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Three Ways to Play 24/7 Freerolls Festival at 888poker

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Posted on 10 February 2021 by "T".

888poker is bringing the fun with more than $100,000 with their 24/7 Freerolls Festival!

With 3 ways to join the party running 24/7, what's not to like?

In the 24/7 Freerolls Festival, $100,000+ will be given away in round-the-clock freerolls at the 888poker tables.

888poker 24/7 Freerolls Festival

  • Duration: February 10 to March 2, 2021
  • Prize: Over $100,000 in freerolls
  • Three ways to play

*for depositors only


From February 10 to March 2, players will be able to play in 3 different Made To Celebrate Freerolls. During this 3-week period, players can join the 24/7 festival at any time!

This exclusive promotion is Made To Play for their much-appreciated players. There are three ways to snag a piece of the $100K plus

Three Ways to Play

First, sign up at 888poker through The BankrollMob. Then, make at least one deposit.

Players will have three awesome events to play. Overall, there's more than $100,000 up for grabs during this promotion.

Below are the three fun ways to snag a prize:

  • The Freebie Freerolls - Easy to play and no ticket required! Just jump straight in.
  • The Funky Freerolls - Catch your ticket with Gift Drops raining down!
  • The Fabulous Freerolls - Take your shot for a ticket in the Winner Spinner.


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22 comments on "Three Ways to Play 24/7 Freerolls Festival at 888poker"

 dule-vu10/02/2021 08:37:57 GMT
another freerolls series from 888 site and they will 100 K dollars on it?its sound great and if every freeroll will have bigger prize pool,this will good for players!so from today till 3.march they will give this kind of freerolls on three different level!its interesting that you can play some without tickets and for some you will need to get tickets!
 geseco1210/02/2021 22:30:29 GMT
good promotion of 888poker, with a prize of up to 100,000 thousand dollars in freeroll, that's very good, now there is deposit for those who do not do it yet, do not miss this promotion that is luxury, we have to play until March 2 , a long time of a lot of play.
 dule-vu11/02/2021 09:53:34 GMT
geseco12 they dont say that you can win up to 100 K dollars on one freeroll,its prizes pool for whole series of freerolls!it would be too much that you can win 100 K on just one freeroll!but ofcourse its great that they give something like this,no matter what amount will be on every single freeroll!
 DinGo!11/02/2021 10:55:49 GMT
For sure, freerolls is always a good opportunity for everyone to have some free money. To be honest for me all last their promotions are looking a bit the same. Anyway you need to play some poker there to be able to win some cash money or tickets. Also i can see their spin wheel, which you can spin 2 times a day. Just made a spin and get a free ticket. Still waiting for some interesting promotions from them with some great money, maybe soon they will show us something interesting.
 geseco1211/02/2021 23:09:44 GMT
These freerools are a good opportunity to grow in the world of poker, I think that in addition to perfecting your game, or at least learning the game, you will also be making money for free without spending your money, that must be taken into account and not be speaking that freeroll is a waste of time, that's wrong, I think we all go through that, and you have to value it.
 dule-vu12/02/2021 10:19:07 GMT
when you are not big as party poker and poker stars,you must give this kind of promotion to attract more players at your site,so 888 poker and unibet must give lot of freerolls for players!with this chance they will get more players who will invest that money that they win on this freerolls and trough rake money will back to 888 site!
 geseco1213/02/2021 01:45:43 GMT
We all started with freerolls and I think we should be grateful, because thanks to that we are where we are, sometimes we get bored with freerolls, but that's wrong, great players from all over the world tell their stories about how they started in this world and almost most of them it started with the famous freeroll. good luck to everyone.
 dule-vu13/02/2021 11:06:09 GMT
yes,most of players start with freerolls or no deposit bonuses,to see how they will play it and to learn more about this game!but we didnt had this kind of big freerolls or some with for example 10 K dollars,like we can have on some sites!we had smaller one's and you had to fight for every chip and dollar!
 CALICUL13/02/2021 15:29:30 GMT
I hope to play some games in these promotions, to see how they are. I couldn't play, even if my internet goes very well. They say it is because of certain Internet malfunctions, but it's not like that. 888 has with another room very good offers. Good luck, guys.
 geseco1214/02/2021 02:04:43 GMT
Well, some will no longer play these freeroolls because they are already increasing levels, but what I say is valued more by those who have just started, I think the community is growing little by little and I think that this freeroll is needed for more players to join this world of poker, I would appreciate it.
 dule-vu14/02/2021 14:11:01 GMT
ofcourse this promotion is only for players who have at least one deposit at 888 site,which is good,because they dont want to allow that every player can come to play or to register just now without any deposit and to play for free!its still freeroll,but they want to give money to players who are there for long time or that have deposits!
 CALICUL14/02/2021 15:50:45 GMT
This year i did not make a deposit there but in 2020 yes. I don't know if i'm eligible but i have Skrill that helps me when i need it. I have no idea what these games are, because i haven't fixed some errors and i can't log in. Anyway, good luck for the rest.
 geseco1215/02/2021 02:20:29 GMT
Of course, they mostly give preference to those who have made a deposit, because that way they understand that they have an interest in growing in the world of poker, or maybe they want to be professionals, and the rooms help them in that way so that their floors can be fulfilled .
 CALICUL15/02/2021 17:49:23 GMT
This thing with deposit is not a problem. I found the error that i can't log in to 888, and it's something from video card or update. I'll have to wait until the weekend and after that to call someone, to be able for play some games in this poker room, Anyway, I'm glad if you played in this promotion.
 geseco1216/02/2021 02:49:54 GMT
I left the 888poker room for a while, because every so often the software did not respond, it freezes, and I had to download and install again, it was a rather cumbersome process, until I leave it, the 888poker developers should improve that .
 CALICUL16/02/2021 19:15:47 GMT
I can't play in 888 poker since a few days ago. Last thursday it was last time when i play, and the mistake i think is my video card. Is a nice room and we can make some money here. Try some updates for your device and good luck with this room.
 geseco1217/02/2021 03:11:30 GMT
I am not saying that the 888poker room is bad, but that its software is failing a bit, I think it is update problems, but in general the room is very good, that is why it is considered one of the top three or four in the world of poker.
 dule-vu17/02/2021 09:45:02 GMT
its good to learn every day how somebody cant log in in software,we must read about it every day Thumbs Up !
we still dont see any information about this freerolls,did somebody played it,did somebody won anything or whats happening!it would be good to see how big prize pool is per freeroll!
 sirkosun17/02/2021 15:52:23 GMT
I also take part in this action. I got a $ 2 bonus. I play in freerolls for a while without success.
888 Poker can not regain its popularity and increase the number of players.
Software needs to get better. I doubt it will happen in the near future.
 MarkWest17/02/2021 17:22:36 GMT
Yep yes they still have problems with program and funniest thing what I see happening today.
Was played one freeroll where you can win ticket from winner spinner wheel , finished in money but
hokus pokus found that money from bonuses , with those bonus rules what 888 changed before
It's not possible to see that money comes to real money Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile
Or maybe it's possible but need much more lucky than when you play poker with 7000 players Smile Smile
 dule-vu18/02/2021 11:27:19 GMT
so sirkosun you tell us that money that you win on this freerolls,its bonus money?so you need to play with this money and to wager it to make in real money?would be much better that they give real money right away,that you can do whatever you want with it,not that you need to play again and maybe lose it everything!
 CALICUL18/02/2021 20:28:24 GMT
888 often changes the rules and promotions, to make you for waste more time here to enjoy with what they offer. Try to make a good wager and to run more money with poker to win something. It's not hard if you know poker and must have time for that.

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