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888poker teams up with Italian Poker Open for the First Time Ever!

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Posted on 19 May 2020 by "T".

888poker and Italian Poker Open (IPO) teams up online for the first time ever!

When our way of life suddenly takes a different turn that players are unable to play the usual live poker games, 888poker brings the IPO to their online platform, so that everyone who's interested can join and still have fun, right at the comfort of their own homes!

For the very first time in Italian Poker Open history, they have teamed up with 888poker to deliver LIVE action at the online tables through

Italian Poker Open online schedule

  • When: May 31 to June 7, 2020
  • Venue: 888poker
  • Prize pool: €100,000+


This online mega-event shall take place on from May 31st to June 7th, brimming with over €100,000 in prize money!

The IPO series is one of the most significant live poker events in Italy that garners international fame. Since it began in 2011, the Italian poker series has attracted 44,136 players and awarded over €22,000,000 in prize money!

Importance of IPO and 888poker Online Series
In total, the Italian Poker Open has run for 31 live events, with the first one held at the Casino Campione (Italy) in February 2011 and the last one was in San Marino in January 2020. The 31 series have attracted a total of 44,136 entries with €22,074,300 overall prize pools awarded.

CEO of EMS and owner of pKLiveEvents website Andrea Rocci said, "Due to the current state of affairs, we had to give up two especially important IPO live events. We are deeply sorry for not being able to offer our players tournaments. However, the circumstances have provided us with a perfect opportunity to allow players to enjoy playing poker during these challenging times via a great online platform such as"

"We never stopped working, trying to propose an alternative. We have chosen an online platform that reflects our idea of always aiming for the best with a live poker brand that has made poker history in Italy. For this reason, the choice could only be one of the largest online poker rooms in the world,"



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12 comments on "888poker teams up with Italian Poker Open for the First Time Ever!"

 roeish319/05/2020 12:37:55 GMT
This is the first (?) of many live poker games that are going to go online for the next few months.
This way you can still safely play the games and not go to all the headache of having live tournaments at this time.
Italy, Spain, the UK and the US are naturally more inclined to go that way with the trauma the Corona virus left there.
Good luck to the organizers and all the players.
 maragatero20/05/2020 02:31:12 GMT
I think that this announce is for the company entry to the european market, especifically in Italy, that have some rules that was banned some poker´s room to play there. Way 888poker have to make an asociation with another poker´s room if it don´t make a new start in that region? Well done 888poker, teh italian and spanish are really bored with Winamax and PokerStars!
 CALICUL20/05/2020 16:49:02 GMT
Italians are very restrictive with poker in their country. They do not play with others from other countries. This thing is happening in Spain or France. It's not normal because it was good if we could play with everyone. Now the same will happen with this short alliance.
 antonis32120/05/2020 18:44:31 GMT
Many live events cannot be played due to this worldwidecrisis and the isolations measures . Ofcourse , there is the option to be played online , which did happen in some pokerrooms these last months . This is one more series to be played , this time on 888poker . It has many buy ins for the players to choose , in this 10 days tournament series . Good luck everyone playing ithese games Smile
 maragatero23/05/2020 23:18:49 GMT
I don´t know antonis321, I think that this have to be some legal situation. I readed in some place that Europe, especially Spain and France, had making hard restrictions to play poker online, and they only allow to play (with the platforms that accept the rules and pay the expensives taxes -like pokerStars) to the people who lives in these countries. That´s why appear some poker´s rooms
 dule-vu24/05/2020 20:28:41 GMT
at first I thought that this will be some live series of tournaments in italy in this situation when italy still didnt solve problems with corona,but when I read everything I see that will be online open series!probably lot of italians need this kind of fun,after so many days of problems!
 CALICUL24/05/2020 22:53:12 GMT
As long as the players have good tournaments to play and money to win, i don't see anything abnormal here. Italians can play good poker at any time because i had the opportunity to meet them a few times at tables and some of them are formidable.
 maragatero24/05/2020 23:55:27 GMT
I can see something that haven´t explanation...Why 888poker have to make an arregement with that Italian site? I think that they do it because is the only way to get contact with those players. And, thinking in the weight of 888poker as a poker´s room in the poker´s market, this situation only can happen if there are some legal restrictions for that.
 dule-vu25/05/2020 21:40:21 GMT
yeah,maybe they dont have lot of players from italy,so thats why they make tournaments only for them!but in todays world,when everybody can play poker and lot of them are at home,you make tournament only for residents from one country!very silly!
 antonis32125/05/2020 23:59:33 GMT
This series of games to be played online now for the first time . The players who played these events in previous months and years , now they will have the chance to play it once again , online this time . Many tournaments to choose and play . It is a very successful series of games , good luck everyone playing on them .
 maragatero26/05/2020 00:54:56 GMT
Yes, it´s a strange mistery why they do it. And also is a mistery the new law that are be used in those countries. For example, they make some measure to force at the poker´s room to make playing only the people who lives there. But I make my register and played a lot in Winamax, (until they shut down all the freerolls) that was a room created only to Spanish and France people...
 CALICUL26/05/2020 09:39:38 GMT
Every poker room has its own strategies and if it wants to offer free games it does, and if it doesn't want to then there will be no free games. Running players ( those who do wager ) are privileged in many things but if the camera does not make a profit then it cannot offer this kind of freerolls.

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