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partypoker Latest Promo - $2M Defection Party

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Posted on 06 May 2020 by "T".

It's 29 days of poker celebration! Here at partypoker, if you love poker, it's time to join the party!

partypoker $2M Defection Party

  • Duration: May 7 to June 4, 2020
  • Prize pool: $2,000,000
  • Types of promos: 4 (Daily Log-ins, Daily Challenges, Boosted Cashback, Leaderboards)
It is all about giving players more. Starting from May 7 to June 4, you will have daily opportunities to land your share of the massive $2 million prize pool. Just get involved with the offers, participate in challenges, and slay at tournaments!

There are four ways you can join in on this promotion:

  • Daily Log-ins
  • Daily Challenges
  • Boosted Cashback
  • Leaderboards

With partypoker's new $2M Defection Party promo, you're guaranteed a prize every day!

Terms and Conditions
The promoter of this promotion is GVC Services Limited registered in Gibraltar under the number 112454 and having its registered office at Suite 6, Atlantic Suites, Europort Avenue, Gibraltar.
Specific Terms and Conditions
The promotion will run from 00:01 (CET) on 07.05.2020 to 23:59 (CET) on 04.06.2020. (the "Promotional Period").
This offer is not available in conjunction with any other offer.
By taking part in this promotion, you hereby agree to these Specific Promotional Terms and Conditions and to our General Terms and Conditions at
Defection Party Promotion
This Defection Party Promotion consists of the following 4 sub-promotions: (i) Daily Login; (ii) Cashback Boost; (iii) Challenges; (iv) and Leaderboards; (each a "Sub-Promotion"). Eligible Players who participate in a Sub-Promotion shall be entitled to win a Prize (as defined below). The specific terms for each of the Sub-promotions as set out below.
In order to participate in the Defection Party Promotion, an Eligible Player (as defined below) must satisfy the specific requirements for each Sub-Promotion as set out below, during the Promotional Period. 
Players must:
be over 18 years old;
be a new or existing real- money player with (the "Website"); and
not be excluded as stated in point 7 below.
(an "Eligible Player")
Sub-Promotion Mechanics
(A) Daily Login:
All Eligible Players who log into their partypoker player accounts during the Promotional Period will automatically take part in the Daily Login Sub-Promotion and will be eligible to win a Prize (as defined below).
The Prize shall be either:
one (1) ticket to a "$500 Hyper Turbo" tournament; multiple tournaments will be held every day during the Promotional Period on the Website (a "Ticket"); or
a Bonus which will be either (i) Release Restricted (as defined below); or (ii) Cash Out Restricted (as defined below) (the "Bonus").
Bonus Terms and Conditions
Release Restricted Bonus: The Release Restricted Bonus funds shall be visible in the Eligible Player's account, but the Eligible Player shall not be available to play such funds, until the Release Bonus Requirements (as defined below) are met.
The Release Restricted Bonus must be wagered x4 in Reward Points (as defined below), within the Time Limit (the "Release Bonus Requirements").
Once the Release Bonus Requirements are met, the Release Restricted Bonus shall be released, and the Eligible Player can play with it in full.
Cash Out Restricted Bonus: The Cash Out Restricted Bonus funds shall be available to play with but cannot be withdrawn until the Eligible Player meets the Cash Out Bonus Requirements (as defined below).
The Cash Out Bonus must be wagered x10 in Reward Points (as defined below), within the Time Limit (the "Cash Out Bonus Requirements").
Once the Cash Out Requirements are met, the Eligible Player shall be able to withdraw the Cash Out Bonus.
Loyalty Points
The Release Bonus Requirements and the Cash Out Bonus Requirements (together the "Requirements") must be met within 14 days from the date the Bonus was placed in your account (the ‘Time Limit').
An Eligible Player shall lose the Bonus amount if the Requirements are not met within the Time Limit.
All the winnings resulting from the Bonus shall be credited as cash.
Ticket Terms and Conditions
