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Doug Polk and Doyle Brunson in Twitter War over Coronavirus, Atheists, Super/System Book

Tags: Doug Polk, Doyle Brunson, poker fight, poker strategy, super system, twitter.
Posted on 16 March 2020 by "T".

It all started last week when the 2017 High Roller for One Drop victor Doug Polk took to Twitter to air out his concerns about the coronavirus, sports events getting cancelled, the US Stock Market and Bitcoin plunging, saying it "has an end of the world feel to it".

Doyle Brunson then wrote a post as a response to Polk's tweet:

Then Doug Polk wrote another response, this time quite a scathing remark about Doyle Brunson's Super System, saying "If I wanted to read a fictional work id start with Super System"

Doyle Brunson then responded, "I've got to retweet this. Probably the dumbest thing I've ever read."


Many of Texas Dolly's followers agreed, saying his Super/System helped them out a lot and it was thanks to his book that they were able to cash in on their games. See some of them below:


Doyle Brunson, who goes by the nickname Texas Dolly, is a 10-time WSOP champ and Poker Hall of fame member and is pretty much considered royalty in the poker world.

Super/System is one of the first books about poker strategy, written and published by Brunson in 1979. The original title of the book was "How I Made Over $1,000,000 Playing Poker". The title is also sometimes written as Super System (without a slash), Doyle Brunson's Super System, or Super/System: A Course in Power Poker. The book was primarily written by Brunson, who in 1979 had won the Main Event of the WSOP in 1976 and 1977. The book was one of the first in-depth books on strategies for various poker games. Many notable poker players and tournament winners also contributed sections to the book.

Many of today's top poker pros, young and old, swear by the Super/System. Even if decades have passed since its original publication, it still helped out aspiring poker players as it contained relevant strategies and statistics. Brunson himself believes that because the book has been so influential, it probably cost him more money than he was paid for writing it.

Many of the poker variants are played differently today, and there are many new variants that are not covered in Super/System, so the book has been outdated in some areas. A sequel of the book was published in 2004 entitled Doyle Brunson's Super System 2, which covers a different poker variant and written by experts on those games. Some of the contributors include WPT founder Lyle Berman, Johnny Chan, Bobby Baldwin, Daniel Negreanu, Jennifer Harman and Doyle's own son Todd Brunson.

In 2018, Doyle Brunson teamed up with his son Todd on a New Poker Training Course named Brunson Poker Pro, valued at $149, designed to improve anyone's game.

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13 comments for "Doug Polk and Doyle Brunson in Twitter War over Coronavirus, Atheists, Super/System Book"

 dule-vu16/03/2020 14:07:05 GMT
so is it problem in corona virus or in book!they fight about stupid things!
 maragatero17/03/2020 00:36:49 GMT
They are stars, and feels like anybody chatting about this exceptional theme. They should be more serious and take notice about their place in the popular consideration. They shifted the axis of conversation to their own vanities. But they showed two particular kind of inconsideration, one concerned about money (the young man) and the other for God (the one who is closest to visiting him), none cares about what the world suffers!
 Mardibg17/03/2020 20:21:10 GMT

However, it is not nice for a young man to have such behavior against an older man. I didn't read the book (I plan to read it), but many said it was a good book, so Polk still has to drink milk to compare with Doyle
 antonis32117/03/2020 23:30:19 GMT
Doyle started this fight unprovoked . He's older , he should be more respectful, giving the good example to the youth . ''get a Bible and read it.'' , ''All you atheists go ahead and laugh'' , wtf is this ?? Because you are Texas Dolly doesn't mean you can say unchallenged anything that crosses your very old brain . Btw Doug announced today that he also stops poker youtube videos , after having stopped poker games (although he is successfull) , not GAF for the money he'll lose because of the fans he'll probably lose dueto this decision . He's around 30 doing this . Respect . Doyle couldn't stop playing , did this very very late , forced because of his age , after playing too many stupid rediculous hands , especially on TV shows like The Big Game , before he decided to stop , couldn't stop earlier , money will allways be irresistible for persons like Doyle Brunson.
Doug said sth for Doyle's book because he found it a funny answer to whatever Doyle told him before that . But I actually believe he ' s right

This Power System book is outdated for nowadays' poker games , especially the online poker games . Memorised solutions , strategies , modern shove/fold charts , bot players , GTO bots or GTO presolved decisions , solvers and advanced equity solving solutions tools cannot be fought or dealt with with these ''Medieval'' pieces of advice . Players of his time or others a bit later that co-worked with him for his next book , stopped poker or continued but strugled to have wins because of the advanced solvers like Bonomo

 CALICUL18/03/2020 00:34:13 GMT
Super System that does not give you much money if you do not wager and here i refer online. Live it is very good because many gamblers they learned to play better after they read Doyle Brunson's advice. Any player who contributed to the writing, deserves to be respected by people who made money, after reading aln learning.

 antonis32118/03/2020 01:35:39 GMT
Posted by CALICUL:
Super System that does not give you much money if you do not wager and here i refer online. Live it is very good because many gamblers they learned to play better after they read Doyle Brunson's advice. Any player who contributed to the writing, deserves to be respected by people who made money, after reading aln learning.

