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Chris Moorman wins $250K, plus three Big Winners at 888poker this Weekend

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Posted on 01 December 2020 by "T".

888poker ambassador Chris Moorman is known as one of online poker's biggest winners, and the British player currently has over $16.7 million in earnings. On Sunday, November 29, he added another US$250,000 to his name after dominating the High Roller MILLION$ at GGPoker.

A total of 491 players survived to the final day and 350 of those returnees went home with a share of the $1,659,500 prize pool. Players such as Andras Nemeth, Andrey Pateychuk, Bryan Paris, Daniel Dvoress, Niklas Astedt and Pascal Hartmann cashed, but it was Moorman who did very well.

All nine finalists secured themselves a guaranteed $14,289, the prize awarded to "cbkme" when they crashed out in ninth place. "guysneves" and Poland's "KennyKaarten" were the next to go down, who banked $20,854 and $30,435 respectively.

Sixth place went to Seth Davies for $44,418 before "Oye Como Va" of India locked up a $64,825 score. The final five-figure prize went to "shreeOHM" whose 4th place finish netted him $94,608.

One of two Brazilian to reach the top three, "donkey" fell in third for $138,073 to leave Moorman and donkey's fellow Brazilian "SolverJail" heads-up. A deal was struck that saw SolverJail win $243,769 and Moorman wins yet another major online poker tournament plus $251,828 in prize money.


Three Wins at 888poker

Russian native "AHDPIOXA77" was the biggest winner at 888poker this weekend after taking down the $100,000 Sunday Mega Deep. It happened on Sunday November 29 and this tournament surpassed its guaranteed prize pool. It usually overlays but a prize pool of $102,950 was built and AHDPIOXA77 claimed $17,388 from that.

Ben "xLIVEPROx" Warrington was the last man standing from 296 entries in the $25,000 Sunday Challenge. He won $6,465 in total - $3,026 from the main prize pool and $3,439 worth of bounties.

British player "torresfan03" won the $30,000 Sunday Sale Whale. He outlasted 176 opponents and secured $8,142 from the $35,400 prize pool.




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15 comments on "Chris Moorman wins $250K, plus three Big Winners at 888poker this Weekend"

 dule-vu01/12/2020 21:07:57 GMT
its strange to see that pro player,who have almost 17 million dollars earnings,make deal in heads up of big tournament,where difference isnt such a big and you will earn almost same amount if you make deal!he have so much money on bank account,so he can play till end and he will not lose much if he win 200 K or 300 K,on this way both of them are on arround 250 K!but very nice win for him!
 antonis32101/12/2020 22:23:15 GMT
I guess this shows dulevu how importantdeals are , if these high rollers guys , the guys with the huge bankrolls go and make deals for some thousands difference , it shows to me to have respect for very dollar extra that I can guarantee to myself by some way , cause in the future it will generate other cash for me . , even to smal bankroll guy like me a lesson for deals is taught to follow . I would make a deal , but not if the other guy didn't really wanted to do one , only wanted to make psychological and mind games and to delay , then no Blink
 geseco1202/12/2020 13:33:21 GMT
Chris Moorman is a great British player, and that is proven once again that poker is not a matter of pure luck, but that behind all that there is sacrifice, perseverance and a lot of work, players who win millions are always worthy of imitating his movements in addition to listening to their advice and practices that they do with their students.
 CALICUL03/12/2020 00:25:45 GMT
An impressive tournament, where i could not qualify but this thing is ok for me. It's great to catch a final table like this and the professional English player destroyed all players to take 1st place. Such a thing only proves its value once again.
 Rogerio1003/12/2020 07:48:33 GMT
Yeah i think allot of people over value some of players net worth, Of course you think first they are all rich milionares when you see how much they earned. But you must calculate that this is much less if you includ all buy ins and other expenses if you play live. Still very impresive results this weekend by Moorman.
 CALICUL05/12/2020 16:45:20 GMT
Poker is fascinating but only when there are no bots and other cheats. I dreamed of playing a good game at a good tournament, but unfortunately this thing did not happen... because luck bypassed me when i needed. Maybe in future i'll do it, because professional players like Chris Moorman or others make you think of progress in this area.
 geseco1212/12/2020 13:54:06 GMT
Congratulations to the pro Chris Moorman, imagine earning more than 16 million dollars in his career, that implies how professional the player is, also his discipline and perseverance made him where he is, I hope I have the opportunity to have coaching with him he sees that he is a great tournament player.
 CALICUL12/12/2020 19:53:45 GMT
This poker player stands out less often, but did not lose his ability to win 1st place in major poker tournaments. Chris Moneymaker has great respect from many amateurs who saw him on TV, when won that great game. He revolutionized hold'em poker.
 geseco1214/12/2020 23:36:21 GMT
Winning $ 250K is exciting for any poker player, and I'm not saying this because of the prize, which is almost a millionaire, but because they feel that their jobs and studies bear fruit, and they keep working to improve their game, because the prizes They will come if you are meeting certain requirements, that is why they are mentally prepared to be a winner, and when they are in several very bad days to know how to recover and face them in the best way, congratulations to
Chris Moorman for the jackpot.
 CALICUL15/12/2020 21:37:11 GMT
I could not win such a sum of money in poker, because professional players are talented, favored by the software and more than that, you don't get that extra luck like they. Consider that it can be won if it exists a nice random with cards.
 bowie198418/12/2020 13:20:00 GMT
That's a weird name (Sunday Sale Whale) for a tournament which doesn't have a bigger prizepool than 30k to be honest. I mean the word 'whale' would make you associate to something else when it comes to gambling/poker.
But of course it would not be the first time 888 named something weirdly counterproductive to what it actually represents.
 CALICUL18/12/2020 23:01:14 GMT
in 888 poker room this is a whale, because i have seen on every day that they are relegating and in the future this name will no longer exist. They will probably change with something small which will be called small fish. In vain they have some stars...
 geseco1201/01/2021 02:01:03 GMT
Chris Moorman is a winner, earning 250 thousand dollars, it is not easy, it is a process to reach that level, worthy of admiration, throughout his career he has earned more than 16 million dollars, that is incredible, it is A very good professional like many, everyone dreams of reaching the poker elite, a lot of work and study will achieve things.
 CALICUL01/01/2021 10:31:05 GMT
His level of knowledge about poker is much higher than ours and obviously it is not easy to win so easily but it can happen, especially if there is a little help, how VIPs receive in online rooms sometimes. Anyway, a professional is too strong and he managed other performances.
 CALICUL26/08/2021 16:04:06 GMT
in 888 he is successful because he plays where there are fewer professionals than elsewhere, but he has to do it there because he is an ambassador. Money is easier to earn where you don't fight with so many professional sharks. Anyway, I think he's in profit in other major rooms as well.

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