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888poker Millions Superstorm - 3 Ways to Win $1M!

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Posted on 24 January 2020 by "T".

From mid-January until end of March 2020, 888poker dares you to step into the eye of the perfect storm by playing their Millions Superstorm and get the chance to win $1M in three different ways!

The Superstorm Main Event
The $100 buy-in, $1M GTD Millions Superstorm Main Event shall begin on March 1st with several Day 1 flights daily up until March 22nd, which is when the Day 2 finale will kick off.

That means there's around three weeks for multiple Day 1 flights, so everyone can have the chance to be part of the $1M Main Event.

Other than that, 888poker will hold daily $5 buy-in BLAST tournaments where you can have the chance to get struck by a $1M BLAST prize pool.

Even more, there will also be $1M in Giveaways, where the generous poker site will award prizes such as seats to their $1M Main Event, BLAST tickets, bonuses, and cash.

Chase the Storm for Free!
888poker is giving players the golden opportunity to qualify for the $100 buy-in, $1M GTD Millions Superstorm Main Event for free with daily $1M Main Event freerolls.

There will also be daily cash freerolls awarding thousands in prize money every day, as well as BLAST freerolls granting tickets to the $1M BLAST prize pool.

You have three ways to get a piece of the $1M pie:

  • $1M Main Event Freeroll
  • $1M Blast Freeroll
  • $1M Cash Freeroll


888poker still have more surprises in store during the Superstorm promotion, so stay tuned to their site and social media pages for details!


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18 comments on "888poker Millions Superstorm - 3 Ways to Win $1M! "

 dule-vu24/01/2020 10:32:01 GMT
who like to play at 888 poker,this is something that players should take!no matter will they play blast tournaments,will you direct pay buy in or maybe this freerolls that they will give!know that lot of players dont like 888 anymore,but those who like,will play it!
 CALICUL24/01/2020 14:27:27 GMT
I like these things if they offer the chance to all players who play with real money, to be able to win such a sum of dollars. I believe that every player must be respected, even if he makes a smaller wager and his chances to won to be equal and the same as a professional player.
 roeish324/01/2020 21:16:12 GMT
Although we don't really have the chance to win these big prises, I keep on going to the high value tournament. I think I wasted hundreds of hours on the Venum tournaments, only to fail again and again.

Still, it's much more fun than playing for pennies - which is what I can afford at this time, so no complaints here.
I guess if I could paly 888 I would've probably try this one
 dule-vu25/01/2020 12:15:12 GMT
well you cant know till you try it!you have freerolls or on low buy in stages and try it!if you have time for freerolls,maybe you will pass few stages!I know that need lot of times for it,but you dont have anything to lose!if you pass it,then everything is possible,maybe you will come in prize pool!
 CALICUL25/01/2020 14:32:02 GMT
At this time 888 Poker is not a generous room and their software is against me to make money. My bankroll is zero ( in the morning was $ 3 ) and i will not make a new deposit here. I will choose another brand that offers Hold'em and i will try my chances. I would like someone to win $1M, but not a professional.
 nilsh00727/01/2020 04:33:43 GMT
cool things going fast good bambambam
 sirkosun27/01/2020 09:14:23 GMT
Well, now it's 888. Your 1M tournament will appear! Let's see what happens. 888 needs to change its software. I wish them luck!
 CALICUL27/01/2020 16:57:13 GMT
Many multi-million dollar tournaments on few rooms but unfortunately little chances because many satellites it helps a lot. There will be many players who will win tickets and better prizes. When you want to provide opportunities, then offer for a larger number of players and will be good for all.
 maragatero28/01/2020 14:42:26 GMT
I think that the number of players is growing steadily, even faster than new poker sites grow and consolidate. The big and knowed poker´s room have a ton of players granted, so the promotions are becomes cheap. A year or two ago, the poker´s site gave to you some gift for loyalty with tickets for the big tourney. In fact, I play a big tournament thanks to one of that gifts...
 Mober28/01/2020 15:00:51 GMT
It is one more good promotion from the 888poker.
And as it was expected, players will have th chance to win big money,
with investing absolutely nothing Smile
And the freerolls are daily from what i read here.
Is there a better way to do it?
 maragatero29/01/2020 15:47:06 GMT
No it isn´t! No one poker´s room that offer a litle bit of the enormous promotions of 888poker! They give to us, as I told in another thread, six freerolls of $ 500 daily! But that is not all, they have a few of freerolls to tickets of Big Fish tournaments, they have Grand Hand promotion that give to you freerolls and scratch opportunities, and finally the wheel may give you a lot of prizes that include tickets for the Superstorm...better site!
 damosk30/01/2020 11:10:26 GMT
I've been playing this promotion a little since it started and have won a few dollars that will add nicely to my bankroll. 888 promotions are always a good thing and they always seem to be running all the way through the year without a break. For me their software is good and as long as you always play to win a club flush you will be fine!
 maragatero30/01/2020 15:42:34 GMT
Yes, our partner here, CALICUL; is annoying with this poker´s room, because he is not winning enough money, and I respect his position. But even when it doesn't offer special promotion, like the present with six $ 500 freeroll, 888poker offer always the prizes of the wheel and the good freeroll tournaments of the Poker Club.
 CALICUL01/02/2020 12:07:14 GMT
Last Saturday i won in all freeroll games ( of level or not ) approximate 40 dollars. Since then i played some blast to receive two free tickets in every day, but i couldn't earn more and i also bet on football without success. Now i have $ 22 and i expect maybe... i will win something at sports betting.
 bowie198401/02/2020 15:02:28 GMT
This is advertised as a Mega Event but to be honest a million dollar prizepool on online tournies is more common than most of us would think so I am not sure what is the reason for this hard marketing push. It's not like players are gonna sign up in droves just for this...
 DaCapo7101/02/2020 16:06:06 GMT have nice promos every time. This promo are also nice, because you have the chance to win a big tourney with freeroll-qualifyer. And in additional, you can win some bucks in this freerolls.
 maragatero01/02/2020 23:24:34 GMT
Hye CALICUL, You finally became friends with the house again? You won a good sum, I congratulate you! Did you play the six tournaments of the day, and did you make the $ 40 IN ONE DAY? good job buddy! I´m keeping in my bank something like $ 17, but I was playing for two weeks. I´m not in my better days!
 CALICUL04/02/2020 14:21:54 GMT
No. A few dollars is not worth much because i want to win money, make a good wager and to do withdrawal. This is the reason for which i play but 88 poker is not too interested to let me do that. Their software doesn't help me and i think it's intentional like it was in the past with pokerstars.

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