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Healthy Betting Habits are Vitally Important, even in Online Poker

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Posted on 25 May 2020 by "T".

partypoker reminds their valued players that it is vitally important to have a set of healthy betting habits with all types of gambling, be that in the form of sports betting, slot gaming or trying out other online casino games, and even when it comes to playing online poker. Now, more than ever, in this unprecedented time that mandate people to stay at home, you need to keep your betting in control.

Remember, you are in control
Many players are stuck indoors right now. With most people not being allowed to go out for work (or their workplace is closed anyway), they have more free time than ever before. For someone who is already gambling online, it is tempting to play more poker or gamble more frequently, but remember that all gambling is about entertainment and it's only fun if you're betting well within your budget.

With extra time in our hands, poker players can check out this article on bankroll management as well as other poker guides. It gives you a basic guide into the stakes you should be playing with the funds you currently have available. Read it, understand it, and put it into practice. Always remember the first rule of bankroll management: your bankroll is only made up of funds you can afford to lose; that is, play within your limits.

partypoker takes responsible gaming very seriously, which is why they have a range of tools designed to help you keep control.

You can set deposit limits, take an enforced break from gaming, and also impose time limits on yourself.

It's Good to Talk
Most of partypoker's customer support team is working from home right now, which means they cannot be reached via telephone. Players can still be able to reach out to them 24/7 via email and live chat.

They have team members manning partypoker's social media channels, including Facebook and Twitter, and you can reach out to them there as well. It's also worth your while downloading the partypoker LIVE app to your phone or tablet, or create an account, as the chat feature there has many channels where customer support execs are available to give you advice and help you with any of your questions.

We're all in this together
partypoker is doing everything in their power to continue providing players with a first-class online gaming experience across all their products. They are thankful to everyone for sticking with them and choosing partypoker.

Remember that they're looking out for you in every way they can. Gamble responsibly and stay safe at and away from the live tables, for now.



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30 comments on "Healthy Betting Habits are Vitally Important, even in Online Poker"

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» Healthy Betting Habits are Vitally Important, even in Online Poker

 antonis32126/05/2020 22:28:38 GMT
Control over the betting on poker , casino , everywhere , is essential , so as for the fun to keep on going . This is sth great poker rooms , including PartyPoker , advice to players , not only nowadays , but for many years now . But ofcourse , nowadays , with all these new players coming to have fun or play seriously for big money on the online pokerrooms , due to corona virus isolation , there is bigger need to protect these new players , from reckless betting behavior , without BRM , without a plan on the spendings and the stakes they will play , either on casino games , or , ofcourse , on poker cash games or , even worse due to greater variance , to tournaments Smile
 maragatero27/05/2020 01:55:22 GMT
roeish3 my friend, this is not a personal question. All the army, including the more cruel of them, have soldiers that were good people, who goes to the church, pay his taxes, etc. But his business is the menace of death. So, here is not about the discussing if play all the day of your live $100 is less addict than a man who spend $2000 in only one night, This is about the intention of having good press with a bussiness that lives with the money of the others in special situation. I didn´t saw much freerolls promotion to give some gift to the isolation people...
 roeish327/05/2020 05:33:37 GMT
I agree with you, Maragatero - this is not about morality, pure business.
My point is that the "healthy betting" is not just a publicity stunt. This is business.
Healthy betting is more profitable in the long run, and I heard it from top management of gambling site, with explanations.
Since in this case best practice for the business correlate with the better social results, I'm all for this move and will salute PartyPoker for it, both as a business consultant and as a poker player that at times had trouble guarding his bankroll.
 maragatero28/05/2020 02:35:12 GMT
Dear friend, I understand your concern but I don´t agree with the policy of the poker´s room. If they they worried really about the healthy game and it was looking like to them a good business, they would propose concrete limits in the tables of game and would do a conscientious analysis of the situations of life of every player. Lately we saw all the measurements that they added to validate the accounts that want to do a retirement. If they wanted they might do something more effective than a declaration
 CALICUL28/05/2020 13:36:36 GMT
This choice is very good for many players because they lose money and can get very angry. In my country there is a word: The health above all. Poker rooms should follow this example and they can introduce some links with tips on relaxation and concentration.
 antonis32128/05/2020 20:00:29 GMT
They have conline live chat with the support team , or they can send emails to them , if they face gambling addiction problems , if they cannot control their spending money , if they cannot kkep on with a bankroll management plan, if they suffer from anxiety or they're angry due to many uncontrolable money losses and loss of the fun of the game Smile They can help them find sollutions to plasy better , spend in a better way and learn responsible gaming , to protect themselves , and keep on having fun playing casino or poker Smile
 dule-vu29/05/2020 10:22:23 GMT
you can find help on lot of ways,they promote pages where you can ask somebody,you can call,you can close your account for few months on that page,but you can again on some other!but as I said in first post,they care about you,but they want more and more money!we always have news how much some site grow,how much they earned in last year and so on!so I dont believe much to them or any other poker or casino site!ofcourse they want your money!
 CALICUL29/05/2020 14:50:37 GMT
In the future we will see massage on the temples or on the shoulders for professional players directly at the game tables. I think it's a very good idea and in this way things will look different but in the good sense of the word. Health is important.
 roeish331/05/2020 14:06:09 GMT
I wonder how many calls these guys receive. I never would have called them, no matter how bad I felt my situation is. But since there is a demand for hot lines for all sorts of behaviors, this addiction probably has it's hot line callers as well.
Still, not sure how effective this is. First, they would probably have to be fluent English speakers and secondly it would be a words conversation. Call for help? Advise? Are there people on the other side of the call professionals in helping people in distress?
I also think that some kind of regulation on bankroll spending should be mandatory for all players.
 dule-vu31/05/2020 19:39:35 GMT
they live for money,not for helping players how to gamble less or something other!they want to take as much as they can,why they would have so much promotions,tournaments and everything else?they need to do this kind of things,because regulations are like that and need to offer people this informations,but they love more when you are at their site!
 CALICUL31/05/2020 21:42:05 GMT
Sometimes more players need help and frustrations must learn to lose. It is not easy for some gamblers because tension builds up during the game and a help can be very beneficial. There is nothing abnormal and it is needed for many losers.
 antonis32131/05/2020 21:45:25 GMT
Yes , It is very important and nice that they offer the option to set some de[osit or money spent limits , so as to protect you from bad gambling and many losses . Also , most important , like in many other poker rooms or sportsbetting sites or online casinos , you can ask to temporary close your account for some period of time , self exclusion for some months from all games or just from specific , , if you feel you need to take a break from gambling .

