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888poker God of the Arena PKO Series - Over $1M Guaranteed!

Tags: 888poker.
Posted on 03 April 2020 by "T".

888poker is starting April off with a big bang thanks to the return of the God of the Arena PKO Series, featuring 33 events and a $200,000 GTD Main Event!

With the success of last year's God of the Arena Progressive Knockout (PKO) Series, 888poker brings you once again their lucrative PKO tournament this month of April!

God of the Arena PKO Series 2020

  • Duration: From April 5 to 12, 2020
  • Tournaments: 33
  • Highlight: $109 buy-in, $200,000 GTD Main Event on April 12, 2020
Highlights for the series include the $109 buy-in, $150K GTD Tune Up on Sunday, April 5 and the $55 buy-in, $100K GTD Warm Up on Sunday, April 12. Also taking place on the final day of the series is the much-awaited Main Event, which costs $109 to enter and boasts a $200,000 guaranteed prize pool.

Three Buy-ins - Regular, Mini & Late
On each day of the series, there will be a starting "Daily Kickoff" event at 15:15. These tournaments cost $44 to enter and offer a $15K GTD. From there, every day offers a tournament with regular, mini and late variations of each.

For example, the Main Event takes place at 18:00 while 30 minutes later the $33 buy-in, $50K GTD Mini Main Event gets underway. Then at 19:00, the $5.50 buy-in, $15K GTD Micro Main Event closes out the evening.

Each variation offers a different buy-in, so there's a tournament for everybody.

PKO Tournaments

In a PKO tourney, each player has a bounty on their head. PKO tournaments are quite different from regular knockout tournaments because instead of being fixed, a player's bounty goes up even more as they progress in the event. Every time a player knocks out an opponent, they shall receive a portion (usually 50%) of that eliminated player's bounty. The other portion is added to their own, thereby increasing their bounty as well.
Therefore it creates a whole new way of winning cash that only requires a slightly different playing style.

Martin Jacobson of Team888 leaves aspiring players one helpful strategy tip, "Find a good balance between playing aggressively enough to accumulate bounties without being too loose."

888poker ambassador Chris Moorman said you should avoid this common mistake at the PKO tables, "The number one mistake I see people make in [a] PKO MTT is bounty hunting too hard with awful hands when it will ruin their stack if they lose."

God of the Arena PKO Series 2020 - Schedule

Keep in mind that most, if not all, of these events have satellites where you can get your seat for a fraction of the direct buy-in.

