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Unibet Poker Promo - €15,000 Poker Summer Freeroll Series

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Posted on 05 August 2020 by "T".

- Win Cash or Poker tickets daily for three weeks in the Summer Freeroll Series of Unibet Poker!

Unibet Poker €15,000 Poker Summer Freeroll Series

  • Duration: July 26 to August 15, 2020
  • Prize pool: €15,000 worth of cash and poker tickets

Every player gets a daily Freeroll ticket from Sunday to Friday to play for €500 cash, the top 100 players every day also win tickets to the exclusive €2,000 Saturday Freeroll.

In all, Unibet Poker is giving away €15,000 in Cash and Poker Tickets!

How to Join

  • Open Unibet Poker via the client, the app or directly in your browser.
  • Play their daily Freeroll at 17:00UTC and you can win: €500 cash and the top 100 finishers get a ticket to the weekly €2,000 freerolls

As for the weekly €2,000 freerolls, these kick off at 18:00UTC on August 1, 8 and 15. Each weekly freeroll pays out €2,000 worth of poker tickets. The only way to enter the weekly freerolls is to win yourself a ticket in one of the €500 daily tournaments. You can win multiple tickets to the weekly final, which can be used for rebuys or add-ons.
Everybody receives 1 daily freeroll each day, which expires at 12:00am UTC on the day it was issued.

Make sure you register for the €500 Daily freeroll so you don't miss out on this awesome promotion!

Terms and Conditions
• Promotion runs from 00:00UTC 26th July 2020 to 23:59UTC 15th August 2020
• Players must log in to the poker client to receive the daily freeroll ticket
• Players will only receive one daily freeroll ticket per day
• If you log in after the start time of the daily freeroll, your ticket will have no value and will expire at 23:59 on that day
• Tickets for the weekly freeroll will only be issued to the top 100 players in a daily freeroll
• There is no way to gain entry to the weekly freeroll except by winning a ticket from the daily freeroll
• All daily tournaments are freezeout format with a €500 cash and 100 x Weekly Freeroll tickets in the prizepool
• All weekly tournaments have a €2k online ticket prizepool
• Players may win multiple weekly freeroll tickets, these can be used as rebuy/add-on for the weekly freeroll
• Daily freeroll tickets expire at 00:00UTC on the date they were issued
• Weekly freeroll tickets expire at 00:00UTC on Saturday of the week they were issued
• Daily freerolls play at 5pmUTC
• Weekly freerolls play at 6pmUTC on 1st, 8th and 15th of August 2020
• Unused tickets will disappear from players' accounts at the expiration time and date
• It is players' responsibility to use the tickets they are issued or win
• No alternative value will be offered for unused Summer Freeroll Festival tickets
• Due to local gaming restrictions, players from Belgium, Denmark and Sweden are not able to participate in this freeroll series
• Management reserve the right to cancel or amend part, or all, of this promotion at any time
• All general poker room terms and conditions apply at all times



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23 comments on "Unibet Poker Promo - €15,000 Poker Summer Freeroll Series"

 dule-vu05/08/2020 15:52:29 GMT
Every player gets a daily Freeroll ticket from Sunday to Friday to play for €500 cash, the top 100 players every day also win tickets to the exclusive €2,000 Saturday Freeroll.

In all, Unibet Poker is giving away €15,000 in Cash and Poker Tickets!
 antonis32105/08/2020 19:52:22 GMT
Nice promotion by Unibet poker , these freerolls everyday and one big at the end of the week , a good opportunity to win some tickets for free and play some tournaments and cash and win a lot . You gat one ticket everyday to participate on this daily freeroll ,and top 100 of the daily freeroll win a seat for the Saturday's $2k freeroll with the tickets as an award . Easy way to win your seat , very nice this $2k freeroll by unibet Smile Good luck everyone .
 CALICUL06/08/2020 09:04:34 GMT
Half of these games have already passed and i haven't heard of them. It doesn't matter because i won't play during this period, because in the evening have all kinds of work to do at home. Hope to take advantage of some freebies there in next winter.
 TigerAxL06/08/2020 18:35:30 GMT
Posted by CALICUL:
Half of these games have already passed and i haven't heard of them. It doesn't matter because i won't play during this period, because in the evening have all kinds of work to do at home. Hope to take advantage of some freebies there in next winter.

