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888poker Latest Promo - The new Dragon Series: $100K and $50K GTD Tournaments

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Posted on 02 April 2020 by "T".

888poker is heating things up this week with their new multi-flight "The Dragon" Series, featuring the $109 buy-in, $100K GTD Dragon and $12 buy-in, $50K GTD Mini Dragon.

The two guaranteed tournaments have multiple Day 1's for each and sporting very affordable buy-ins to suit every pocket.

If you missed out on the Millions Superstorm multi-flight series, here's your next golden opportunity to join in on another multi-flight tournament series - beginning today!

Grab a Seat to the $100K Dragon

The $100,000 GTD Dragon event has a very reasonable $109 buy-in with three Day 1 flights running daily:

The Day 1's will run every day (Sunday - Friday) at 14:00, 19:00, 22:30 GMT.

You could also get your ticket cheap to any Day 1 via their two daily satellites to each flight, guaranteeing 5 seats.

Sub-satellites to each satty are also on the cards with two seats guaranteed.

Day 2 to the $100K Dragon kicks off this Saturday, April 4th at 19:00 GMT.

Grab a Seat to the $50K Mini Dragon

The $50,000 GTD Mini Dragon event has an even more affordable $12 buy-in, also sporting three Day 1 flights running every day:

The Day 1's will run every day (Sunday-Friday) at: 11:00, 17:30, 23:00 GMT.

You can also satellite your way into Day 1 via our two daily satellites to each flight, guaranteeing 10 seats.

Sub-satellites to each satty are also on the cards with 5 seats guaranteed.

Day 2 to the $50K Mini Dragon kicks off this Saturday 4th April at 19:00 GMT.

Tame the dragon and win awesome riches at the 888poker tables in their new Dragon series!


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28 comments on "888poker Latest Promo - The new Dragon Series: $100K and $50K GTD Tournaments"

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» 888poker Latest Promo - The new Dragon Series: $100K and $50K GTD Tournaments

 antonis32103/04/2020 06:13:01 GMT
This Dragos Series seems a goof offer by 888poker , both for deep pockets and the ones that play lower buyins . The prizepools are very big and alluring for the players to give them a shot . The fact that for both of these tournaments , besides the everyday flight to get qualified , also satellites or sub-sateliites are scheduled to run with some tickets guaranteed , is very important for the players who cannot afford this money for BRM reasons , or for them who want to get very cheap in these Dragon Series Tournaments .
Good luck everyone .
 CALICUL03/04/2020 13:54:22 GMT
Poker rooms will make very good calculations and enough satellites, so as not to lose money. I have encountered cases when tournaments were guaranteed and there were not many players. The fact is that there is no technique to know about players to cover the prizes.
 dule-vu03/04/2020 19:58:58 GMT
but what you want to tell me with this?how can be fair to have first prize with 10 K GTD on buy in of 12 $ and GTD first prize of 19350 $ with buy in of 109 $!?there is big difference and for me this is not fair!they dont know how many players will be on any of this tournaments,they dont know for sure,so this prizes can be bigger or just as they are now!for this kind of buy in we should have much bigger first prize!
 antonis32104/04/2020 09:24:11 GMT
Good offer this Dragon Series , nice opportunoity to make some money , playing directly the flight tourneys or some satellites for them . Good luck to all players who will play them today Smile .

I have also witnessed , calicull some pokerrooms having overlays , even in the satellites for the tickets to be won for the next phase , or the main target tournament of this satellite or all satellites and sub satellites . But they got the money back from the more expensive one tournaments , from the rake . So , imo , the more expensive paid the lower or micros , the bankroll of those plauers , the micro levels of the ecosystem . nowadays I don't see it , I have the feeling they got very strict witht the overlays , even in the micros , where $500 or $1k would be nothing for one of the greatest pokerromms . At least , I saw this on Partypoker/bwin Smile