Sunday, April 5 at 15:15 -- $44 buy-in PKO Series #1 - $15,000 Daily Kickoff
Sunday, April 5 at 18:00 -- $109 buy-in PKO Series #2 - $150,000 Tune Up
Sunday, April 5 at 18:00 -- $22 buy-in PKO Series #3 - $40,000 Mini Tune Up
Sunday, April 5 at 20:00 -- $55 buy-in PKO Series #4 - $30,000 Late Tune Up
Monday, April 6 at 15:15 -- $44 buy-in PKO Series #5 - $15,000 Daily Kickoff
Monday, April 6 at 18:00 -- $55 buy-in PKO Series #6 - $30,000 8-Max
Monday, April 6 at 18:00 -- $8.80 buy-in PKO Series #7 - $10,000 Mini 8-Max
Monday, April 6 at 20:00 -- $22 buy-in PKO Series #8 - $10,000 Late 8-Max
Tuesday, April 7 at 15:15 -- $44 buy-in PKO Series #9 - $15,000 Daily Kickoff
Tuesday, April 7 at 18:00 -- $109 buy-in PKO Series #10 - $40,000 9-Max
Tuesday, April 7 at 18:00 -- $16.50 buy-in PKO Series #11 - $20,000 Mini 9-Max
Tuesday, April 7 at 20:00 -- $55buy-in PKO Series #12 - $20,000 Late 9-Max
Wednesday, April 8 at 15:15 -- $44 buy-in PKO Series #13 - $15,000 Daily Kickoff
Wednesday, April 8 at 18:00 -- $109 buy-in PKO Series #14 - $40,000 8-Max
Wednesday, April 8 at 18:00 -- $16.50 buy-in PKO Series #15 - $20,000 Mini 8-Max
Wednesday, April 8 at 20:00 -- $33 buy-in PKO Series #16 - $15,000 Late 8-Max
Thursday, April 9 at 15:15 -- $44 buy-in PKO Series #17 - $15,000 Daily Kickoff
Thursday, April 9 at 18:00 -- $109 buy-in PKO Series #18 - $40,000 9-Max
Thursday, April 9 at 18:00 -- $16.50 PKO Series #19 - $20,000 Mini 9-Max
Thursday, April 9 at 20:00 -- $33 buy-in PKO Series #20 - $15,000 Late 9-Max
Friday, April 10 at 15:15 -- $44 buy-in PKO Series #21 - $15,000 Daily Kickoff
Friday, April 10 at 18:00 -- $55 buy-in PKO Series #22 - $20,000 Freezeout
Friday, April 10 at 18:00 -- $16.50 buy-in PKO Series #23 - $15,000 Mini Freezeout
Friday, April 10 at 20:00 -- $33 buy-in PKO Series #24 - $10,000 Late Freezeout
Saturday, April 11 at 15:15 -- $44 buy-in PKO Series #25 - $15,000 Daily Kickoff
Saturday, April 11 at 18:00 -- $109 buy-in PKO Series #26 - $30,000 6-Max
Saturday, April 11 at 18:00 -- $16.50 buy-in PKO Series #27 - $20,000 Mini 6-Max
Saturday, April 11 at 20:00 -- $55 buy-in PKO Series #28 - $15,000 Late 6-Max
Sunday, April 12 at 15:15 -- $44 buy-in PKO Series #29 - $15,000 Daily Kickoff
Sunday, April 12 at 16:00 -- $55 buy-in PKO Series #30 - $100,000 Warm Up
Sunday, April 12 at 18:00 -- $109 buy-in PKO Series #31 - $200,000 Main Event
Sunday, April 12 at 18:30 -- $33 buy-in PKO Series #32 - $50,000 Mini Main Event
Sunday, April 12 at 19:00 -- $5.50 buy-in PKO Series #33 - $15,000 Micro Main Event

We hope you run like a God of the Arena in the upcoming series.

As always, you can satellite your way in for as little as 1 cent via their online step satellites and qualifiers!

See you at the tables!



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47 comments for "888poker God of the Arena PKO Series - Over $1M Guaranteed!"

 dule-vu03/04/2020 19:39:38 GMT
7 days of poker and lot of different buy in-s,but ofcourse not so very cheap!only two low buy in tournaments are here,one of 5,50 $ and 8,80 $,others are much bigger!so as we can see main event have 200 K GTD for buy in of 109 $,so we can see that 888 can offer more fro this buy in range!
 CALICUL04/04/2020 17:00:41 GMT
This series is pretty good even if the tournaments are not with huge prizes. The main event is too small ( only 200k ) but it is in everyone's interest to qualify for these games. It does not cost much if you are smart to play satellites. Good luck, guys.
 Mober04/04/2020 19:06:28 GMT
It is the favorite tournament of many players out there.
It has a wide variety of buy in for most of the pockets Smile
And of course since it is in 888poker there are satellites.
And from what i see here they start from just one cent Smile
Good luck to all the ones chasing the bug money Smile
 antonis32105/04/2020 11:40:02 GMT
Nice PKO series by 888 , players will have the chance to battle and fight among them for prizes from $10.000-$150000 to $150.000-$200.000 !!!! Choose the ones they can afford to play and best suit their preference , and try to win the most money Smile

KO tournament players will love this series . I like the idea of winning money in the process while you play , it's good you don't have to get ITM in the prize awarded places in order to win much money , or at least the buy in of this tourney , minimizing losses . Playing in a normal tournament 2 m 3 or 4 hours and not getting ITM in the end , it's a little sad . But with kO tourneys , with every KO you make you win cash instantly , awesome !! That'w why many players like to play ONLY this KO format , and for them this series of games by 888 is a must to play Smile

