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Chris Moorman vs Wife Katie Lindsay for WSOP Gold Ring

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Posted on 29 January 2021 by "T".

On Wednesday evening, something unusually special happened online in the WSOP January Super Series when married poker couple Chris "Robotobob47" Moorman and Katie "katelin" Lindsay found themselves on a heads-up match for a coveted WSOP gold ring.

WSOP Circuit January Super Series

The WSOP Circuit January Super Series Event #14: $75,000 NLH 2x Re-entry attracted 410 players with 202 rebuys. The 612-entry field accumulated a $122,400 prize pool that was paid out to the top 100 finishers.

Some of those who cashed in were:

  • Matt "RubberFist" Stout (12th - $1,542.24)
  • Philip "tomte" Yeh (26th - $746.64)
  • Vinny "brownmagic" Pahuja (31st - $660.96)
  • John Allan "beastro" Hinds (37th - $587.52)
  • Wendy "Cardthartic" Freedman (39th - $587.52)
  • Jared "darrensrabbi" Jaffee (66th - $416.16)
  • Jordan "HFNeon" Spurlin (72nd - $416.16)
  • Shannon "aulophobia" Shorr (80th - $416.16)

At the end of it, the two final contenders were Moorman and Lindsay. The former became the victor, winning the $19,510.56 first-place prize and his first gold circuit ring. On the other hand, Lindsay had to settle for runner up finish and $14,443.20 in prize money.

Chris Moorman, an 888poker ambassador, is one of online poker's most accomplished players. He now has a ring to go along with the WSOP gold bracelet he won back in 2017. That time, he outlasted a 959-entry field to win Event #27: $3,000 No-Limit Hold'em 6-Handed for $498,682.

WSOPC Super Series Event #14 - Final Table Results





Chris “Robotobob47” Moorman



Katie “katelin” Lindsay



Matthew “GitGot” Volosovich






Susannah “InigoM22” Altman






Michael “SammyTwizz” Azzaro






Chris “basile28” Basile


What Chris Moorman on the win...

Both the couple happily shared their thoughts after the event, starting with Moorman.

He said, "Winning my first circuit ring ended up giving me the weirdest range of emotions I've ever felt in poker. For the past few years, Katie has always said to me how much she wants to win one. I really believe she'd rather win one more than a WSOP bracelet if you take the money out of the equation. For me it's never been a focus or goal of mine, so to get heads up with her knowing how much more she wanted it than me I definitely found it tough to handle mentally."

He continued, "The competitor in me had to give 100% as I knew there would be no point in letting her win, she would have to earn the victory the hard way, but in turn I feel like I didn't play my best and I'd be the first to admit she outplayed me heads up and I got very lucky to win in the end. Normally there is no better feeling than winning a tournament but instead of feeling good and happy when I won a huge hand after backdooring into the nuts versus her I felt guilty for potentially taking a dream away from her. I've honestly never felt that before even against close friends or horses."

"The rest of the final table was business as usual but to get heads up with one another for the first time ever was very special and is a story and experience that is really fun to share with friends and family. I'll try and be extra helpful around the house this week for stealing the ring off her but I've no doubt that she will get it in the future because she is probably the most driven person I know."

What Katie Lindsay said...

Lindsay revealed that while her husband was at home playing the tournament, she actually played most of it while out to dinner with a girlfriend. She went back home to finish playing when there was a break near the final table.

She said, "Chris and I rarely play poker in the same room so it was funny yelling at each other after big hands from opposite sides of the house. Also, we love battling for the chip lead so there was definitely a lot of banter going on there. We had a massive hand that went down six-handed where he opened small blind and I re-raised with queens in the big blind. He jammed with ace-king and I called. He had me covered at this point 1.7 mil to my 1 mil I believe, but luckily I held."

She continued, "There is no soft playing between us, we are always battling every time we end up on a table together, and we definitely showed that in this event. Once we got heads up I moved into the office where he was playing, as I thought it would be a fun dynamic to be able to see each other's faces during hands. This actually was a big heads up for us as it wasn't about the money, it's about the titles and the accomplishments. I have been fighting hard for my first circuit ring and I really wanted it. Chris had never won a circuit event either so there was more than just bragging rights on the line."


"The heads up went back and forth a lot and I hit a big stride in momentum when I got a bluff jam through on the river. He looked up at me after I jammed, contemplating his decision, and I smiled and gave him the Scotty Nguyen ‘if you call it's all over baby.' Lucky for me he folded but, in the end, he hit a couple of big rivers against me and took it down."

"I'm for sure bummed to not win the ring and even more than that, there is the part of me that wants to beat him because it isn't expected. I hate the idea of everyone saying "yeah of course he won" because I really felt like I gave that heads up my all and did feel like I played well (especially without a ton of heads-up experience). I had people say after "oh he should have just let you get the ring" but that is never how we could let it go down, and I would never want it that way. I am hopeful I can get my ring in due time and I hope I can knock Chris out on my way to getting it."