 CALICUL04/04/2020 16:06:37 GMT
I mean about weekly tournaments which worth a million dollars each of these tournaments. 100k and 50k is very good of course. There are not to many poker rooms that can support this thing. This makes you even more ambitious to play satellites for qualification and it should not be abandoned to this dream ( money ).
 maragatero05/04/2020 13:34:19 GMT
Maybe I didn´t explain well dule-vu. You have to think that these images are of the "0" point, there are no one registered. So the prizes are only the total pool ($ 100K or $ 50K) split the number of paid positions at that time (70 or 45), but the total players that could be in the money is more than four times between them (you have a clue in the numbers of players based) and the proportion of prizes scale should be different (for eaxample: 0,1 or 0,01 of the pool prize to the last position in the money). Finally, the structure of the prizes are different...
 CALICUL05/04/2020 17:43:29 GMT
These tournaments are very interesting because you can earn money and the places paid are acceptable, because it has enough prizes and you can achieve something good here. You will not try to play differently, then you cannot achieve too much.
 dule-vu05/04/2020 17:48:38 GMT
Posted by maragatero:
Maybe I didn't explain well dule-vu. You have to think that these images are of the "0" point, there are no one registered. So the prizes are only the total pool ($ 100K or $ 50K) split the number of paid positions at that time (70 or 45), but the total players that could be in the money is more than four times between them (you have a clue in the numbers of players based) and the proportion of prizes scale should be different (for eaxample: 0,1 or 0,01 of the pool prize to the last position in the money). Finally, the structure of the prizes are different...

and again its not right for anybody!I know that you want to say that now its different when you see number of payed places,but you cant know how many of them will be when torunament start!nobody say that they will have large number of players,maybe they will have less and what then?for me its just isnt fair that you give same promotion and two tournaments where buy is much bigger and first price so low!then they could give more to other players on this 12 $ buy in!
 antonis32106/04/2020 10:21:30 GMT
888 poker always brings sth new , a new promotion to participate or a new series of tourneys with good value to play and win a lot of money . Also they offer many satellites for these special tournaments , giving you the chance to win the entry for cheap , and then win big in the main events . Alos if you win cheaply the entry on an expensive event of a series like this , you can play more aggressively , and try not just be ITM , but also try to manege to be in top30-10 , or even in the Final Table !!!!

Nice promotion by 888poker , whoever won these tournaments on the 4th of this month , surely he must be very happy with the $$$ won Smile

Good luck for the next promotion Smile
 maragatero06/04/2020 14:42:01 GMT
Well, I think that is easy to understand why the propose is reasonable, and I tried to explain it with all my better intention and patient (despite my poor english). Ever you can wait to see the complete information when the day two start. Meanwhile, I will try to play some sub-satellite of $ 0,50 to have any hope to win something there. Good luck to all of players!
 CALICUL06/04/2020 19:45:49 GMT
I would like to play satellites but 888 Poker has many problems and network errors have occurred. This has been going on for few days and some persons play and win chips and me even if i have good internet, i can't play because 888 keeps me sit out. Incredible. Aww crap!
 dule-vu06/04/2020 19:50:26 GMT
so how to attract more players to play on this 109 4 tournament when you offer prize like this for first place and such a big for 12 $?you cant know how many players will be on any of this tournaments,so its not fair to offer from start this kind of prizes!ofcourse for this lower,this is great for players and they will get much more for only 12 $!
 maragatero07/04/2020 20:50:53 GMT
The same is happening to me CALICUL! 888poker start to makes his old bugs. It shut down, or suddenly it lost the connection with the server for hours, I write to support team twice, I erased the poker client and downloaded and installed again, but the support don´t answer and the bugs keep here. Is annoying, with my big schedule of nothing is very bad lost a freeroll!
 antonis32108/04/2020 00:56:36 GMT
I hope these problems maragatero to have been solved by now and players not to experience any kind of technical difficulties this time . Also peronibar refered on another thread a $10.000 freeroll on Friday by 888poker , to make players feel better for the problems they faced these days . Go play it and may you have good luck Smile
 CALICUL08/04/2020 09:03:02 GMT
It is better for 888 poker to switch to the old software because it is much better than the one that exists at the moment. I don't think they will create another new one so quickly, especially since they spent money with this. People with brains need to make good updates and will be good.
 maragatero08/04/2020 22:53:13 GMT
But at this time, all the poker´s room are under pressure because the isolating of millions of players that are trying to seat in one table (or in 24). GreySnow, that ever was a solid poker client, have now daily bugs and it steals my cents. Wxxxxxx chose to banned the freerolls, at least for no-european players. You are playing there CALICUL, in Wxxxxxx? Was a good place to play tournaments and sats...
 CALICUL09/04/2020 09:19:57 GMT
I only play in 3 poker rooms and one of them is 888 poker. NetBet and Pokerstars are the others. I can't deal with more because of country restriction... Maybe in future. Now, i'm enjoying 888 promotion and i want to see what i can achieve.
 antonis32109/04/2020 19:34:11 GMT
Calicul , these country restrictions are vey big probelm ,I understand if you cannot play in more poker rooms , I also have the same problem . But there is VPN as we all know . I tried it in the past ,registered in one pokr room , deposited , played, withdrew Smile Now I tried again , I hope i have the same success . I have successfully deposited , after many attempts Smile I will play , very soon ,in the first profits that I will have I will try withdrawal ,only to see if it's possible or not . Cause if I am not allowed to withdraw , there is no resson to keepon playing .

