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2019 WSOP: $10,000 Main Event Day 1c Sets New Record for Most Number of Attendees in a Single Day!

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Posted on 06 July 2019 by "T".

On Friday, July 5, the single-day attendance record for the WSOP Main Event had been shattered, with 4,900 entrants registering for the Day 1c flight.

2019 WSOP: Event #73: $10,000 NLHE MAIN EVENT

  • Schedule: July 3 to July 16, 2019
  • Venue: Rio All-Suites Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas
  • Buy-in: $10,000

This brings the total attendance so far to over 8,000, making it the second-highest number of Day 1 flight attendees in the history of WSOP.

With late registration still open until the start of the Day 2 flights scheduled this weekend, July 6 and 7, there's a possibility that this year's tournament could break the all-time record for Main Event participants. As of now, 8,773 is the record number of entrants who joined in the Main Event back in 2006.

Day 1c is probably the most eventful of all Day 1 flights this summer. While it's great news that the single day attendance record has been broken, there have been some odd happenings that went on as the day progressed: two players have been disqualified, an earthquake incident that shook the Rio casino, and the elimination of Phil Ivey within the first hour of play.

Day 1c saw James Henson as the chip leader of the pack, followed by Mike McDonald (306,300), Joshua Ray (304,200), Robert Kokoska (285,500) and Mamouni Mohamed (284,000).

James Hensen

Other players who survived Day 1c include WSOP bracelet winners Adam Friedman (263,100), Timur Margolin (197,400), Calvin Anderson (178,100), Joey Couden (170,300) and Josh Arieh (169,500). Josh Arieh just came off fresh from a 2nd place finish at the $50,000 Poker Players Championship (Event #58).

Here's a recap of all the Day 1 flights' chip leaders and number of attendees:


Chip Leader

Chips in the bag

No. of Entrants

Day 1a

Bryan Campanello 



Day 1b

Adam Owen



Day 1c

James Henson



Bryan Campanello is the overall chip lead from all of the Day 1 flights combined.
This brings the total number of 8,115+ entries for all Day 1 flights of the WSOP Main Event this year.

Ivey says Bye-Bye Early at the Main Event
In the first hour play, unfortunately and quite surprisingly, 10-time golden bracelet winner Phil Ivey got eliminated even before 1pm. He was looking for a spade for his nut flush draw that never came versus Jeffrey Chang's high two pair.

Two Players Got Kicked Out
Sometime after Phil Ivey got eliminated, there was a player sitting at the table of 2015 Main Event champ Joe McKeehen (picture below) who got disqualified from playing in the tournament. Georgii Belianin was kicked out of the premises after he reached and scooped up the chip stack of the player sitting beside him, which amazed and shocked others who saw the deed. WSOP Vice President Jack Effel escorted Belianin out of the Rio Convention Center after the incident.

In the opening minutes of Level 2, a player went all-in blind preflop, turning over Q3 offsuit before others could even make their move. He then turned around, dropped his pants and mooned everyone else at the table. He also took off his shoes and threw them, hitting a player in seat one. The man was quickly disqualified and escorted to the exit.

Earthquake Alert
Things seemed to go smoothly for some time after the above incidents happened, until an earthquake shook the halls of the Rio Convention Center for the second time around in two days. As the chandeliers and other fixtures of the Rio swayed prominently due to the 7.1 magnitude quake that went on for a few seconds, many players stood up from their tables and left their seats mid-hand. The quake caused significant panic that the WSOP officials quickly put the event on dinner break during Level 4, around 40 minutes ahead of the original schedule.

Those Who Made It
Despite the crazy events that happened on this flight, lots of poker action was seen in many tables. Former Main Event champs who participated in this year's Main Event include Robert Varkonyi (2002), Jamie Gold (2006), Joe Cada (2009), Joe McKeehen (2015), and John Cynn (2018).

Other notable players who made it include partypoker ambassador Kevin Martin (220,600), Ali Imsirovic (102,500), Sam Greenwood (126,400), Matt Affleck (166,800), Leon Tsoukernik (167,200), and Garrett Adelstein (216,700).

Kevin Martin

The players who survived Day 1c shall then advance to Day 2c, which begins at 11am on July 7, Sunday.

Let's not forget about Day 2ab, which comprises of all the survivors of Day 1a and 1b in a combined field. It is scheduled on July 6, Saturday at 11am local time with participants scheduled to play five 2-hour levels. Those who will make it through the Day 2 flights shall then return for Day 3 on July 8, Monday at noon.



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9 comments on "2019 WSOP: $10,000 Main Event Day 1c Sets New Record for Most Number of Attendees in a Single Day!"

 dule-vu06/07/2019 19:45:29 GMT
so we already have more then 8000 players at main event,this day broke record for registration in one day!who know what can happen and will this record from 2006 will be broken,but still lot of time in next days that more players register and to have new record with maybe 9000 players!
 bowie198406/07/2019 20:43:25 GMT
Posted by dule-vu:
so we already have more then 8000 players at main event,this day broke record for registration in one day!

It's just weird this many people have timed their arrival to the third day...
 Serpang07/07/2019 06:50:57 GMT
Wow..very interesting news, indicate live poker still develop Smile Smile Smile Hopefully on line poker as well, so we cannot play live poker still can enjoy poker longer Blink .Any news from WSOP main event always attractive , wish no more earthquake
 Mober07/07/2019 10:18:00 GMT
The numbers are crazy. Lots of players in. The event will last for quite some time.
And the buy in of course is not a low one.
It wont be easy winning a tournament like this. And of course, no matter how good,
of a player you are, if you are not lucky, there is no chance getting the bracelet Smile
 CALICUL07/07/2019 12:25:56 GMT
Wow. A tournament with entry of 10,000 dollars which had 1,300 players was followed by another game of 1915 players and now another tournament with 4900 players. It looks like there was a special interest here and this is attractive as a magnet.
 pajalnick07/07/2019 14:37:31 GMT
more than 8000 players This is of course very cool .... this means call on the fund for more than $ 80 million, which I think makes this tournament the largest in history ... Maybe I'm wrong of course .... but in any case, this is one of the largest tournaments ever held .... it will be interesting to find out information about this tournament at later stages
 CALICUL08/07/2019 13:05:38 GMT
Main Event is ok but in this series of WSOP was many tournaments of 10.000 dollars. People with money, they could play there and to earn impressive sums. They chose it to play but the entries in these games they were not incredible. In final we are watching to the main event and we will see a final table in probably few hours.
 bowie198408/07/2019 22:31:10 GMT
Jesus Christ, Ivey was waiting on his flush to come into fruition, had more kickers and better chances but Chang have put him on all-in and beat him with only two pairs... Poor Ivey, come on it sounds like something an amateur would do on JokerStars Big Smile
 CALICUL09/07/2019 12:49:36 GMT
Sometimes you have a feeling which makes you to play as an amateur and Phil Ivey has demonstrated this many times in his career of poker. The most beautiful thing is when the cards is on his side and he wins spectacularly. People always make mistakes and professional players the same. You can not always play by the rules.

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