Good luck everyone playing this God of the Arena PKO series Smile
 maragatero05/04/2020 13:14:26 GMT
I have good memories with this tournaments! Two years ago I played a freeroll satellite with two steps, and I won a ticket for this. I fail down in the bubble but I got almost $10 for the knock-outs. I had to work for it but was a nice experience. I´m waiting to know the schedule of free or low buy-in satellites, this is one that I want to play
 CALICUL05/04/2020 17:47:41 GMT
You can't refuse good promotions if you make money because many players win and you can be one of them. I tried to do something good last time but i failed. Maybe now will be good for me. Sometimes you can win unexpectedly and it is a surprise.
 antonis32106/04/2020 10:28:36 GMT
The biggest and best results I have ever had on tournaments , were on such kind of KO games , a series of KO poker tournaments . I tried to win many satekllites to get the entry for as cheap as possible , then played the events were I won the entry and cashed in some of them . If I had played only 2-3 tables , instead of 6 , 7, 8 tables some days , as if I am good or qualified to play like this which is not the case , I would have even greater results Smile I was FT in one , got scared in one preflop shove decision , payed this retreat of mine in 10 hands or so later .

Anyway you play KO , every hand can give you some $$$ , and on the later stages , the bounty is even greater and greater !!!.

Ofcourse you need to take into consideration that many players , maybe most , on these KO tourneys play extra aggressively to take your bounty , you have to adapt your gameplay accordingly , play more loose in many sircumstances than in normal tournaments ,
 maragatero06/04/2020 14:25:55 GMT
Yes, the KO mode is good for me. I like the rhythm changes that this kind of tournament propose. Perhaps you stay at the first stage of the tourney, being a rock to don´t take any risk, but then a big whale appear in the table, and you start to doubt if be possible kock down to him with a little pocket pair! If you have a little of luck, ever is possible to get some money there!
 CALICUL06/04/2020 19:28:18 GMT
These tournaments are very good because you have a chance to pick up something, when you don't finish in the money. If you have a proper stack, could try a few games that have a small buy-in. I like when i succeed to accumulate rewards and some money.
 maragatero07/04/2020 20:44:59 GMT
Yes CALICUL, win is good. This tournament is one of the few that I might try with a satellite to get a ticket. In the past, 888poker provides a lot of it, with no more than two or three steps, since a freeroll. So, this mode is easy to make. The sat with five or six steps, with thousand of players in each one fighting for ten tickets are really annoying
 antonis32108/04/2020 01:05:03 GMT
freerolls or freebuys satellites with few seats guaranteed but far too many players registered are ver difficult indeed , the way players play very loose and aggressive . You have to adjust your game accordingly , so as to have a chance to deal effectively with this over-aggressiveness . But it'a a free tournament , so you don't have antything to lose by playing it , and if you get the ticket , it might offer you a big payday Smile

Playing sattelites to get tickets for these KO tourneys is sth I like , but also for every tourney . Then you play these KO tourneys more or way far more aggressively , trying to win many bounties , so as even if you bust early , to have won some $$$$$ or some buyins at least for your next tournaments of this kind . I have tried Partypoker and Pokerstars KO series , hope I will be able to play this 888 poker KO series as well .