must be accepted within 48 hours; if Tickets are not accepted within the 48 hours, they will expire and will no longer be available; and
cannot be exchanged for cash.
Each Eligible Player shall be entitled to one Prize each day during the Promotional Period if they satisfy the requirements of the Daily Login Sub-Promotions.
(B) Cashback Boost
On specific days during the Promotional Period, a Cashback Boost shall be available to Eligible Players (each a "Cashback Day").
Players who:
are part of the Diamond Club or Diamond Club Elite Club; and/or
receive cashback offers, excluding the partypoker loyalty offer
are excluded from the Defection Party Promotion. 
The Promoter shall announce the Cashback Days at random during the Promotional Period on the download client; via email and push notifications directly to the Eligible Player's accounts, depending on each Eligible Player's communication preferences.
To participate in the Cashback Boost Sub-Promotion, an Eligible Player must opt-in in the Promotions section available on the download client.
Once opted-in, Eligible Players will be entitled to receive 20% of the value attributed to the partypoker reward points earnt by that Eligible Player on the Cashback Day, as cashback (the "Cashback"). For more information on how to earn partypoker reward points, see ("Reward Points").
Cashback will be credited to the Eligible Player's account within 24 hours from the time the Eligible Player opted into the Cashback Boost Sub-Promotion.
Example: if an Eligible Player earns 100 Reward Points on a Cashback Day, that Eligible Player will be entitled to receive $20 Cashback, credited within 24 hours of the Cashback Day.
(C) Challenges
During the Promotional Period, specific Challenges (as defined below) will be available to Eligible Players.
In order to participate in the Challenges Sub-Promotion, Eligible Players must log into their partypoker account each day during the Promotional Period, account and opt-in to receive Challenges.
Each day during the Promotional Period between 00:01 CEST and 23:59 CEST, Eligible Players who have opted-in to receive the Challenges, will receive one (1) task that the Eligible Player will need to fulfil a random (each a "Challenge") in order to win a Ticket for a $5,000 Hyper Turbo Tournament.
Eligible Players shall receive one Challenge per day during the Promotional Period and shall be entailed to receive one Ticket per day, only.
The Challenges will vary depending on each Eligible Player's preferences and previous game history and full instructions will be provided to the Eligible Player in the Promotions section of the download poker client.
Tickets are subject to the same conditions specified in point 12 above.
(D) Leaderboards
During the Promotional Period, Eligible Players who play any of the Games (as defined below) will be entitled to gain points and be entered into a leaderboard to win cash rewards.
The following games will participate in the Leaderboards Sub-Promotion (i) Cash Games; (ii) Spins Games; and (iii) Sit&Go Games (the "Games").
Eligible Players who play any one of the Games will earn points for the relevant leaderboard as described below.
Three (3) separate leaderboards shall run during the Promotional Period, compiled based on the Eligible Players' activity per Game as follows:
Cash Game Leaderboard - which will run each Monday during the Promotional Period, from 10:00 CEST AM each Monday to 9:59 CEST on the next Monday.
Spins Leaderboard- which will run every day during the Promotional Period from 00:01 CEST to 23:59 CEST;
Sit&Go Leaderboard - which will run every day during the Promotional Period from 00:01 CEST to 23:59 CEST. 
In the case of any suspicious or fraudulent game play/behaviour, the Promoter reserves the right to exclude players from this promotion.
Where the company suspects that a player is guilty of fraudulent activity, the company reserves the right to suspend or remove that player from the Promotion, and/or suspend that player's account and/or suspend the Promotion pending further investigation.
We reserve the right to alter, discontinue or terminate the promotion in accordance with the terms of our Standard Promotional Terms and Conditions apply



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27 comments on "partypoker Latest Promo - $2M Defection Party"