Respect to these writers/authors yes , definetely , especially if the readers actually succeeded in poker games and earned some or many $$$$ . But also these writers , including Doyle himself , should respect other authors or writers , or poker players , cause they are not the authorities on poker , there are so many that have mastered poker , more or less than these people who wrote Super System , some have wrote books of their own some others haven't .
In addition , what I am saying is that whatever they describe on their book is good or very good , but the truth is for the online games , the knowledge or tips form dudes like Doug Polk are more important and usefull , practical pieces of advice tested on action on online tables . Also live ,why not , you could also say it's kinda outdated , not complete but somehow and up to a point out of date . So many solvers have taken the game on another GTO level, so advanced game , you just wish not to be against such players nowadays , they would easily take the most from some tough hands on hard boards , exploit your weaknesses , put maximum pressure on you with balanced and well decided , pre-planned on test solve models and tools, right bets/3bets or shoves or bluffs .

So helpfull yes , respect yes , but this is not mandatory to win , master classes , many other books to contribute in your knowledge of poker , tips or live streams/games/cards up tables from today pros are essential . Doyle or pros of his times are good , some very good , but most beaten by today pros or solvers . That's the truth . Again SuperSystem is a great book for beginners and not only , but it's not the BIBLE of poker to say it in a way Doyle will understand , especially for onlinepoker pokerrooms and their online tables or players (loose, donk , aggro , bingo , RNG bingo/odds
masters and God Mode players ) , no doubt at all ......
 maragatero18/03/2020 01:45:21 GMT
I understand your point, but I think that they should to behave as people in the spotlight published, and they should be more respectful than they was. They are talking about a pandemia without any emphaty for all the soffer people. In addition, Doyle was a bit superb, but Polk was a big agressor: with Doyle, with the pandemia (he only see the money losted), and with a religium. I´m don´t like Doyle, but Polk was a worst human being!
 dule-vu18/03/2020 11:21:53 GMT
when somebody is old as he is,he should think more when he write something,especially online!why he need this kind of posts with somebody who is much younger then he!what this virus have with God,poker and other things?people love too much to sh... on twitter and facebook!
 antonis32118/03/2020 21:36:27 GMT
You can talk about the pandemia and point some bad actors , some bad outcomes or consequences , not so because of this outbreak , as much as because of the stupid measures or decisions governments took initially , that's why they couldn't stop the spread since the very beginning . Doug talks about some consequences in the market , the stocks , the money/bitcoin/casino busineses , he's not offending any dead or infected person .

Doyle need to be more careful when insulting someone else , especially if he doesn't know him well , then expect an answer . Most of these guys with the Bible in their hands are full of sh** , in a sh**hole full of hypocricy , the skeletons in their closets or their basements are too many , I don't like them . I prefer a guy like Doug , even if he's trolling all the time ....

We are the atheist and he's the religious man ?? How many have been destroyed by him because of losing all their money in poker games playing with him ,poker , a Satan's game btw according to hysterical orthidox religious Bible lovers fanatics , has he become one of them now that he's old or he's just bluffing (pretending) ???
 maragatero19/03/2020 02:26:06 GMT
Well, it seems that friends here prefer to be flagged on one side or the other, between Doyle or Polk, and really take some of the worst of the arguments that were used and that I rebuke. For me this is about the respect that two players in the poker bluff, with the arrival of the mass media, should have. But it's serving to show as little respect as those actors. What a shame!
 dule-vu19/03/2020 11:36:26 GMT
when you have so much money and so many year as doyle brunson have,you should spend time on some normal things and not "fight" on twitter about things that are not on first place,when corona virus is in this stage!God,books and other things have nothing with this!
 CALICUL20/03/2020 02:21:33 GMT
I could talk about this pandemic if it is dangerous but official data shows something else. Seasonal flu is much stronger with many victims than this coronavirus. Now if you are afraid of him, and you are quarantined, try to learn poker strategy. Good luck.
 maragatero20/03/2020 03:28:24 GMT
I´m agree with you dule-vu, the situation is very serious to fight for vanity. They should make a declaration asking for excuses for his absence of consideration. it is as if during a bombing to the civil population, someone was annoying because it cannot extract money of the cashier, and other was making sure that the bible had announced it. Empathy: 0

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