", or posing as another player.

Cates issued an apology, "I played very few hands against Bill Perkins, who sat in a game I understood was rampant with professionals who were ghosting. I thought since many on the site were using pros to play for them (which was clear by the uniquely high level of play) at the time it felt acceptable for me to be playing. Unfortunately Bill got caught in the crossfire and I'm very sorry for that."


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21 comments on "Bill Perkins, Dan Bilzerian claim Jean-Robert Bellande Cheated in High-Stakes Home Game"

 dule-vu09/10/2020 12:44:17 GMT
if this is truth,and they were right in first case,then this will be big blow for dan bilzerian and who know who will play next time with him!in this case he lost lot of money and get caught in cheating,so he got two problems in one game!this two players probably dont have reasons to lie and now its just to wait and to see how story will end,but probably they are right!
 antonis32110/10/2020 01:33:56 GMT
LOL , one more ''scandal '' with these two guys , why does it always happpen to be around these guys , are they stupid ?? No , ofcourse no . Are they naive ?? No , they seem very snakes and hyennas I would say .. Then what ?? Wherever there is smoke there is fire , this time there wasn't cheating , only harming one man's reputation , the previous time there was , most important is that these guys , when they host or go to home games , live or online , cheating , might or more probably will happen , why ??? LOL And jungleman for me was 20% only guilty , lol Big Smile

Anyway , Postle I read has filled a law suit of $300M , if the news are real , I wonder the odds of him winning in the end this court . And how many years will pass . Veronica will have 10.000 witnesses , Postle 2-3 snobs , lol Also many have started supporting her financially , yeap Smile
 CALICUL10/10/2020 14:48:47 GMT
It's not the first time when Dan Bilzerian has accuses a player of cheating, and that means he is a fair play gambler. I like that because he's a man with his head on his shoulders, and has no restraints when finds illegalities. Together with Bil Perkins they did the right thing.
 dule-vu11/10/2020 09:11:26 GMT
antonis probably there is something when they say this kind of things about him and they were right in first case about other player!they know what they are talking about!but whats so strange for me,how the hell he lost 400 K when he cheated?how much would he lost if he didnt cheat and how this didnt help him at all!
 Samarietis11/10/2020 13:52:21 GMT
I don't understand the fact that he lost 400k and still they call him a cheater ... Us much as i understand they didn't like the fact that he staked other people at the table , witch probably won some money , but i don't find there anything bad , as if you have money why not spend it wise and if you know that specific players have a better chance to win at the table ...
 antonis32111/10/2020 13:58:21 GMT
These two guys were ghosting in a twitch account on ACR , this account was banned , I do not know if he created a new one or because he is a celebrity ACR left him to create a new one or thethe leaft up the ban , Making the ban temporary . With jungleman the case was a litttle hilarious imo . Now I read this news , so the investigator just said that no cheating occured , the only bad he was backing two players . lol .
 CALICUL11/10/2020 16:53:11 GMT
This episode is very interesting and i want to see an continuation of this situation. Dan Bilzerian or Bill Perkins will say more about this player who cheated Jean-Robert Bellande. His $ 400,000 loss could be much higher but we will see.
 dule-vu12/10/2020 10:20:57 GMT
Posted by Samarietis:
I don't understand the fact that he lost 400k and still they call him a cheater ... Us much as i understand they didn't like the fact that he staked other people at the table , witch probably won some money , but i don't find there anything bad , as if you have money why not spend it wise and if you know that specific players have a better chance to win at the table ...