Displaying only the 25 latest comments. To view all comments, please visit the forum thread:
» partypoker Latest Promo - $2M Defection Party

 maragatero08/05/2020 02:35:16 GMT
It s sound like a good promotion. In one of this type I won a couple of years ago a ticket to a big tournament of $ 209 buy-in, and I got my biggest prize of $ 650 making an ITM there. I just starting to update the software to make my log in and see what is that. I´m not playing in Party Poker, but the rest of the poker´s room is disappearing my loved freerolls, so maybe I return there!
 CALICUL08/05/2020 08:08:03 GMT
I would have loved to play in this poker room but in this moment is not possible. I want to be able to try here because i haven't had the opportunity to play for real money in Party Poker. They have good games and changed software with another what is good.
 antonis32108/05/2020 15:36:03 GMT
Players can win a lot of cash in these promotions that PartyPoker has these days . They can play for some extra money back , some extra winnings to boost their bankroll . Especially the ones that play a lot , they can pay very soon any rake needed for this money to be theirs in theior momey balance , cause they can do the necessary wagering very easy and fast . You have to opt in , if I am not mistaken , so do this and good luck winning some more money Smile
 maragatero09/05/2020 03:10:24 GMT
Well, I probed it and I won a ticket to a freeroll of $ 500 prize with around of 5000 players, not too bad! And I could play there again, beatiful experience! I love the configuration to see the chips become in blinds. I save a lot of time without calculating the stacks of everyone! If I could make a change in 888poker, would be this!
 CALICUL09/05/2020 09:29:55 GMT
Party Poker tries to impress with certain bonuses and promotions and this thing is very good. With extraordinary ambition they can achieve too much things and customers in this industry. Their path is good now but it is still not enough to succeed.
 dule-vu09/05/2020 23:28:40 GMT
players should read all rules and to see that they could have lot of restrictions about bonuses,cash money and other things!for example,for Release Restricted Bonus must wagered it 4x reward points and for cash out restricted bonus,you must wager x10 reward points!so if you win something on this promotion,you maybe would have some terms!read everything!
 maragatero10/05/2020 04:20:49 GMT
Yeah...I have a bad gift today. I opened the poker´s client and I got a Bonus. Good bonus of $30, but I would have to earn 100.000 points to get it. Impossible to my freerolls path. To me, the best rewards are the free tickets, like my first gift. But I try to don´t worry and keep trying all the days. Anyway, I found the PartyPoker freerolls again and that is very good!
 CALICUL10/05/2020 14:26:21 GMT
I'm glad because you will be able to play freeroll games here and will have the opportunity to win some money. It's harder to be able to score 100,000 points but you will have other opportunities for other gifts. Good luck with this poker room.
 dule-vu10/05/2020 23:53:09 GMT
every day I make log in at software and every day I get ticket for 500 $ hyper turbo tournament,which can be used on few tournaments every day!so till today I got three of them and I didnt use them right away,so you can collect them and to use same on one day,which is great,maybe you dont have to play in 24 hours!
 Mober11/05/2020 17:11:06 GMT
A nice promotion from party poker.
And in order to win some prizes you only have to login, to the software Smile
Cant be any easier. Not even logging in and then trying a free promotion Smile
And there are lots of brm members with account in party poker.
Good luck to all.
 maragatero11/05/2020 17:40:46 GMT
Well, the rewards are improbing! Yesterday I got a ticket to a freeroll of $ 500 prize, and a bonus (that I don´t use, but is a gift). And today I got two tickets for the same freeroll. So, I tried in the two daily times (in my country, at 13:00 and 14:00 hs). First I leave the tournament in the first table, first move. A beautiful AKs that I can´t drop, was cracked for an AQo. In the second, I leave it in the bubble 265 place!
 CALICUL11/05/2020 22:49:49 GMT
You have to be very lucky with these awards because at this moment there are few freeroll tournaments and the only opportunity is to take advantage of them. I'll take a break if nothing interesting comes up in ''my poker rooms''... I have to do this.
 dule-vu12/05/2020 08:42:46 GMT
it seems that they give this tournaments every day in different times or not lot of them!yesterday I couldnt play any of them from 20:00 CET,but days before that we had lot of them trough afternoon,so thats why I have lot of tickets!every day I get one of it and I used only one!but I lost very fast on this tournament!
 maragatero12/05/2020 20:52:26 GMT
PartyPoker is atrackting to me. Now, there are too many freerolls/satellites or freesat, that allow to you to get a ticket for a good tournament. And you have somone of them (Live passport) that run each 15 minutes. Then you have Big, Million and PLO that run each hour. The only problem is registered in there, sometimes you have 0 times. The tourney go from announced to closed directly!
 antonis32112/05/2020 21:04:40 GMT
PartyPoker has too many promotions , leaderboards , extra opportunities for more cash back or rake back , 24/7 . Every month sth new to introduce to players , and these times with the increased players' pools , due to this crisis with this virus , players have two poker rooms to play for big money and promotions , one of them is PartyPoker .

