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Newest AI ReBel by Facebook can Beat even Poker Pros

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Posted on 07 August 2020 by "T".

The artificial intelligence research department of Facebook has recently published a paper detailing the creation and successful testing of the newest poker bot called ReBel. According to the developers, its algorithms are more powerful and efficient than the ones used in Libratus, the only known bot that was able to beat poker pros.

In 2019, Facebook published info regarding a powerful poker bot named Pluribus, which marked another step in AI development, but not enough to become a ‘poker killer'. Pluribus was able to play both HU and 6-max games against skilled players.

This time, however, there was no big statement about the new bot ReBel's impact on the poker industry and its advanced capabilities. There were no videos made as well. Instead, the Facebook AI Research team published a 27-page paper describing the new bot's general abilities and compared it with older programs.

History of AIs in Skill-based Games
May 2015 - four poker players named Bjorn Li, Dong Kim, Doug Polk, and Jason Les, battled against AI Claudico. The 80,000 hands challenge that lasted 8 weeks concluded with 3 of the 4 pros winning considerably against the program, though the computer experts called it a tie.

2016 - the AI named AlphaGO created by Google DeepMind software had beaten the best Go players in the world. Go is a Chinese game resembling chess involving two players and determined strategies.

January 2017 - the contest "Brains vs. Artificial Intelligence: Upping the Ante" involved AI Libratus defeating poker pros Daniel McAulay, Dong Kim, Jason Les, and Jimmy Chou.

2019 - Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) researchers developed AI systems, Cepheus and DeepStack, that are able to handle complex games like poker. After five years of research, the team claimed it had successfully solved 6-Max No-Limit Hold'em poker.

ReBel is the name, poker is its game
The name of the bot is the shortened form of "Recursive Belief-based Learning" which focuses on self-learning amid imperfect information conditions. In the paper's title it said "Combining Deep Reinforcement Learning and Search for Imperfect-Information Games, written by Noam Brown, Anton Bakhtin, Adam Lerer, and Qucheng Gong from the Facebook AI Research team."

ReBel was made based on the earlier poker AI Deepstack, the first bot to beat a human back in 2017. Just like AI Libratus, ReBel makes use of self-play to learn how to play heads-up No-Limit Hold'em. The main difference with ReBel versus other early poker AI versions is that it uses the so-called public belief states (PBS).

PBS is a new self-learning mechanism used by ReBel, which includes not only analyzing current information about the game but it also has an intuitive decision-making skills based on the previous moves made by the opponents.

ReBel takes into consideration not only the info about the visual game state, like the bet sizing, known cards, and even the range of hands the opponent may have, but it also accounts for each player's belief about the state they are in. This is somewhat similar to how a real human might consider whether an opponent thinks he is ahead or behind in a certain hand.

To make this possible, ReBel trains two different AI models via self-play reinforcement learning: a value network and a policy network. The bot then operates on PBS.

Simply put, ReBel not only analyzes the hand itself but it also analyzes how to opponent evaluates it, just like what successful (human) players do.

ReBel's Results Revealed
The Facebook team conducted experiments in which ReBel played two-player version of Hold'em, turn endgame Hold'em (a simplified version of the game with no raises on the first two betting rounds), and Liar's Dice.

Compared to all its predecessors, ReBel is obviously much faster - it spends at least 2 seconds less than Libratus. In general, no more than 5 seconds to decide and make a move.

So far the only poker player that battled against ReBel is Dong Kim - he was also one of the players who lost to Libratus. After 7,500 hands, the poker bot outperformed the human player for 0.165BB per hand, while Libratus scored 0.147BB.

Of course, a more realistic test will require more hands against more players, especially if we want to understand more about how PBS operates.

Is ReBel Dangerous in Online Poker?
The developers of ReBel clearly said that their goal was not to attack online poker. Their AI is supposed to help people organize complex systems with imperfect information such as in auctions, cybersecurity, and logistics (self-driving trucks and cars). Moreover, they do not intend to release the code.

To ease the minds of poker players:

  • With Pluribus, the win rate for this AI bot was calculated using AIVAT, a variance reduction technique that automatically overestimates the winnings.
  • ReBel was made to work only in zero-sum games, meaning that there's no rake in poker, for instance.
  • The bot is designed only for HU games.
  • Thus, in the modern problem of the poker industry against artificial intelligence and unfair play, ReBel will definitely not be on the side of bots.



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22 comments on "Newest AI ReBel by Facebook can Beat even Poker Pros"

