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2020 partypoker LIVE MILLIONS UK Main Event won by Anton Suarez for $1M

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Posted on 15 January 2020 by "T".

The start of 2020 is an awesome one for Anton Suarez from Sweden, as he won a massive $1 million after becoming the champion of the partypoker LIVE MILLIONS UK Main Event.

About 530 players joined in on the $10,300 buy-in event, which created a $5,141,000 prize pool that was divided amongst the top 76 finishers.

Well-known poker players who made it into the money include Dara O'Kearney, Joao Vieira, reigning WSOP Main Event champion Hossein Ensan, Faraz Jaka, Jack Sinclair and Adrian Mateos. Those who also cashed in on this event were team partypoker's Jeff Gross, Ludovic Geilich, Patrick Leonard and Roberto Romanello.

Geilich was able to make a deep run amongst the team, who made it through to the final day's action in which 12 players remained in the quest for the $1 million top prize. Unfortunately, Geilich finished in 11th place after losing a huge pot to Christian Rudolph, who ultimately busted him out of the game.

The final hand saw short-stacked Christian Rudolph versus Anton Suarez.
Suarez got A-8
Rudolph had 7-4
The board ran out 9-K-2-A-9, busting Rudolph and leaving an overjoyed Suarez to walk away as the tournament's champion.

Watch the video of the final hand here:






Anton Suarez




Christian Rudolph




James Romero




James Clarke




Frederik Andersson




Weijie Zheng




Jack Hardcastle




Maria Lampropulos




Jaime O’Connor



Prior to this event, Anton Suarez had a total of $228,821 in live tournament earnings, and this time, he now adds a seven-figure prize to his name plus the stunning MILLIONS UK trophy.

Winner's interview:


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8 comments on "2020 partypoker LIVE MILLIONS UK Main Event won by Anton Suarez for $1M"

 dule-vu15/01/2020 12:18:07 GMT
530 players,10 K buy in,prize pool over 5 million and 1 million for the winner!what to say then congratulations to this player on big win and nice trophy of UK main event champion!now he will play even more live events with this money and who know what this year can bring to him!nice work!
 CALICUL15/01/2020 13:55:17 GMT
At this final table was Maria Lampropulos from Argentina who is a known player and a PRO. It is in good shape because it was also in December or November well placed in certain games. Congratulations to this Swedish player but also to the others who won well.
 Mober15/01/2020 19:03:10 GMT
A buy in just for few and the top prize just for one Smile
Not many that can invest 19k to play in a poker tournament.
But for this lucky player it was his turn. A big improvement and addition on his earnings from playing poker.
 dule-vu16/01/2020 13:17:04 GMT
buy in wasnt 19 K,it was 10,3 K,so isnt such a big buy in for all this regular players,especially who play on live tournaments!this is normal situation for them!but on end when you see what did you got on final table,especially top 3,then you know for what did you play!
 CALICUL16/01/2020 14:31:52 GMT
This tournament was a very good one because there are 530 players with 10.300 dollars, buy-in for each entry. When i think about it, it is very good. I sometimes want to play poker for $ 1.1 entry and only 300 gamblers gather. It's such a shame, but live it is often impressive.
 bowie198416/01/2020 15:55:34 GMT
Posted by dule-vu:
buy in wasnt 19 K,it was 10,3 K,so isnt such a big buy in for all this regular players,especially who play on live tournaments!this is normal situation for them!

I don't think it's quite normal for them - 10k could get you a lot of ice cream or a luxurious family vacation anywhere to be honest. Still, nice to see...
 dule-vu17/01/2020 14:24:09 GMT
for example,if you would have 50000 $,would you invest 10000 $ on one poker tournament?ofcourse you wouldnt,so thats why I say that this players dont care so much,because they have much more on their bank account!they are not in same situation as we are!but ofcourse for us 10 K is a lot and you can do lot of stuffs with them!
 CALICUL17/01/2020 22:17:58 GMT
These people have money to spend with their family and that means they are productive and can pay for such a buy-in. Others come from qualifications but that's the way it goes. I don't think anyone would take all the family's money to pay 10.300 dollars for a entry.

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