thats stranges thing in this news!how he could lose so much money in situation where he cheat?what would happen if he didnt cheat,how much money he would lose then!ofcourse its not just enough from them to say that he cheated them,they need some evidence for it,but they didnt lie in case before,so people believe them!
 antonis32112/10/2020 15:32:50 GMT
When you lose and you have a litle suspicion , then this suspicion growes far too much , I believe that's the case right here . A little good will , from both side , to find all edges and thw way to solve this matter without going in public , in twitter , . Everytime , ij facebook or twitter , this is rediculous , there are more serious strange situations , like the stones hall matter ......
 dule-vu13/10/2020 11:13:01 GMT
but antonis he did lost money and he did cheat,so how do you mean that this is case in here?!its not like that other players are complaining,so they accused him that he made some "wrong moves" and that he cheated even he did lost big amount!maybe in next days they will write again about this and that they will say more to us!
 antonis32113/10/2020 21:59:04 GMT
dulevu , if I read correctly , in the end , didn';t they say a specialist investigator figured out and decided that a cheating did not take place there ?? I think this is what I read !! Ofcourse he lost money , one is one and the other is another thing !!!! There were many coincidences , this was very suspicious , I give him some credit for it , wherever there is smoke most probably here might be fire , but they shoud have tried to sold this in private , behind closed doors , not in twitter/facebook !!!!
 CALICUL14/10/2020 07:21:44 GMT
In the world of poker players, there are many gamblers who cheat or would want to do this ugly thing. Money is what we all need, and if it can be easily obtained... then illegalities of all kinds happen. Sad but true. Correctness is a good choice.
 dule-vu14/10/2020 11:39:17 GMT
antonis only few words about that,that everything was ok,but why we have this word "expert" with quotation marks?its looks like its joke and who the hell is that expert!this looks to me like its not some secure source!probably it will take some time that somebody write again new informations!its not enough just to say everything was ok!
 CALICUL15/10/2020 07:40:56 GMT
In the case of a lawsuit, this witness must not be shown for public, in order like things to go well and Jean-Robert Bellande must pay for his cheating. It's better in that way and we will see the outcome of this story. That would be normal.
 antonis32116/10/2020 03:33:28 GMT
If it's a joke , it's misleading , I took it for real , seriously , anyway .... Everytime these two guys ... Poker , if they want to promote it , its lifestyle and make it more known to the outer world , to other people and bring players to online and live poker , these stories make no good , better find a sollution privately , or in the courts Smile More info is needed for sure , inside info of what happened then Smile
 CALICUL17/10/2020 15:34:39 GMT
Cheats after being caught declares that they are sorry for this thing but in reality everyone regret that someone unmasked their scam. Their embarrassment helps in this way, so that fooled players are not very angry with them. Logical stuff...
 antonis32117/10/2020 19:57:01 GMT
PPeople cheat even for $50 , not caring fo reputation , that others , known to tem or not , will put them to their blck list , not to play any game with them , not to lend them any dollar , not to back them on games not even one penny . I see on forums many times cheaters , unfortunatelly most of the itmes they get away with their loot . This was a home game , but still , if cheat took place , it occured based on the same facts , the yearly trust , the big game money so as to worth the scam , the easy ictim (loose player or backer/bettor) .
 dule-vu18/10/2020 09:47:00 GMT
its in human nature to try to cheat and to try to make it something better from situation that you are in!no matter do you play chess,football,poker or whatever,you will still try not to lose and to say when people play for this kind of amounts!but ofcourse when they caught them,as in this case,this will be bad situation for him in future,when he would like to play agan!
 CALICUL18/10/2020 18:24:14 GMT
People cheat because many of the bots are not able to play correctly with well-versed players. When you do it live seize opportunities from people with money and will be good, but not then someone sees and makes this public on internet.
 geseco1211/11/2020 22:31:19 GMT
Well, you have to be careful when you play live poker in rooms that are not known since sometimes most of them cheat both with the dealer or with the cards that are played, well they must know very well that player who stole them for that is what their truths tell him to his face and they publish it ...
 CALICUL11/11/2020 23:47:59 GMT
I haven't played live poker and don't want to. This pleasure is not for me because my experience with of online poker rooms was not good. In the past with some qualifying satellites but software destroyed me and my ambition to play in casinos at tables with others no longer existed.

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