 CALICUL07/08/2020 09:44:19 GMT
This Rebel must be modified to catch the real bots, that do not let real gamblers for have better winnings in front with many fish players. This technology amazes us a lot and still progressing. We will see what results it will have with poker professionals.
 antonis32107/08/2020 23:48:15 GMT
This AI programm , they say it is not designed to challenge online poker , like one more bot , becaus of its characteristics and the fact it plays only HU and in no rake games . But on the other hand , couldn't they modify it very easily , so as to play with more players or with rake , is it so hard ?? I don't think so .
 CALICUL08/08/2020 09:37:08 GMT
This program has a very high level of intelligence and i don't know what it is useful... for as long it doesn't help to successfully contribute and arranging certain things, that are not right in online poker. It is something artificial but at the same time original and with a huge IQ.
 dule-vu08/08/2020 10:22:40 GMT
they make something like this,but they say that its not to attack online poker,just to help players?hm,strange thing and we will see is this truth!they say that is only for HU games,but somewhove I think that somebody will make something more from this,dont think that everything will stay on this!
 antonis32109/08/2020 03:50:59 GMT
All these bots , imo are a threat to online poker , they show that many , scientists or expert programm developers , can crete such AI programms , which have very good results against some of the best pros . So against regs or middle stakes poker players , against the not so good or perfect players , they can easily beat them and take their money . These news for excellent bots ready to win amy pro in a game , scary the casual players in these games , either it's poker or not , for sure ......
 CALICUL09/08/2020 09:46:12 GMT
That is right and online poker game industry needs to do something about boots who are blame for decrease number of players in this field. I am very disappointed because had some very good games in past and every time lost in a ugly way.
 dule-vu09/08/2020 13:38:35 GMT
I am sure that poker sites will do everything to not let this kind of program to be part of poker and that any players cant use it!we all know what is fair and how poker should be played!play on your laptop,smartphone or any other device,but not with programs and something that will give advantage to you,but other player wouldnt know that he use something!
 antonis32110/08/2020 01:30:22 GMT
Bots are a threat to online poker , i don't like these news nowadays , although in the past i was fascinated watching on TV bots competing with the greatest chess players and win tηem on their games , showing how far has technogy gone all these last years and decades . This progress sometimes can be harmfull for our activities , businesses or lives .
 CALICUL11/08/2020 06:00:47 GMT
The bots are very guilty, because that made me to lose money many times in advanced positions for the final table of some interesting tournaments, where i could win over 1000 dollars per game. The ways where i was eliminated they were weird...
 antonis32112/08/2020 05:36:44 GMT
It can not only evaluate the current poker hand , the odds , the range of the opponents , and other poker terms and values , but also evaluates how the opponent sees this hand or the potential decisions made by the bot , so I guess this can be very effective on its decisions , the times to bluff or avoid some bluffs by opponents
 CALICUL12/08/2020 05:42:35 GMT
It's quite complicated with these bots because they make mistakes and sometimes other players at tables notice that. An English citizen told me a few months ago that he can see poker cards in package before the software puts flop, turn and river. Very ugly.
 dule-vu12/08/2020 10:52:51 GMT
before you didnt know if somebody make some bot program which can use for playing poker,slots or whatever online game,but now in last year or two everybody talk about and even make presentation when they invent something like this and how people will use it!must say that world is more and more crazy every day!
 CALICUL13/08/2020 07:06:42 GMT
This is where you can realize the deception of those who use bots. You can't risk your entire stack in advanced positions. For example: I played many tournaments with 4, 5 or 6 thousand players. When there were 100 or less left, I would catch set on flop and they would have no pair. Rival call all chips, turn, river and they catch straight, He was a real bot but i lost in same way many times...
 antonis32113/08/2020 07:13:08 GMT
These AI programms are so intelligent and improved these days . they can win pros , so we don't stand a chance against them . There were some other AI programms like this in the past , every new edition is being proven to be better and better than theo old versions . They solve the game GTO , they take the game to a whole new level , competition is so hard against them
 CALICUL14/08/2020 07:16:58 GMT
We have reached in century of speed, where many good things are invented, but also other interesting ones that harm the human body. Artificial intelligence can kill us in the future and whoever said that is right. Bots need to be removed and here you need a good program.
 antonis32117/08/2020 04:23:57 GMT
Google , Facebook , other well known worldwide companies want to create such bots or AI programms , to fascinate tha masses with their achievements . There are so many games out there , leave poker alone lol . Choose chess , choose whatever else you like , we have enough problems with bots online , don't need to advertise the bots' skills and capabilities , as if it's sth cool , many have lost their bankrolls and properties by playing against bots , I would say especially against russian bots , lol
 CALICUL18/08/2020 08:40:15 GMT
I don't like these things with boots. No one should use such a thing, to fool people. It doesn't matter if it is a company, social network, state institution or people. This must be prohibited by law and the penalties must be severe.
 antonis32101/09/2020 21:40:53 GMT
It's kind of a paradox , tragic irony maybe , on the one hand they adore these bots , with the high intelligence , being able to play against the human mind , and win the gratest players and their strategies , destroy these pros , these masterminds and their gameplay , but on the other hand I believe the same people do not like the use of them in real moey games on real poker rooms , against normal people who play with some money from their monthly salary , or with their savings . That's makes no sense .
 CALICUL02/09/2020 21:41:36 GMT
I don't know what to say about this, because a commission must be introduced, that can analyze through a newly invented program. In this way all bots would be caught and the players would be much calmer. I hope it happens in near future.
 geseco1203/09/2020 05:00:34 GMT
I think that in the end, the bot will always beat the pros, which is a machine programmed to win, so we should be aware if there is any bot in the poker room and report it.
 antonis32103/09/2020 14:32:36 GMT
Bots are able nowadays to accomplish miracles , defeat humen ,finish precedures in no time , contol the production chains in factories , do amazing job automatically in many of them , minimizing the time to do some works , taking the jobs from many people .

We should restrict their use only on the most basic and important things , in all other use humen , also don't use them at all when this will traumatise competition or security

Just imagine one day , these bots or intelligent programms , to be legalised in online poker , so the people with the best GTO programme will win , the best real time decisions , I guess many of the producers and users of these bots might be Russians , lol .

Now , it's a little controversial , the way pokerrooms handle this situation , what they allow and what not , allow it now but ban it some moneths later , or allow one edition of a programme but not another edition/version , allow it maybe offlinebut not online , etc . I guess wthis is for the interest of the pros , the sharks , the bigger fish in the poker foodchain and ecosystem . When most pros or regs see they really need bots , very intelligent progra,ms and solvers , poker rooms will change their mind , it's allfor their demands and interests , unfortunatelly .

 CALICUL06/09/2020 11:10:33 GMT
Bots are destructive and believe me many people have given up definitely to online poker because they didn't make money and that is one reasons which will make many poker rooms to run out of many players in future. We will see.

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