As for the below tweet, how can one not suspect these players to be the same person or belonging to the same group?

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Asian App Poker Grind House Video leaked on Twitter

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Posted on 12 May 2020 by "T".

A video showing a grind house somewhere in Asia with players seated in front of several computers are seen multitabling on the same Asian poker app.


Asian poker apps earned a bad reputation throughout the years due to low security measures and the act of collusion between players. Could the video of this grind house possibly be about a group working together to dupe unsuspecting players?

Outdated, Perhaps
As technology evolves and becomes much better as the years go by, so does today's players who only get even more tech-savvy and some use their tech knowhow to earn easy money online, no matter how unethical it appears to be.

In the world of online poker rooms, collusion is the bane of all poker players. When people soft play each other or gang-up together to beat others, it is downright unfair and ruins the essence of the game.

One reply in the thread said they had already seen this video a long time ago, and that because of the bad publicity, security on many poker apps was improved.

Someone recognized the app as PPPoker where you needed to introduce yourself to the host before you're allowed to play.

As for the below tweet, how can one not suspect these players to be the same person or belonging to the same group?

Would you be willing to play this table with almost the same aliases?

There's no denying that cheating everywhere occurs, online poker included. There will always be cheaters trying to scam anyone as long as there's money involved. But online poker rooms like partypoker and 888poker are always on the lookout for those dishonest players and they invest a lot of time and resources into making their games fair, safe and secure.



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24 comments on "Asian App Poker Grind House Video leaked on Twitter"

 maragatero12/05/2020 19:33:21 GMT
What a curious situation, I never saw something like that. And how can be that the poker´s room allow to different players have the same nick? Or a single player is seating many times in the same table? It could happen? Until now, I only thought that the asian players are to loose and make strange moves, but this history is totaly diferent!
 CALICUL13/05/2020 10:33:42 GMT
You haven't seen anything like that, but you remember when i said about an Asian player who playing at 41 tables in the same time. What was there? Correctness is the most important thing and it is not normal for some gamblers to cheat.
 dule-vu13/05/2020 11:33:12 GMT
ha,ha,cant believe what I see on this video!now they even dont afraid,when somebody make video of them!you can imagine how they work with this kind of playing,who know how many IP addresses and other things they change,that poker sites dont get them!just wonder on what site they play like this?just to know!but somebody say that this is old video,so know from when they scam people!maybe its so old,so thats why somebody published him!
 Mober13/05/2020 17:30:01 GMT
It is weird indeed.
It wont be the first nor the last situation where players colluding on the
tables playing poker.
I bet that this video must have prevented from players keep playing there.
Why risking your money to play there now?
 maragatero13/05/2020 22:41:17 GMT
In the text is write that the poker´s room maybe the PPPoker, and in the future -cause this video- the poker´s room was improbing their security. But that is incredible, how can a software with elemental configuration allow to be a lot of players with the same avatar? I can understand that the software couldn´t detected sofisticated moves, but that???
 dule-vu14/05/2020 12:28:49 GMT
if this is old video,as we have in this text and on twitter,then its not strange that is now available,when you cant do anything or to check them!probably in that years,poker rooms couldnt detect them and thats why they had this success with playing!in asia they can do much things and much faster,then we can do it,so this isnt strange for me,but didnt expect to see something like this and that somebody will share video for all of us!
 CALICUL14/05/2020 19:23:46 GMT
I want that they to develop a software that catches all the cheaters. I don't want it to exist anymore something like that in any poker room. This situation is very difficult to achieve but who knows. Technology has become very advanced and maybe it will be so.
 maragatero14/05/2020 23:10:59 GMT
Is a shame because I couldn´t see the video. I only wrote about the news that I readed, I only can supose (with your comments) what happen there. But, anyway, it´s crazy and it represents everything that we are afraid of a game site. For years I tried to control my impulses paranoid, which lead me to think that the software betrays me or that there is colusion. This news proves it!
 dule-vu15/05/2020 13:36:22 GMT
but we all knewt that this is normal in asia and that probably 10 years ago we had something like this,just we didnt had any news or video from it!poker rooms now close this kind of accounts from last year,but its too late now!but we all knewt that people could make some organisation where they will play poker against other players!
its same like we use VPN to come on some casino site!
 antonis32115/05/2020 16:06:27 GMT