3 weeks more for this promotion to end . Players still have time for it to join and win Smile Also other promotions are back on bwin , sister site of PartyPoker , I guess they might run also on party lobby , such as the so amazing click cards ,every 1 point you get , which I like very much , I have won with it some very good tickets , these click cards are the most beautiful promotion for me Heart Heart Heart
 CALICUL13/05/2020 10:14:53 GMT
Each formidable poker room has several promotions and bonuses because it keeps a balance, so that players do not leave the tables. These things make gamblers cling to them and run more money for general good ( no losers are placed here...). It's very good and we must to win.
 dule-vu13/05/2020 11:44:22 GMT
so I still get every day free ticket,when I log in,but I lost few of them,because I didnt used them and after few days they expire!now I see that they have only two touranemnts per day and its in 18 and 19 CET,so probably thats why I missed them!thought that they will have some later!
 maragatero13/05/2020 22:27:04 GMT
All of you have the reason about the faboulous promotions of this poker´s room. BUt the news is that they return to run freerolls on their tables. They was very generous in the far past, but in the near past -around the last two years- they decide to eliminate all of them. Include their more cheaps satellites have a buy-in of $ 0,01. In the far past I maked a good bankroll there!
 roeish314/05/2020 05:27:41 GMT
Whenever I start to play on a new site I'm somehow able to build a nice bankroll from scratch.
After a while I suddenly lose all my money and have the urge to put in some real money. After the third or fourth time this happened I started questioning the integrity of the games but it's probably more related to the way I play and the games I play
 dule-vu14/05/2020 12:18:47 GMT
every day I get this ticket,same as today and just with log in,which is great,but isnt great that I dont use them!somehow this time at 18 and 19 CET dont suit for me and its bad to miss so many of them!even blinds go very fast,every two minutes,you have 25 K chips on start,which is great and you can make something from it!
 CALICUL14/05/2020 19:41:10 GMT
When a poker room offers prizes of two millions dollars in a month with a very good promotion, then you have to participate, because there are chances to win good money. This opportunity should not be missed and who has PP in his country must to try.
 maragatero14/05/2020 23:11:19 GMT
Yes, I also have some problem with the schedule, and I lost the best hour to play it. I don´t know why they use that schedule and make run all his tournament (Live, Million, PLO, and Big) in a tight arrow, and then they don´t make to run anymore. They should make run the same amount of tournaments but more widely spaced, so you could play them in all over the world, regardless of the time zone.
 dule-vu15/05/2020 12:57:17 GMT
on first day they had more freerolls per day,but in last days they only give this two tournaments and in that period probably I am not at home or I forgot that I could play poker early in day!lot of free tickets which I didnt use and must say that is good opportunity for all players!who know when they will so much free tickets and so much free money!
 maragatero16/05/2020 00:32:10 GMT
Yes, I think that my forgetfulness or scheduling problems, have realtion with the fact that I can´t win any in them. If I could win some cents, arriving in ITM, I´m sure that I don´t forget it and could make an effort to play it. But there are too many players, 8000 or 10000 to 250 prizes, is the worst percentage that I know. The normal freerolls have a 10/15% of prizes.
 CALICUL30/05/2020 19:50:17 GMT
Tournaments differ and not all games have the same prizes in percentage places of number players. You need to get used this promotion and focus on as many freerolls games as possible. It's interesting to win for your ego. Good luck with that and with more money.

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