Ofcourse you have to be sure that you want to do this for some weeks or months , then act accordingly . I did that in the past with casino , but after some days I regret it , told them I want to get back , but they forced me exchange with them back and forth many emails , also write them that I play responsibly , I don't have gambling addiction problems , and some other things . Omg , personally I will never ask for exclusion again , at least not from the support team of a site , lol Smile I think you can do it yourself manually from the lobby .
 roeish301/06/2020 05:19:48 GMT
Antonis, I'm actually happy to see how it turned out to you. It's good to see people actually listened to you on the other side and also that it was hard for you to get your game back.
I think this is the right way to go. If it was easy to get your game back than all people with addictions could get playing again when they were in the middle of a fall down with their gambling hunger.
It needs to be hard to get your money back to be effective. That way is you get it back it's not because you're in the middle of an attack but rather doing it from your own free will.
 Mober01/06/2020 13:16:41 GMT
You can say that the "healthy betting" is just a saying Smile
You can track yourself and stay away from over excessive bets, in all formats,
or games, but most of the players are getting addicted to it at the end.
So if you are playing big bets, or smaller ones equaling a big, it is the same
thing, if you know what i mean.
No matter what the bet size is, you have to be able to control yourself,
and cut off your habbits before it is too late.
 dule-vu01/06/2020 21:00:59 GMT
if you want to stop gambling and not to play poker,casino or to bet,then its better that you remove internet from home and on the phone,because there are so many sites that you can play,its not just that you self exclude on one or two sites!you can again make deposit on other sites and this isnt solution!
 CALICUL01/06/2020 21:46:33 GMT
Health is kept under control if you take care of this. There are many exercises of all kinds of mind. It is not necessary to use them if calm is in his place. Irritated or nervous players they need that and it makes sense. We will see something like this in other rooms.
 roeish302/06/2020 20:37:02 GMT
I actually removed all poker applications from my computer several times. It's not totaly fool-proof because I can always reinstall them. But it was good enough for my purposes. I had to stop playing not because I spent too much money but because I wasted too much time on playing - time I should have used to advance my work or my family life.
The way things are going I consider doing it again soon. It's hard for me not to play when it is all so handy, just an arm reach away from me.
 CALICUL05/06/2020 07:12:33 GMT
I have a bad time in poker and i will give up the real money game for a few months. Only freeroll tournaments, sport betting and some slots casino. My health is not in trouble because of that but disappointment made me to take a break. It's very good for moment.
 roeish305/06/2020 07:26:50 GMT
Since my problem is not with losing money but with the weather of time that I play and not do other stuff I need to do, freeroll is not a solution for me. The only thing I can do is remove the application and hope I'll be strong enough not to install it back on.
Tried it again today. Let's see how long I could go without playing. At least until I'll have a little more free time.
 CALICUL07/06/2020 07:39:26 GMT
Losing money can't affect you, but the way when u lose... can affect your health, depending on how much frustration or upset is in each player's body. At the beginning when i started to playing poker i saw a lot of "gamblers" who swearing. Those people were really getting sick.
 roeish307/06/2020 08:53:35 GMT
Losing can cause stress and be bad for you, but this is not the big danger of being addicted to playing or gambling. You can do things you normally wouldn't do and play for money you don't have. You don't have to be weak to fall into addiction and it could leterally distroy your life if it is not taken care of.
Or, like my cae, it could be a terrible distraction from things that I should be doing to make my life better, instead of waisting times on endless freerolls.
 dule-vu07/06/2020 09:00:09 GMT
dont listen what this member say,ofcourse he doesnt know anything!to lose big amount can affect on you as person,on your health,on lot of things,depend what amount you lose and is it money from something that you sold or some friend gave you!I know what is situation when you lose few thousands of euro in one night,but you cant let to this get you!
 antonis32107/06/2020 15:26:04 GMT
If you gamble irresponsibly , recklessly and very loosely , that will harm you in the end for sure , you will lose the fun you feel for poker games or casino , you will feel angry and lose more money because of the tilt and lose of control . Healthy betting habits everywhere , also in sportsbetting , are essential , in order to keep on having fun , no much losses , make good choices in the games you gamble , win money at the end .
 roeish308/06/2020 03:56:34 GMT
Poker could be a fun recreational game, that you play on your spare time. It could also be an addiction that have the potential to destroy your life. This is why both players and poker companies have to be on the lookout for any signs of losing control. Is someone starts playing or is his bankroll range it had to raise red flags everywhere.
 CALICUL08/06/2020 08:05:44 GMT
At the beginning of my career, i also had my upsets, but i quickly overcame them. I didn't lose money with poker even if i don't have a big profit (only $6-7 k in 8 years of real money games). I understand how it is and i see things exactly as they are...

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