These colluding videos , or others out there are really concerning . They show real time , players colluding among them , playing in the same tables with unsuspected victims , giving them a great advantage for guaranteed profits , when every one of the rest players at the same table can see only his hole cards , not another one's , also he can decide only for himself , he can'e panipulate the result of a hand , like these scammers might do , with reraises and squeezes , to put players out of the hand .
 maragatero16/05/2020 00:09:24 GMT
I always was too naiff to think that this could be happened when I started to play poker online. When I started playing, I couldn´t believe some moves that I saw in the tables. But ever I understand that I was playing in the bottom of the levels and there the players may do anything. I never have a doubt about the poker´s room. It will be true that robot programs are used to play?
 antonis32116/05/2020 17:00:01 GMT
These scammers have a very big advantage , pokerrooms should do everything possible to stop this kind of scamming . This might happen by bots , of the same scammer , collaborating on the same table , sharing the info they have . Bots can change the accounts the use and IP address very often , especially when they are caught . Some poker rooms have very good tools to find bots or players colluding using fake IP addfresses , they won't even allow you to register an account if they spot you using VPN or anothertool so as to have a fake IP . But most pokerrooms catch these scammers later , after their scamming actions , when they are reported , with enough proof against their potential shady behavior .

 CALICUL16/05/2020 20:54:55 GMT
Anything can happen because in the online environment it is like in reality. A few years ago a technology has been created who sees through the walls. That's what happens with softwares of poker rooms who have illegal programs .
 maragatero17/05/2020 00:51:04 GMT
Finally, I could see the videos! I had to click in the arrow on the bottom of the picture, and then the twiter software start to run. But I don´t understand the image...all those persons was played like one player? Or is a reference of the unhealthy of the situation in that place? It seems like the slave´s ships, only some chains and shackles are absent!
 dule-vu17/05/2020 15:35:46 GMT
who know what other things are made in asia that we dont know for it and what system,program,organisation they use playing poker or casino games!maybe we will hear something in next years,like this video is viral after so many years!so asian people are maybe first in making frauds!we all know what was with ilegal gambling in last years!
 antonis32117/05/2020 21:52:36 GMT
If it's an old video , then probably these players will not face any concequences , even if a government decides to hunt them down , they would have stopped these activities many of them , or they would have been replaced by others .Anyway , these colludors definetely will change these rooms every some time , for security reasons , ofcourse their IP might change everyday , lol .
 maragatero18/05/2020 01:19:18 GMT
I don´t know antonis321, this situation was ilegal at that time in that country? Here in Argentina, I don´t know if it exists. In fact, a lot of irregular situation about the e- business have not regulation here. Is awesome, but the State have not reaction yet to a technology reality that have more than 20 years. Some of it is an advantage for me,because the poker online have not be limited
 dule-vu19/05/2020 11:40:48 GMT
I think that asians are very smart and that they know when to give such a video in public and that must be old,for lot of years!its just question why just now,is somebody stop doing things like this,he do it for fun or something else!but we will more of this in next years!
 antonis32120/05/2020 18:29:34 GMT
It must be very old video , there is a purpose for releasing this video now . Anyway , that's one more reson why I don't like playing normal cash tables , besides the second reason , which is that when you start winning , most of the others abandon the table , but when they win they expect you to remain on this table and keep on playing like an idiot , ZOOM kind of games or spins are better Smile

 dule-vu21/05/2020 15:31:34 GMT
yeah,somebody knewt that now they cant do anything to them,after so many years and that they can show to people this video and how they played poker with so many people in same room!this just show how people are much more in front of poker and casino sites!
 CALICUL21/05/2020 20:22:02 GMT
Security needs to be greatly improved because at this time there are many things that clearly disadvantage players. I would like poker software to run without problems and the gamblers to be satisfied. Hackers and cheaters with collusion to disappear.
 antonis32121/05/2020 22:18:32 GMT
I remember once on a internet cafe in Larissa , where I used to live for some years here in Greece . I saw 8 teens , sitting one next to the other , with PokerStars Lobby opened , tables opened and everyone playing , all friends together . Allthough then I wasn't playing , collussion never cross my mind , cross my heart Cool
I had twice problem with Stars cause I was playing on internet cafes many times . They accused me that I had relations with some playes who were on their black list , cause I was playing from the same place (internet cafe ) . So many emails back and forth , until they tell me they didn't have proof , but just examining the case . Idiots ... I bet they didn't check at all my games results , not even some of them , or the statistics of my games , accuse instantly to to forse me say sth wrong or make a mistake , then just to steal my cashier $$$$ . Scammers MFs Smile
 dule-vu22/05/2020 17:00:21 GMT
so you can imagine how it was 8 years ago,what rules all big poker sites had and that they didnt do anything for security or they didnt check IP address or something like this!after lot of years they do something about this,but for many years players didnt care about it and they could play from one place!
 CALICUL22/05/2020 21:51:37 GMT
Now everything is being verified because we live in the world of dictators and there is no democracy that we knew before. It is important that hackers disappear and we can realize that we are too much more protected from cheaters.

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