Good luck all BRM players playing tgese 888 KO games Smile
 CALICUL08/04/2020 09:11:26 GMT
You always have to hunt for accessible options with these tournaments because calculations must be made based on the players and the number of places paid. I'm talking about satellites. With Good Of The Arena it would be worth a try.
 maragatero08/04/2020 22:47:33 GMT
Yes, I understand you antonis321 and I´m agree. In the popular tournament, where you have to fight against thousand of villains that have noting to lose, you will find a lot of agressive players. But when you reasonably adjust your playing to a tight mode, you may start to see how the blinds eat your bank. Is really annoing!
 CALICUL09/04/2020 09:27:19 GMT
I suggest you to risk a few dollars and try the satellites of God of the Arena, because it is worth the effort, if you get qualifications in major tournaments. I watch to lobby games now and i like what i see. You don't have to lose, if you try to make money.
 antonis32109/04/2020 19:38:04 GMT
I am building now my bankroll in 888poker , so I am carefull with the games i play . i will see what sats I can play , what satellites or subsatellites I can afford , or else I will be patient to build my bankroll first and then try more expensive games , in series of games or regular everyday games . Thankfully 888poker has many freerolls and centrolls running , also some nice low buy in tournaments to start playing so as to build your bankroll Smile
 maragatero11/04/2020 01:30:00 GMT
Good for you antonis321, pay attention to the own bankroll is the first care in poker´s games (the second, not funny, is study of it). And the satellites has the worst relation buy-in/bankroll. You have to have a minimum of 200 times the buy-in in your bankroll to play it! Anyway, I´m not seeing the publicity of this promotion in the main lobby of 888poker
 CALICUL11/04/2020 10:56:37 GMT
I played in several KO tournaments in the past, but never eliminated more than 17 players. I would like to try again but for now i can only small stakes. Satellites for good tournaments they have not offered satisfaction so far but i'm optimistic.
 antonis32111/04/2020 21:00:40 GMT
Lastchance tomorrow , I want to see if I am going to be lucky and play at least one event of this series . I play less these days , wnat to study more then increase the number of games and buyins that I play . You are right maragatero , Bankroll management is the most important thing you have to do in poker , or else fun is over and tilt , bad decisions and great losses might come . Control of money played , maintaining the fun . Then it's the study part , I want to do thid , I postpone it all the time, lol . I have to do it to become better , cause I see there are many leaks in my poker games , sngs , tournaments or cash games , havee to become better Smile
 maragatero12/04/2020 01:44:20 GMT
Yes antonis321, control the bankroll (don´t play over it possibilities) and take a time to study the game. In the 2018 year, I was afraid about my retirement, and I thinked that I have to win some money in the future to complete my incomes. So, I choosed a kind of game (S&G) and I started with my plann. I could make it and progress little to little. But the works possibilities changed and I leaved it.
 CALICUL12/04/2020 11:33:42 GMT
Many players do not know how to control the bankroll and that is one reason why they do not earn enough money. In this case there is something different because the software decides who wins, when you give all in pre flop. It is not easy because you lose very often.
 antonis32112/04/2020 13:07:18 GMT
maragatero , I will also start playing a number of sngs with a specific bankroll , after I will have finished some study , to see whether I will have good results , whether I can play higher buy-in sngs , or else again study and try again later . I will start from the micro bottom , see what I can do . With more successes . more games , tournaments or cash games , will be added in my schedule . But now I have to improve my preflop decisions , raises , 3 bets , 4 bets ... Also my shove-fold hands chart or decisions . I see many leaks , many times lose with crazy way and mistakes . My masochistic patience is over ( Big Smile) , now I desire good results , wins !!!!
 maragatero13/04/2020 03:57:13 GMT
I knew this tournament by the worst way. Yesterday, I was looking for the register of one of my loved $ 200 freeroll in 888poker main lobby. There, I open one lobby of a PKO series to check if it was a part of the God of Arena events. Then I register in my tourney, and started to do another things. Suddenly, a strange table appear in my screen...without wanting it I registered to a $11,5 buy-in tourney!
 antonis32113/04/2020 18:29:02 GMT
Lol maragatero , you have to be carefull when youc lick the play game buttons , or else such surprises might come unexpectely sometimes , really disturbing and annoyning , it might destroy your bankroll .

Sometimes I open the Sunday Million lobby , on Sundays , to see how many registered , are playing , the action on some tables etc . I always have the fear I will press accidentally the play/register button and start playing it , with 109$ minus from my bankroll !!

I also have this fear fro other tournament lobbies when I open tjem , but especially for SM , the fear cannot be copared , lol Smile

Ofcourse on Stars , also i other poker rooms , it will ask you twice before registering you in a tournament , sng , or other game , that's very nice , it is a protective tool to save you from unwanted registration , very nice !!!!

