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UEFA Euro 2020 Final - Italy vs England

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Posted on 09 July 2021 by "T".

Italy and England will battle in the UEFA Euro 2020 Final at Wembley Stadium on Sunday, July 11. Italy was the first to land a spot in the final of Euro 2020 on Tuesday night, as they defeated Spain on penalties. Denmark and England clashed at Wembley Stadium in London on Wednesday night, and it was England who made it through. Italy is seeking to add to their solitary European title after 53 years. England is aiming to be crowned European champions for the first time.

Let's check out some facts about Sunday's showpiece event.

When and where is the final?

The UEFA Euro 2020 Final match will be played at 8pm BST (3pm ET) on Sunday, July 11, 2021 at the Wembley Stadium in London.


Past meetings of Italy and England

The teams have battled each other 27 times, the Azzurri winning 11 to England's eight, with eight draws.

Italy failed to win any of the sides' first eight meetings. England have managed to get a solitary win in the last seven.

Italy have never lost to England at a major finals, with 2-1 FIFA World Cup wins in 1990 (3rd place play-off) and 2014 (group stage) on top of those Euro victories.


How many fans will attend at Wembley?

Wembley Stadium in London is the final's venue. It is the home ground of the England national team with a 90,000 seating capacity.

Over 60,000 spectators will be permitted to watch the final in Wembley. A deal was made between UEFA and the UK government, in which the latter gave the go signal for the stadium to operate at 75% capacity for the event.

Fans who wish to attend the games will of course need to undergo some requirements, which include showing a negative Covid-19 test or proof of full vaccination, 14 days before the event.

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin happily said, "It is great news that so many fans will be able to watch the final three matches of the Euro 2020 at Wembley. The last 18 months have taught us - both on and off the pitch - how integral fans are to the fabric of the game. This tournament has been a beacon of hope to reassure people that we are returning to a more normal way of life and this is a further step along that road."


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26 comments on "UEFA Euro 2020 Final - Italy vs England"

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» UEFA Euro 2020 Final - Italy vs England

 dule-vu09/07/2021 15:17:46 GMT
as I said in other thread yesterday,hope that italy will win in and would like to see that whole england cry because of this penalty and everything in semi-final and such a stupid win over denmark!nobody to talk about it,they just celebrate this kind of win!
ofcourse even more I would like to watch great game,but we all know that its not about play,its just to win on any way and on any price!
 Rogerio1009/07/2021 19:35:17 GMT
The Italy vs. Spain game was great. The other one too, but i feel realy sorry for Danmark. I was kinda hoping that the story from 92 euro will happen again. Cant wait for the final game. I am cheering for our neighbours Italy of course. Thumbs Up Big Smile
 antonis32109/07/2021 19:54:46 GMT
Hope the final match will be played with passion by both teams and we see some good football , although it's a final , lol . I want to see how England will play this final in front of its fans , especially how she will react if Italy scores first . Good that many fans will be i the stadium , I mean if they are vaccinated no reason to put obstacles and limits of 75% capacity or whatever , lol Smile
 CALICUL10/07/2021 13:14:21 GMT
I do not understand these votes with a minus because they are made out of revenge. Everything i said there is true or realistic, but of course someone thinks he is omniscient. I hope that Italy will crush the English from two goals up and to win the trophy, because he deserves more. They have a better football, even if he doesn't have players as valuable as in the past decades.
 dule-vu10/07/2021 17:18:19 GMT
today I saw two great pictures on internet about this final!
first is map of europe and flags on every country,almost whole europe have italian flag,even ireland and scotland and couple of them in UK are england flag,which tell us that everybody would like more that italy win this Big Smile
second one is mancini as mel gibson,brave heart,his had is and ofcourse on his face flag of scotland and message:you are final hope!this is from some scotland newspapper Big Smile Thumbs Up
 CALICUL11/07/2021 14:05:54 GMT
I bet $ 30 on Italy in regulation time and i hope they will win in the first 90 minutes. In that match with Spain they didn't do that and i lost my bet ticket. It would be interesting for England to lose at home just like Brazil with Argentina yesterday.
 dule-vu11/07/2021 17:37:46 GMT
tonight every country would be on italian side and we all hope that england will cry tonight,because we all know what would happen and what they would write if denmark had penalty like this,but now everything is ok!
for me more important is that djokovic got another grand slam today then this,but I will enjoy in game with friends,few beers and hope few goals!
 shokaku12/07/2021 07:19:19 GMT
It is nice that even in the modern world some things never change. Water is wet, the sun goes up every morning and England loses on penalties. Cool