whats you re fb bro?
 peronibar06/08/2020 22:43:45 GMT
I finish today in top 100, but in this 2k freeroll prizes was in unibet open tickets for live event, I don't like that.
 CALICUL07/08/2020 08:54:58 GMT
Unibet is trying to attract more customers and that is great, but they will have to add a few more marketing ideas, for keep those players in their poker room as long as possible. I never made a deposit here because their software... but maybe it will change in future. TigerAxL my name is Alexandru Bogdan there in fb. (fake name) and has a picture with face of Mihai Viteazul.
 antonis32107/08/2020 23:55:54 GMT
I think now I can create an account on Unibet , I am going to see tomorrow if this is possible , cause now the registration button for the greek players is available on the greek unibet page , before it was not . I hope this is true , I hope I will be able to play there , they also have some freerolls to build my bankroll , now these promotions running this summer , hoping to have some decent or very good results for my games there
 CALICUL08/08/2020 09:09:57 GMT
Many poker rooms are restricted in different countries and Greece is one of them, if i remember correctly. Mober a BRM user he talked about it but didn't give too many details. You have to check if they let u for play there.
 dule-vu08/08/2020 10:31:23 GMT
its good if they are open now for your country and that you dont have problems with registrations!its strange how one country of EU block every site that its not from greece!hope that you will enjoy at this site and that you will make something from their offers or freerolls!casino site is great,much better then poker section!
 CALICUL09/08/2020 09:54:57 GMT
It is best to make a minimum deposit and then play a few freerolls to increase your bankroll. After that you have to play for real money, because in this poker room the players are not so dangerous and money can be made.
 antonis32113/08/2020 07:29:18 GMT
Nope dule-vu . checked it yesterday ,I am not allowed to register , even by using vpn .. They do not accept new players from my country , oddly enough they do accept the old greek players , the ones that were registered before new legistration rules come to greeece , strange indded . I also see it in other rooms , I thonk GG poker , it doesn;t accept new players from some countries , but the players from these countries who register in the far past , they do accept them , the can log in , LOL Smile
That's why I got fooled , saw the register new account button on the greek unibet page , but then it said we do noaccept players from your country . Lol . Very sad for many poker rooms , or casinos , that either they are blocked by governments or they by their own will do ban some countries . Hopefully this changes in the future , Unibet has a nice poker room , many opportunities to make money , also my favourite freerolls Smile I would love to play there in the future
 dule-vu13/08/2020 12:02:20 GMT
yes,this is really strange,that they accept player who made registration few years ago,but they dont accept new players from same country?!never heard for something like this and when they block players from some country,they block them all and thats end of story!this is something new in gambling industry!
 CALICUL14/08/2020 07:10:45 GMT
Restrictions of many countries are to blame for all this ugly things. If i search for a site of a poker room on google that is not licensed in Romania, it tells me that access is forbidden there. Unibet has acceptance where it pays taxes and duties or where governments let them operate without authorization.
 antonis32114/08/2020 09:10:45 GMT
Yes , it's kinda strange , i read it on two poker sites , also I have seen it once myself . But in 99% of the cases , when a poker room , casino or sportsbetting site departs from a country , bans a country and its users , for legal legistration reasons or for any other reason they might have , yes , they ban everyone , old and new layes , not allowing anyone , they leave for good .

