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The Card Counter

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Posted on 12 October 2021 by "T".

Looking for the next new movie with poker infused in it?

Check out this one entitled "The Card Counter", a 2021 American crime drama film written and directed by Paul Schrader. Martin Scorsese serves as an executive producer. The film is starred by Oscar Isaac, Tiffany Haddish, Tye Sheridan and Willem Dafoe.

William Tell is a gambler who developed a skill on counting cards during his eight-year stay in military prison. As his main objective is to avoid getting attention upon himself - whether it's fame or casino bouncers - Tell's gambling philosophy is to bet small and win modestly. Even though he gambles almost every day, he never checks in a casino hotel. Instead, he lives out of two small suitcases and stays in motels, where he takes off any décor and covers all the furniture in plain sheets fastened with twine.

A Quick Glimpse
At a casino, Tell encounters an acquaintance from the gambling world, La Linda. She runs what's called a stable, a group of investors who back gamblers in exchange for a portion of their winnings. She offers to stake William but he declined, unwilling to be weighed down by the responsibility.

William meets a young man named Cirk Baufort. Viewers then learn more about the two, and in the end William offers to take Cirk along as he gambles in an attempt to help the young man avoid a violent life.

Next, William informs La Linda that he is interested in making a deal, in which he wants to go on the World Series of Poker tour to win enough money and help Cirk pay off his debts and start a new life, after which William will finally retire.

Learn what the future holds for William and Cirk by watching the movie!

The Card Counter is released by Focus Features, with a short description on their official YouTube trailer:
Redemption is the long game in Paul Schrader's THE CARD COUNTER. Told with Schrader's trademark cinematic intensity, the revenge thriller tells the story of an ex-military interrogator turned gambler haunted by the ghosts of his past decisions, and features riveting performances from stars Oscar Isaac, Tiffany Haddish, Tye Sheridan and Willem Dafoe.

The Card Counter was released on September 10, 2021.

Do add it to your watch list soon!


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3 comments on "The Card Counter"

 dule-vu12/10/2021 10:53:04 GMT
This will be nice movie!
 shokaku12/10/2021 11:33:32 GMT
Card counting is usually more associated with games like blackjack than poker. If the deck is reshuffled for every single game played, counting is a bit pointless. In poker a good memory of what cards have been dealt may be usufull in variants like 7 card stud
 CALICUL12/10/2021 12:02:35 GMT
this movie will be interesting

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