Master stroke by Southgate to bring in two new players at the last possible moment, only for them to miss their shots. That guy surely is a specialist in shoot outs.
 magatt96612/07/2021 08:47:04 GMT
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 CALICUL12/07/2021 16:11:06 GMT
I was expecting for Italy to win but in regular time. He didn't succeed and i lost $ 30 bet on 4 matches. I only hit 50% but it's ok because there are other matches this week or later. I assumed that England would lose because they are afraid to win trophies with the national team. Probably this fear was their most important enemy, because they had very good players since 1966 ( the exception was in that year ), but after that they did not win Euro or World Cup. Opponents played better throughout the tournament and last night they had a fantastic luck at 11 meters.
 geseco1213/07/2021 19:22:31 GMT
not like the game that England played, they lost because they were confident and conformists, they went out with everything and scored a goal very early, and I should continue with the same rhythm and they would have won by a lot of difference, they have a great team, but unfortunately the early goal played them against, they thought that with that goal they were going to win the Eurocup, they will cont
 antonis32113/07/2021 20:29:37 GMT
They said the fans in the stadium were 65.000 more or less , but looking in the stadium , clearly I couln't see any distances among spectators , as if all tickets were sold , or maybe , most possible , fans invaded inside without having the appropriate validated ticket . Anyway , it was the final , fine by me , better that way , if the stadium was empty probably I wouldn't even watch the final ,very dissapointing image the empty stadiums .
 dule-vu13/07/2021 20:37:05 GMT
probably every of them got vaccine or they have covid test!we all know that almost everything is open now in england,so its same with football games!wembley capacity is 90000,so this wasnt full on any game,it was only 65000,but problem was with other fans who payed to security to let them without tickets!
 geseco1216/07/2021 01:09:13 GMT
the English did not respect security and promoted disorder like vandals, they should not be called fans, these were criminals, a bad example for others
 Rogerio1016/07/2021 13:34:49 GMT
The all euro was great, i was waiting allot for the next big football tournamnet. It could not get better for me, the England first finalist play at home, and the Italy "my" team play against them and win, what else could i wish? The game was great and i am excited to for world cup, hope our country qualified.
 geseco1217/07/2021 03:07:55 GMT
Hopefully England will play a better role in the World Cup, I think they have a pending account with that and now they should correct those mistakes that cost them the Euro Cup trophy
 dule-vu17/07/2021 13:50:12 GMT
most of countries dont like england when they play on big competition and after tnis euro nobody will like them,especially after lot of this home games and this penalty in semi-final!nobody like their fans,how they react when they are in other country and this thing how "football is coming home"!
sorry,but thats how it is!
 Nelson171217/07/2021 15:10:01 GMT
Not even two minutes of play had passed and everything had exploded into the air. Of course, Gareth Southgate began to appear as the first big winner of the match (he ended up being everything contratio) n when he recovered a drawing with three centrals that he had not used since the round of 16 duel against Germany to give more freedom in attack to his men from band. 119 seconds later, Trippier and Shaw smashed all of Italy's plans.

Suddenly the transalpine team, which had gone unnoticed in the days leading up to the final before the madness unleashed on the islands, unfortunate incidents in central London and in the outskirts of Wembley, with a completely new scenario . For the first time in the entire tournament, Mancini's team was behind on the scoreboard, a scenario that demanded greatness. The Italians were stunned and the English multiplied, a monumental barrier built on their pitch with their 11 men behind the ball. To win anything goes and more if you have not tasted triumph for 55 years.
 CALICUL17/07/2021 16:00:27 GMT
To be serious, the England coach could choose braver and more experienced players for those shots from 11 meters. Harry Kane and Harry Maguire were too good at something like that, but the next three footballers who missed the shots played without much concentration in front of the goalkeeper.
 geseco1224/07/2021 01:57:14 GMT
It is also the fault of the coach for not knowing how to read the game well, they put players who were not playing in the game, and they put them to kick penalties with a lot of pressure, to improve ...
 CALICUL24/07/2021 08:58:08 GMT
You are right Geseco, because coach of England would have won the European championship if he had chosen other players, instead of the 3 who missed the penalties. They had some experience, but in that situation they had to be much more organized, which did not happen and missed a major title.
 Nelson171225/07/2021 13:44:37 GMT
Once again, England sank from eleven meters. Nothing does more damage to the memory of those who establish themselves as creators of this sport than a penalty shootout, a kind of coin toss that has denied them their hand many more times than it has smiled at them.
 CALICUL25/07/2021 14:05:05 GMT
England will have the opportunity to take revenge if they qualify for the world championship, because they have a good team, that will gain more courage and experience. They played well at home, but we will see what he will do in the future, because now it is too late to fix anything.
 Rogerio1026/07/2021 05:11:49 GMT
I kinda like england by players, but for long long years they all known for "loosers". I don't think they will have the oportunity as this was soon. World cup get some better teams too, specialy from south america, and i can't see them to beat team like Brazil if they meet. Maybe if they have luck day.
 dule-vu26/07/2021 08:28:30 GMT
I think that they will be loosers for long time,especially after this euro now,when they couldnt win with all help they had,with their fans on wembley,with help from var in semi-final and all other things!
now they will only have in had how they couldn score penalties and this will repeat in next games!who know who will be new coach,will they have southgate or somebody new will come!

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