Sad reality but it's a fact . In the old times things were just great , so much freedom , so many sites to bet , to gamble for free , innumerable sites and opportunities and promotions , and ofcourse countless freerolls with huge prizes . Now these legistration restrictions and rules , take away all the funfor no real logical explanation or reason , only for fake excuses .
 dule-vu14/08/2020 13:04:09 GMT
so it this case,I would have chance to play at unibet,because I am member for so many years at that site!maybe this is even case at my country also,because I can play at unibet,even my goverment closed access for so many site from my country,but maybe unibet pay tax,who know!too bad that you are in this position!
 peronibar14/08/2020 17:09:26 GMT
I can login here only with vpn.For now only on 888,pokerstars ,partypoker ,GG i can login without vpn
 CALICUL15/08/2020 07:04:55 GMT
Now i see that the situation is not good at all in terms of restrictions. Romania, Greece and other countries are forced by their politicians to accept only a few poker rooms. Montenegro same. It's probably better but it bothers me because we don't have access for many tournaments.
 dule-vu15/08/2020 16:13:47 GMT
Posted by peronibar:
I can login here only with vpn.For now only on 888,pokerstars ,partypoker ,GG i can login without vpn

I dont have to use VPN for unibet,no matter is desktop version,mobile or any other,so must be that everything is good from my country!for other sites you dont need to use VPN,because you already have their software on laptop or computer,so they can do anything to you,you can play normally without VPN!
I know when I was in Dubai,they have restrictions for everything thatis about gambling,no matter is it forum or casino site,you get message with police sign,they dont allow gambling in country!but when you open poker stars software,which is already installed on laptop,you can use it normally!
 antonis32115/08/2020 19:52:27 GMT
Unibet is one very good poker rooms , I hope I will be able to play ther one day , governments change their decisions , maybe they do it in the future . ALthought , the bad think is that they didn't do this , they didn't stop with many restrictions , they didn't start to allowmany of new poker rooms or casinos online in their country now , with the corona virus isolation , the new small okr boom , the need of people to grind more online , or have more fun online these days , way far more than in the past . So they didnn't do it now , will they do it in the future ??? Hmmmm.......

Poker rooms nowadays have very strict procedures for the new players' registration process . They demand a lot of personal data from the players , so as to be legal and not to have problems with the governments' demands . For , ex I try to register on on eroom (happenes in many cases ) , they want address , ok , I give the address of my own , although this address doesn't exist in the country that I registered . No , they check the address directly via google maps or other app , they search the results and say to you this address doesn't exist in this country , or you type the address and some choices appear , real addresses in this country , you have to choose one of these alternatives , one of these real addresses with real postcodes , lol

Also for the verification of your mobile number , let's say I tell them leave in Serbia , then I have to tell them my number , and they send me a sms in my cellphone , but I cannot change the country code to +30 (greece code) , so I cannot get the confirmation code Real strict procedures . And ofcourse on the withdrawal , I guess you'll have many problems , if they see you demand payment in a bank in your own country , ofcoursr there are the ewallets thankfully , or even the cryptocurrency , much better choice .

But the thing is thta they have very strict procedures . I don't get it , what will governments do to them if they don't have all these procedures , lol , if the government doesn't allow them in theri country , the players will use VPN , it's the players' fault , also no government , with the exception of USA on black friday , has attacked poker sites or casinos online , I think this is true , isn't it ???

Also , I have legal payment methods , which can be proven , also my personal id and address , I can deposit my own money ,don't understand why all these crasy demands and procedures . Guess , it's one more of these uncountable obstacles they put in front of you , so as to see if you are able to overcome and win more in your life ????? Blink
 CALICUL16/08/2020 07:45:15 GMT
The idea is that you have players who are not very aggressive and so professional at low stakes. We can make money without too much effort because sometimes Unibet software offers generous cards which must be played well to take advantage...
 kiking16/08/2020 10:04:52 GMT
Definitely its worth a try. Been playing with Unibet and i have no problem with it. The only bad thing i can say is that the service on their live chat is very poor.
 dule-vu16/08/2020 17:20:11 GMT
antonis dont know about this rules and dont know do this work for all players or just for players from some countries!I didnt register on some new sites for months,maybe more,because I am already on all big sites,but google maps and so on!who know what can we expect in future!
 CALICUL17/08/2020 08:42:03 GMT
Where we have the opportunity to do something for win money, then must try. You only waste time, but if make a profit, then problem disappears. I played there and only thing what i don't like is their software. It confuses me when i play in another room at the same time.

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