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18 comments on "Chris Moorman vs Wife Katie Lindsay for WSOP Gold Ring"

 dule-vu29/01/2021 22:58:36 GMT
I can imagine that feel when you play in heads up against your wife and you know that is not home game to let her to win,to take money and bracelet!its not maybe such a big amount,but its up to have that trophy!probably they know a lot of each other and how they play,so it was strange situation to in that position!but its good read something like this!
 CALICUL30/01/2021 01:43:20 GMT
I think they are the first couple who fight for a WSOP gold ring. Professionalism has spoken in this tournament. In the end at heads-up phase Chris also won. A perfect gentleman he could let the woman to win. It wasn't about that and they played correctly until the end of that game.
 geseco1230/01/2021 03:58:05 GMT
They understand perfectly what they are doing, I think they left a couple bond and concentrated on poker, I think that is key to be able to separate and be 100% concentrated, the prize was good and it shows that there is a lot of professionalism on the part of both of them.
 antonis32130/01/2021 23:40:14 GMT
There is going to be some tension between them for sure in the next months , I can see it .. lol Just kidding , they seem to get along very well among them , they are happy , they are also pros , they play for the win , no soft play and this honours them , congrats to the husband for the win , the wife will have to be patient , she'll have her rematch or revenge in the future . Good luck to both of them in their future .
 geseco1231/01/2021 04:06:27 GMT
It would have been difficult for them to face each other, but they are professionals, and although he knew that his wife wanted to win too, he showed professionalism, he will have a revenge at home hahaha, but in spite of everything congratulations to both of you for that example to follow , in poker there are no family ties.
 CALICUL31/01/2021 09:26:24 GMT
I like that they were fair play compared to the game of poker and Chris Moorman girlfriend was very happy. The picture proves this thing. Their performance is beautiful even if it was not a huge tournament. They deserve congratulations for that.
 dule-vu31/01/2021 11:20:48 GMT
in their case everything stay to them,no matter who got first and who got second prize!even this bracelet dont change much,which name will be below it,so this was perfect day for them!but probably this was strange situation for all,to have husband and wife in heads up for big money!
 geseco1201/02/2021 04:16:36 GMT
The woman celebrates as if she had won the award, that is reflected in the level of professionalism they have, they know that everything will stay at home, the strange thing is that they faced each other in a final, but that usually happens very little, I think they passed it they forgot about other things, and they had fun in the moment.
 dule-vu01/02/2021 11:29:54 GMT
they probably know everything about each other and its hard for them to be serious,but yeah,they can make some trick on table!maybe this was first time for them to be in this situation,where they play for big money and for some bracelet!we will see them again,on some tv show or private tournament!
 geseco1202/02/2021 04:33:06 GMT
difficult situation for both, which would have crossed their minds, but that happens in all areas of knowledge, I think they took things seriously, and in the game there was no relationship as a couple, but some professionals competing to win the bracelet.
 dule-vu02/02/2021 12:04:11 GMT
on this way they had heads up like they have their own home game and its like they have practise for soem big tournament!on this way they got two biggest prizes on tournament and even trophy for their collection!its not easy to play on same table with your wife and to take blinds when you need them!
 CALICUL02/02/2021 16:55:57 GMT
I think it was more difficult for them in tournament, than their fight where they advanced until heads up. This couple has no interest in regretting anything because any dollar earned matters. Professionals know how to multiply them with weaker players.
 geseco1203/02/2021 04:51:46 GMT
I wonder sometimes, they knew each other well, their game of the other was quite well known, they of course know strategies, and as a couple, before they talked about the subject, and now they are facing each other, I imagine that the decisions to be made in each hand It hadn't been difficult since they knew each other perfectly, nobody knew that they were going to get there.
 dule-vu03/02/2021 13:02:45 GMT
in this kind of poker you need to know about other person how he react on some situation in real life and that you will know some things,how he will try to bluff,how he show emotions on cards and so on!so that kind of things they know about each other and this can help more in heads up!
 CALICUL03/02/2021 17:46:59 GMT
It's a little easier when a couple of professional poker players dialogue with each other and learn certain advices. Chris was already a well-known player for a long time and i think she learned more from him. Anyway, it wasn't easy but they played nice.
 geseco1205/02/2021 05:45:30 GMT
It would have been very special to play in a final, I think that is priceless, they will remember it for a long time, in poker you don't know what can happen tomorrow and they were surprised by playing a final for the jackpot, it was easy for both , because they were known as the finger of his hand.
 CALICUL05/02/2021 19:14:24 GMT
I want to see mini tournaments on the internet or TV with professional couples playing for different amounts of money. A little show for fun wouldn't hurt. Chris with his wife vs Liv Boeree and Igor Kurganov. Daniel Negreanu and Amanda Leatherman same. The list can go on.
 CALICUL24/08/2021 14:55:48 GMT
competition in a pair can be beautiful for professional players, as in this case. There should be no frustration or other resentment. It should be a pleasure for the players to make a small show for the fans. Maybe next time the same couple will offer something fun but also something for poker fans.

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