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partypoker $1M GTD McLaren Turbo Series - August 13 to 28

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Posted on 14 August 2023 by "T".

The McLaren Turbo Series features two Main Events - only here on partypoker!

Enjoy affordable buy-ins and large guarantees with a Formula 1 racing theme... all from the comfort of your own home with The McLaren Turbo Series!

The McLaren Turbo Series

  • Schedule: August 13 to 28, 2023
  • Highlight: $100,000 Gtd and $20,000 Gtd Main Event
  • Buy-in range: $1.10 to $109
  • Satellites for as little as 1 cent


Ready for an adrenaline-fueled turbo series poker tournament? The McLaren Turbo Series rolls in at partypoker from August 13 to 28, offering players a cool $1 million worth of guarantee prize pools. Get ready to give your bankroll a nice boost if you are the one who takes the checkered flag!

All of the McLaren Turbo Series events possess a stellar blind structure, have limited late registration and allow only minimal re-entries just like in their Daily Legends and other popular tournaments. However, as it is a racing-themed poker event, every McLaren Turbo Series tournament is played in a turbo format, increasing the excitement and allowing you to become a poker champion in record quick time.

Buy-ins range from an affordable $1.10 to $109, with every level you can think of between these two amounts. As always, partypoker is hosting a number of satellite tourneys from as low as $0.01, ensuring everyone can join.

There are also other side events, each played at a fast pace and offering you the chance to become a partypoker champion. Every McLaren Turbo Series tournament is worth your attention, but of course, there are other events that truly stand out, including a pair of interesting Main Events.

Two Main Events in the McLaren Turbo Series

The biggest of the McLaren Turbo Series Main Events comes with a $100,000 gtd prize pool, with just an affordable buy-in of $33. It features several starting flights and ends only when 15% of the field remains, and those 15% of players progress to Day 2 with a min-cash in tow plus any bounties they pick up along the way.

The first Day 1 shuffles up and deals at 14:05 BST on August 13, and there are at least two flights per day right up to and including August 28.

It is quite the same as the $5.50 buy-in $20,000 guaranteed McLaren Turbo Series Mini Main Event. Both of these Main Events will be massive, especially after the recent success of the Grand Prix Summer edition.





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39 comments on "partypoker $1M GTD McLaren Turbo Series - August 13 to 28"

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» partypoker $1M GTD McLaren Turbo Series - August 13 to 28

 CALICUL22/08/2023 15:13:45 GMT
there were some internet problems due to the wind, but the poker rooms worked even if they had small problems. It also happens because of bad investments made by those with internet networks, but that is the situation.
 geseco1223/08/2023 02:06:12 GMT
partypoker satellites are great, they give you the opportunity to play the biggest tournaments with affordable satellite tickets, now with their promotion we can all play, sorry you lost your connection while playing, it happens, but you should always have a backup.
 dule-vu23/08/2023 02:33:09 GMT
But with 1 cent is very hard to get tickets!
 MykolaII23/08/2023 08:02:25 GMT
It is very sad that Ukraine does not play here now.
 dule-vu23/08/2023 10:28:31 GMT
Many of us cant play at pp!
 antonis32123/08/2023 10:33:31 GMT
There are many sats for this series at the PartyPoker and Bwin lobby . Also many freerolls and centrolls run many hours during the day . Now they changed the hourly freerolls , 3 of them used to give McLaren series tickets , now many hourly freerolls give away these tickets . These tickets are for sats , you have to play the sats to win a entry for a tourney . I have a 2.20$ and some 0.554 tickets , i wanna se whether ill win sth or no
 dule-vu23/08/2023 10:41:46 GMT
For some bigger satellites its worth, but cents are waste of time!
 antonis32130/08/2023 21:22:27 GMT
I played many days , especially the last days . I won my entry for the main event but I had very few blinds , less than 10 . Very soon I had 1 blond , I should have shoved 2 hands earlier but I got afraid as they weren't strong or good enough , but I think I played too scared money . At least I learn some things
 dule-vu30/08/2023 21:25:22 GMT
More luck next time
 geseco1206/09/2023 19:54:21 GMT
this promotion has had a very happy ending, for almost a month it has been giving the best tournaments and free events to its players, I hope this will be repeated and we can all win again.
 dule-vu06/09/2023 19:55:02 GMT
We will what next they will offer
 geseco1208/09/2023 01:02:46 GMT
yes, for sure in the next partypoker promotions they will offer many more things, partypoker has always given the best for their users, so I'm not surprised that they will do it again.
 dule-vu08/09/2023 05:03:47 GMT
So everything is over in last month, so we can close thread because there is no new things to say about this!
 geseco1209/09/2023 01:39:52 GMT
you are very right, this is over and it was an incredible promotion from partypoker for their users, I can't comment much more, I hope this thread will be closed until a new opportunity.
 dule-vu09/09/2023 05:43:37 GMT
Its over!
 Mimsun09/09/2023 18:49:59 GMT
 dule-vu09/09/2023 18:52:47 GMT
Another cashout...
 geseco1210/09/2023 01:59:48 GMT
this promotion is over and I think it should no longer comment, this will be my last comment and I hope no one will answer me but this thread will never end, I hope you will be understanding in this.
 dule-vu10/09/2023 04:48:46 GMT
You said that yesterday and you still write another one to collect 10 points! What a man!
 ZayacVovan10/09/2023 13:26:06 GMT
The bad thing is that they left and Russia was also a cool room with a lot of freerolls
 dule-vu10/09/2023 13:26:48 GMT
Lot of them left russia!
 antonis32110/09/2023 23:14:29 GMT
iT was a very good series of tourneys , good opportunities to make some money . Many sats , also many freerolls , especially towards the end of the series . I hope they schedule some new series very soon . this one i guess was because of the summer , during this summer many poker rooms had many offers , series of tourneys and promotions or freerolls , it was a good time to build bankroll or make some $$$$$$$
 dule-vu10/09/2023 23:18:39 GMT
Everything is over two weeks ago for god sake
 antonis32113/09/2023 04:11:08 GMT
only 1$ M was it the total awarded money of the Mc laren series ?? lol thats strange . I could swear ti was much bigger . I play at series of tourneys with GTDs of $100M and i win nothing , then i play at this 1M $$ and i win sth , lol .
ACR is the worst room by far , i cannot win there man , i have 140 $T , and i have no mood to play it , cause i cannot win ..... they have a crazy LR of 3 or 4 or more hours lol , tourneys last 9 or 10 or more hours . A marathon , a neverending nightmare lol Such a struggle until you get ITM .
 dule-vu13/09/2023 04:52:31 GMT
Everything is over two weeks ago...

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