Be carefull another time !!!
 CALICUL14/04/2020 12:55:35 GMT
Until the next God of the Arena PKO Series we can play The Dragon, Galaxy, Big Fish etc ... I haven't done anything good for me this time and i think it's good if i watch a video lesson with 888 poker offered. I like the room and i want some money of course.
 maragatero14/04/2020 23:28:45 GMT
Yes antonis321, I will try to pay attention... It´s something that was happened to me in other times, when I played in Coral poker. But there was not fair a bit, because they don´t confirm your register into a tourney with any message. So you only knows the error whe the tourney was started. Here was 100% my fault. What a KO!
 CALICUL15/04/2020 14:28:15 GMT
Today i played in two satellites and even though i made a few chips, i could not get a ticket for big fish. Those tournaments went into clinical death and have to play what's most interesting. A dreadful boredom occurs when players are few and no more register.
 maragatero16/04/2020 00:29:22 GMT
Despite the bad surprise when I discover my error, I did not have such a bad time. I was nervous in the starting of tournament, but then I relaxed a bit and try to make an effort. Is a real bad feelling, because I couldn´t play there by technical definition. I had accumulated $ 50 of bankroll in the weeks of isolation, with the freerolls. So, I never should have spent $ 11 in a buy-in!
 antonis32116/04/2020 17:22:49 GMT
maragatero , it can happen to everyone , it has happenned to me , it will happen eventually one day again in the future . That's why almost always I am very carefull when I open lobbies of tournaments when the late registration is not over and I don't want to play them , but just watch some tables . If I want to play a sat for a tourney , almost always I open the table before the game starts , if possible not from the tournament lobby , but from the main lobby of the poker room SmileThat way , the risk is being minimised , almost to zero Smile

Anyway , that ws a good series , now to the next one Smile 888 poker has always a nice series of games running , with very nice guarantee money . Ofcourse , there are the usual games and tournaments running every day every week , such as the BIG FISH tournaments , these days with bigger prizes and more value than before , very good and profitable choices Smile GL everyone Smile

 maragatero17/04/2020 12:16:21 GMT
Yes antonis321, I tried all the strategies. But sometimes, after months of be alert, a distracting moment maybe occur. And in a short time I losted my effort of week. At this tournament it buy for me the opportunity to confirm that fishes are in all the levels. I play there near of the end of late register, and I had some good moment when I was in the best ten places.
 antonis32117/04/2020 12:57:28 GMT
I also have such kind of '' distracting '' moments , rarelly , only if I am really tired and sleepy , shouldn't have started then games to play but did it unfortunatelly . Then everything is possible : Register by mistake in games I didn't want initially , more often register in games on purpose I cannot think calmly with clear mind because of tiredness and maybe tilt , thinking I can play more expensive games and then I lose big $$$$ , also I will surely shove aggressively a very long range of cards , even with 50 blinds on crrazy spots , lol .I have lost my bankroll sometimes like this ......

But normally , I am very carefull , I am extremelly tight and mindfull , so these mistakes don't happen when I not tired , stresses or sad Smile Also I try my best not to play tired or stressed , a rule vey important for me for 2 months now and it's ongoing Smile

