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888poker's Latest Promo - $10,000 Cash BLAST

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Posted on 11 May 2020 by "T".

The fun never stops at 888poker, and this time you get to play BLAST for your scratchcard!

888poker's BLAST is a thrilling Sit & Go poker game with the chance to win huge prizes. Every game has a time limit, with just 3 players completing for a randomly drawn prize pool, up to 10,000 times the buy-in amount!

$10,000 Cash BLAST
Starting out in this promo is very easy. First things first, you need to have an account at 888poker.

If you don't have one yet, simply sign up for an 888poker account through BankrollMob, and you will also receive $88 Free + $700 on deposit!

Here's how you can win a Cash BLAST:

  • Play BLAST (Check your email for the minimum buy-in amount)
  • Win BLAST tournaments in one day (Check your email to see how many wins are needed)
  • Scratch your Cash BLAST Scratchcard and win $1, $5, $10, $50 up to $10,000 cash!
  • Repeat and win up to 2 scratchcards daily until October 5, 2020!

Go on... have a BLAST!

Terms and Conditions:
• Depositors only
• Offer expires on 10/5/20
• The Scratch card will expire within 24 hours
• Odds vary between prizes
• Available prizes are cash
• Maximum cash granted in a single scratch card is $10,000
• UK only -Your deposit balance is available for withdrawal at any time.
Full T&Cs apply

New to 888poker?
Join 888poker and get $88 Free + $700 on deposit!

 Players residing in the UK will receive a £20 Bonus Package.

18+, New Customers Only, Gamble Responsibly -

T&C's Apply.

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17 comments on "888poker''s Latest Promo - $10,000 Cash BLAST"

 Mober11/05/2020 16:56:25 GMT
It is a nice promotion for the grinders. Although all the rules
are not mentioned here, since you have to check your email for the rest Smile
Also i think we see the promotion a bit late.
From what i read it did end yesterday. Or is it by the american dating system Smile
and they mean october? Smile
 maragatero11/05/2020 18:04:36 GMT
This poker´s room still launching new promotionn, but they are reducing the existing. First, they reduce the amount of prizes of the daily´s freeroll, spending from $ 500 to $ 200. Then they shut off one of it (14:30 in my country). And now they also reduce the prizes of the freerolls of the Poker Club! The covid 19 attack the freerolls! Including here, in BRM, they take away the daily freeroll in 888por of $ 100...bad future!
 CALICUL11/05/2020 22:42:11 GMT
I also noticed this ugly thing and some of level tournaments disappeared. Saturday poker club lvl. 50 or monday for lvl. 30. Good old days are over and 888 poker has changed terms and conditions. This will reduce traffic and will be bad for them.
 dule-vu12/05/2020 07:01:14 GMT
Its good that players on different buy in can win same prize,no matter will they spend 1 or 50 dollars!this is fast game,only three players,so probably player will play few tables in same time,to have chance to win this big prize!good luck to all!
 maragatero12/05/2020 19:39:18 GMT
I hope that this situation be only a stage on the poker´s room history, and have some link with the adjust that other companies are doing on covid period. Including Bankroll Mob are restoring his daily $ 100 freeroll in 888poker (today I played one, and I saw that tomorrow another one is announced). I played a lot of $ 10 freeroll in GreySnowpoker, so I can support it.
 CALICUL13/05/2020 10:08:55 GMT
Right now 888 Poker has reduced the freerolls but there are still enough. More than that there are certain promotions and bonuses and remains a formidable company with her gambling. I withdrew $ 100 on Sunday and they accepted my request. I will take a break for a few months at real money games.
 dule-vu13/05/2020 11:38:13 GMT
somebody is so stupid to give thumb down,even my post is normal,so if you have balls (you dont),write post and say why you did it!
now I see small letters below banner,its only for UK players,so ofcourse lot of people wont see this terms and would be mad why they didnt get any card for their play!always some restrictions!
 maragatero13/05/2020 22:33:40 GMT
Here are a few crazy people dule-vu, don´t worry by them! And CALICUL, good for you! $100 is a big bankroll for us, at least for me, a cent´s player! And how do you won that money? what kind of game do you play, and how many time do you spend for that winnings? Is that a shot wining in a tourney? Tell to us CALICUL, how was your adventure...
 CALICUL14/05/2020 18:58:12 GMT
I played a few freerolls in 7 days and i made 29 dollars from 0. It was also a promotion and in 3 weeks i played 3 blasts of $ 1 a day every day. One month total with other free games or money lost in cash... i did to do, but i withdrew because i wanted to take a break.
 maragatero14/05/2020 23:11:10 GMT
Good amount for a month, since a freeroll! This is the way that I love to make a bankroll, but I don´t play like you. You are a real gambler! I make my money, at this time, only with freerolls tournament, and only in 888poker. So, in the last mont (I saw it in my PokerTracker4) I won $ 33,25. I´m in a "stage of accumulation", to refill my bankroll after take some bucks to buy a new CPU and monitor
 CALICUL30/05/2020 19:56:51 GMT
I no longer have the ambition once i had in the past because i had a lot of disappointments with the software of some poker rooms. They did not want to be generous with me and the number of my games has dwindled because of it.
 maragatero02/06/2020 19:19:20 GMT
How you can have a disappointments with a software? You are given to it an human capacity, or you are taken a not human mode. But despite that impossible situation, I think that the software don´t have disappointments between them...hahaha I think that you don´t want to talk about your formula to the success, that´s all!
 CALICUL02/06/2020 23:00:25 GMT
I'm talking about those moments when the software is against you. Sometimes this happens and we cannot be happy. I like to play many games and make a better wager but is very hard because it's not that easy with some horror cards.
 kasnakov1411/06/2020 22:48:29 GMT
 CALICUL15/06/2020 09:27:52 GMT
Games of Blast is a way to make more money, but it is very difficult... if you are not lucky enough to find a large amount to share with other players. I've seen beautiful prizes but i haven't caught one so far. I don't know what will happen in the future.
 antonis32115/06/2020 12:53:26 GMT
As far as it is concerned the ''disatisfaction with the software '' thing , well you will always don't like some things in every casino or poker room , live or online , everything has its disadvantages and its weaknesses , but you love it cause you like the est things that it can give you or has already given you , about the things you won or still winning with it , generally Smile And ofcourse , because you cannot have sth better , lol Smile

So , we stick with what we have . There are 4-5 top opker rooms , everyone of them has each weaknesses , even the greatest , I have seen many disadventages even on it , even software stability or disconnection , rarelly, but yes , I have seen it Smile You win ?? You keep on playing , you don't win , you go somewhere else Smile As long as you win , you put the disadvantages aside , you stick with the good ones , the advantages Smile And speaking of advantages , 888 poker has far too many , being one of the top 4 greatest poker rooms Smile Also great casino it has , especially to win easily points and level up to a higherclub level . Smile

As for the blast , I like now as it is , you can play sometimes with the time Blink , you can use some tricks or good shoves (loose ones ) preflop , then things are far easier . Now , if you also play your best game at high prizes , and you're lucky then , well you are a big winner Smile
In the past , with 4 players (instead of 3 as in all other rooms ), it really sucked .......
 CALICUL16/06/2020 16:17:02 GMT
888 Poker It gives you a chance to win something small with poker for your bankroll, but of course there are chances that u to win something good for withdrawal. I say it's a good poker room (even if i'm not so lucky) but others are lucky.

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