Cause the ridiculous thing is that you might overcome government restrictions , find a (VPN) way to get to these sites , find a way to deposit , play many games , and when the time to withdraw comes , pokerrooms will deny it ,because they found out you are from a restricted country .

Give me a break man , I use VPN , governmments I believe they allow it or else they would find a way to stop its use by now , why poker rooms are so complexed , make it so hard ?? They say your address is not from the country you first stated , give me a break , I might have moved to another country the last months , lol , I might have a permanent residence in another country , lol . why are they so afraid ??? Also in the past things were easier to play with VPN ., now I see more obstacles when governments also restrict games more and more , coincidence ?????
 dule-vu09/04/2020 22:19:43 GMT
antonis,goverments donw allow lot of site,especially EU countries,because they dont have anything from this sites,they dont pay any tax in this countries and they want something from it!but ofcourse with VPN you can play on this sites again!good thing at this poker software they can do anything,because you have them already in computer or laptop and they can close this games for you,only at desktop version trough chrome or whatever you use!
 antonis32110/04/2020 19:44:10 GMT
Governments pretend they cannot stop VPN , but I believe they leave it on purpose , there is a catch for this , or else they would have banned it worldwide . Think of torrent sites , in the past so many sites , innumerable , where you could download anything for free , governments pretended they couldn't stop it , lately they changed their minds , in all over the world !! Now I cannot find not even one torrent (real or with value/good one , lol ) .
Someday in the future they are going to stop the use of VPN as well , I believe Blink

Anyway , sites have made it even harder lately to deposit , for example 888poker . Another bad thing is that , you might be able to deposit , bu not be able to withdraw . Sites will ask for documents , address , id , they will catch you and ban you . Sometimes i feel they are worse than governments , LOL So , in that case , it's not the depositso much to care that you would have lost , but too many hours of games Sad

Anyway , i have deposited now , i want to see how it will go . If everything goes well , I will deposit in some other sites as well , if not I will ONLY be playing in sites that do not forbid my country ( if only government forbid them , VPN will do its miracle , but if they not allow it , there is no meaning to try playing there . Now I try in two sites for the last time , if successfull I will do this again , if not , never again Blink)
 Mober12/04/2020 12:03:27 GMT
No surprise that 888poker has another promotion.
A big site with one promotion after another, and lots of freerolls.
A good thing for all the starting players in the game.
Also a good thing is that they are having always qualifiers for all their
big tournament series.
So with a bit of luck you can fill your pockets Smile
 maragatero13/04/2020 04:03:16 GMT
Well CALICUL, I´m in a similar way. After a lot of time when I played daily in 5 or 6 poker´s room, following the freeroll´s schedule, today I´m playing in only two: 888poker and GreySnow. I liked very much Wxxxxx, but they stopped the freerolls. And sometimes I make a try in the sit and go of 360 players in PokerStars, but there I´m not used
 CALICUL13/04/2020 12:28:17 GMT
Last week was one without luck for me on the satellites but i do not give up. It is a continuous battle for these places and i can only try again. The time comes when the software is with you and then we must to take advantage. We don't have to lose our hopes.
 maragatero19/04/2020 23:47:43 GMT
This promotion is languishing or I´m wrong? The best characteristic of 888poker is the number and amplitud of his promotions. But I think that those are competing between them. The first place in the public attention about this tournament lasted very little. In only a week or ten days, the PKO Series appeared and atracted all the atention
 CALICUL20/04/2020 18:05:21 GMT
Promotions are many in every year and we can always play whenever we want or when we have bankroll. I like some of them but not all. I saw something interesting i register there to participate. It is important to achieve something in the end.

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