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888poker Millions Superstorm Main Event has arrived with $1M GTD

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Posted on 05 March 2020 by "T".

At last, 888poker Millions Superstorm Main Event has arrived with $1 Million guaranteed on the table. Players have from March 1st until 22nd to secure themselves a ticket to Day 2!

The multi-flight series of the $1,000,000 guaranteed 888poker Millions Superstorm Main Event has finally come! Beginning March 1, players have the chance to play a series of Day 1s in this very affordable buy-in poker series.

With millions of dollars to be won, this is really a great chance to win a million bucks with just a $100 investment for an online poker tournament at 888poker!

Millions Superstorm Main Event Day 1s

The $1,000,000 GTD Millions Superstorm Main Event Day 1s begin on March 1 with multiple day 1 flights running daily until March 22. On the 22nd, Day 2 shall be played where one lucky winner will walk away with a massive payday!

This means you have around 3 weeks of Day 1 flights to win your way to a share of the $1 million Main Event prize money.

Chase the Storm via Satellites
The Day 1 Flights are in full swing! 888poker is still giving players the chance to satellite their way into the $100 buy-in, $1M GTD Millions Superstorm Main Event. Check out their website for the schedule.

Grab a seat at the 888poker tables and see if you can win in their $1 Million GTD Millions Superstorm Main Event!


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12 comments on "888poker Millions Superstorm Main Event has arrived with $1M GTD"

 dule-vu05/03/2020 10:00:00 GMT
its big tournament on 888 poker,which we cant see very often and you have 22 days to qualify for day 2 and to be part of this big tournament!100 $ isnt small amount,but still this can bring big money to lot of players!
 CALICUL05/03/2020 12:29:02 GMT
It is fantastic to do something beautiful here at 888 poker, but for me is not. August-September is 4 years since i played here and my profit is very poor. I am disappointed but some of you will be more luckier than me. Try your chance to play in this tournament because a final table here will bring you great satisfaction. Good luck, guys.
 antonis32105/03/2020 15:27:49 GMT
Great event by 888poker , a nice opportunity for players to play on such a tournament and win big money , play one or more Day 1 flight satellites and win their seats for the Day 2 Main Event day where they will play ITM for great prizes . 888poker has so many good offers and satellites for them , this is one more of them , congratulations to this pokerroom for it's nice pfromotions and opportunities to win a lot of money in the easiest players' pool in the poker industry Smile
 maragatero05/03/2020 22:06:03 GMT
Well, this is the only one satellite that I´m playing. They really did efforts for that. They send to me (got it in the main lobby) tickets for the 50 seats in three times. I won in one of that tourney ( and I lost in the firsts stages of the $100 buy-in tournament), I lost in other of them, and this weekend I will play the last of them. But, for the dozens of 1º day that they are starting, the 2º day will be of thousands of players (and the firsts have more than 300.000 chips) Shock
 demodawggy06/03/2020 02:35:46 GMT

... Big Smile< ....I've been lucky enough to win over 40 tickets to various freerolls pertaining to this promotion strangely enough,...but I haven't managed to win an entry to the main event... Aww crap!

... Big Smile< ...Sure would be nice to win a ticket buy in... Worship Heart
 MarkWest06/03/2020 10:21:15 GMT
Try also to get ticket , few times was close but no no Smile maybe today Smile like that speed of the playing , no need to wait too long time like some other tournaments and other sites.
Interesting promotion Thumbs Up good luck and good hands for today... Heart Heart Smile Smile
 CALICUL06/03/2020 15:56:48 GMT
Most players try to invest money in satellites and is the best option for all. Sometimes it is easy to qualify for the main tournament, if there are many registered players, but when there are few, it is very difficult. I speak about 888 poker in this situation and for the most rooms.
 maragatero06/03/2020 22:28:49 GMT
Strange logic that you have my friend CALICUL: is easy to qualify if there are many players registered, but is very hard if there are only a few Confused It remember to me your saying about that , in the tournaments you have problems with the fish players... Perhaps, those are translation's trouble, isn´t it? And MarWest, do you like short time or long to change the blinds? In the main event, 1º day, the blind hanges each 20 minutes! Sad
 MarkWest07/03/2020 13:06:09 GMT
I mean about those satellite tournaments , it's good that blinds go up quickly because you play for only seat to next round but after that if you have so much lucky that get seat to final ... in bigger tournament It's ok for me if blinds go up slowly Thumbs Up but yes that 20 minutes is very slowly... zzzzzz
So I like quickly playing satellites but when it's time to play bigger Dollar Dollar I have time to wait....
Now only need to handle that satellite first... Smile Smile
 dule-vu07/03/2020 15:10:22 GMT
with every post that he make,there is no logic,no just with this one!if on some satellite they give few tickets only,how then its easy to go on next stage,instead on touranemnt that you have only few players!ofcourse this cant be right,but who write that say only about him!
 CALICUL07/03/2020 18:23:35 GMT
The same as Demodawggy i won several tickets but did not qualify. I missed tournament tickets of $ 55, $ 109 and over $ 200 because i was eliminated when there were 2, 3 or 5 players to leave the tables. This is the situation and i will try with other opportunities.
 maragatero07/03/2020 23:12:15 GMT
Well, 888poker is giving tickets for free, or I´m wrong? I played (and lost) my $ 1M tournament´s ticket and then...voila! I have a new ticket in my account, with a ticket for the $ 3000 SuperStorm freeroll! And I noticed yet, that they take the Buy-in ($100) of the tournament that you won in the sat and play (you can´t do anything else) like good money and gave the points of that amount!

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