The dragon, the inferno series coming , the big fish tourneys , the galaxy freeorlls , many other big guarantee tournaments or satellites with many good guaranted tickets . For tournaments , 888 poker has always sth very good to show , so as every player to choose the games he likes most , which he has an edge for , and start winning $$$$$ Smile
 maragatero18/04/2020 13:36:41 GMT
Yes, tired, sleepy...or without glassses! hahaha! And yes, when this error happen, you feel defested since the starting and makes all kind of no sense moves. I played there about two hours, knocked out two players (that reduces my lost) and had some very good moments (are fishes also in $11 buy-in), but ever feeling out of place. The own mind may be a powerful enemy!
 CALICUL18/04/2020 16:59:27 GMT
Yesterday i played three hours in a $ 5.50 tournament and after two hours and 45 minutes i had the 32 k stack. Interesting is that the game starts at 30k. Basically i only won 2 k and that's how it happens in this kind of tournament. It's pretty hard.
 maragatero19/04/2020 23:14:37 GMT
Tell us more CALICUL. Was a Knock Out tournament of this promotion? Had you knock ot anyone? If it is a PKO Series, the late register was finished in two hours and a half (I think), so you might be near the ITM. Tell us how did you finish... In that tourney, I had two coolers that makes me cry. First (when I was in the top of my playing) AJs versus AQo, and in the end TT against QQ
 CALICUL20/04/2020 18:18:13 GMT
It was a pokerstars tournament with over 8,000 players. I didn't win too much, just a $ 60-80 profit on a $ 1.10 game. It wasn't a huge win but i would have liked to won more money. The poker room software was not so happy with me to make a huge profit.
 maragatero21/04/2020 01:36:35 GMT
I don´t understand my friend. First, why you told us about a tournament of $ 5,50 when it is not a PKO Series, and is not a 888poker´s promotion in this space? And, second, how your $ 5,50 tourney became in $ 1,10 game? You are a magician of transforming of the tournament!!! I have to give to you one of my freeroll in 888poker to transformer it in a Million Sunday of PokerStars!!
 CALICUL21/04/2020 18:59:29 GMT
I said that i played in several KO tournaments in the past and there i eliminated 17 players. It was a knockout tournament not PKO. I can't say anything here if i don't remember well. I don't want to lie and that's the way it is for me. Anyway i really like these games.
 maragatero22/04/2020 15:22:07 GMT
Well, 17 villains killed is a good record CALICUL. And that was the way that you can win $ 60-$80 in a tournament without arriving to the ITM. But you told that you was playing "yesterday" three hours in a $ 5,50 tournament, and then you won in the past $60-80 in a $ 1,10 tourney wich you can´t remember well. Follow you into your temporal continuous is very hard!
 CALICUL22/04/2020 18:56:58 GMT
That tournament was in pokerstars several years ago and 888 poker is another place where i play. I really liked it, when i played in the past, but now i do not have much patience or concentration to play 6, 7 hours or more. It's time to try shorter games.
 dule-vu22/04/2020 19:54:53 GMT
maragatero seems that you are only blind here and that you dont see how he can lie,how he change every post,even if you write to him what a hell are you writing and what he say in last post!ofcourse in next one he will tell that you didnt understand him,that he didnt mean that,that it was "several years ago" and so on!but ok,go on,read his post and believe that this is truth!
 maragatero23/04/2020 16:37:26 GMT
Oh dule-vu, I leave that job to you. I do not believe that BRM resists more than one punisher, that considers the mistakes and weaknesses of others as a sin that must have a sentence. I feel more comfortable in the role of a friend who wants to understand the other's game and play with him. I think it has to do with the different capacities of each one...
 CALICUL23/04/2020 19:18:51 GMT
Maragatero, my friend, i would love to play in the next God of the Arena PKO Series. At least a game and see how beautiful the big tournaments feel. Satellites are heavy but you may succeed with some skills and luck. I will let you know if i achieve anything qualification in a good game.
 maragatero24/04/2020 21:36:07 GMT
I wish you do it and have a good success CALICUL. This is a good tournament and, if you don´t make a big error like me, it´s not expensive to make some money, at least with some knock outs. I found there a lot of wek players that, if I didn´t feel in a wrong place, surely I would make a good difference. Really, fishes are in all the levels!
 CALICUL25/04/2020 09:35:38 GMT
You have a chance to do some stack with fish players, but most of time main enemy is the poker room software. I would like to have a major success in online Hold'em and a nice win. That is the main reason for which i try to play many satellites, so that one day i can win good $.
 maragatero25/04/2020 22:31:37 GMT
Yes CALICUL it´s a common desire, but play satellites is a speciality where you have to have a very good bankroll. That´s the reason for what I don´t play sats with any buy-in more of a nano level (cents) or directly freerolls. As I said in another thread, you need 200 buy-in minimum to make a good managed of bankroll
 CALICUL26/04/2020 13:22:28 GMT
I don't play satellites for major tournaments but for $ 11, $ 22, $ 33 i can play very easy. I don't have a big bankroll now. I only have 96 dollars but i'm protective of him. I don't play like a savage and that's because i don't like to lose.
 maragatero28/04/2020 01:53:50 GMT
Well, I can shut this thread (my participation in it). I starting to chat here telling the case o my unlucky buy-in of $ 11, and all that it makes to me. But yesterday, the good 888poker gaves to me a chance to compensate my old error, because I arrive in 3 rd place in a $ 200 freeroll, so I cover the difference between the buy-in and the kock outs that I makes.
 CALICUL28/04/2020 13:41:05 GMT
Congratulations on your result and good luck in continuation with your tournaments. You have to take part in promotions and other series with qualification tournaments, because in one day you can hit a good sum of money. Good luck.

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