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Unibet Poker Promo - New Poker Mission

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Posted on 03 February 2021 by "T".

Your latest monthly Poker Mission is here!

At Unibet Poker, each month brings new challenges, with new prizes up for grabs with every step you complete.

Do you have a hand hot enough and skills sharp enough to complete the stages of the mission?

Unibet - New Poker Mission

Duration: Starts from first day to the last day of the month

Prizes: €1000 and €3000 mission freeroll tickets + Other awesome rewards

This time, they have €1000 and €3000 mission freeroll tickets as your rewards for conquering the cards. But those are just the beginning of your spoils - the further you get towards finishing the mission, the better your rewards!

How to Play

  1. First off, sign up for a Unibet Poker account
  2. Download the Poker Client or play directly from your browser.
  3. Go to the full tournament lobby in the poker client
  4. Type "New Poker Mission" in the search bar
  5. Play MTTs or SNGs, complete the missions, and earn prizes!


Head over to the poker client now to take on the newest task!


Terms and Conditions
Monthly mission run from the first day of the month 00:00 UTC to the last day of the month 23:59 UTC
Players have until the last day of the month 23:59 UTC to complete any mission step
The mission steps are in UTC time zone, a day starts at 00:00 and ends 23:59UTC
The €1000 GTD Mission Special Tournament starts the first Sunday the following calendar month at 17:30 UTC
The €3000 GTD Mission Special Tournament starts the first Sunday the following calendar month at 18:30 UTC
Players can only be credited each prize from the mission once
The mission is available in the poker client and open to all eligible players
MTT stands for multi-table tournament
SNG stands for Sit & Go tournament
We reserve the right to change the promotion at any time
In the event of inconsistency or discrepancy between the English version and any other language version of these Terms and Conditions, the English language version shall prevail.
General Unibet terms and conditions apply.



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26 comments on "Unibet Poker Promo - New Poker Mission"

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» Unibet Poker Promo - New Poker Mission

 CALICUL03/02/2021 18:28:05 GMT
I said about Unibet that they will come up with a new promotional offer for their players, because this is needed. When you do not maintain a well-being in the room, players will leave for other place where is good. Now you can play for that.
 geseco1204/02/2021 05:05:10 GMT
This year Unibet is giving great promotions, now it has come out with another that is great, now it has to meet the challenges that each month brings new jackpots, all you have to do is play, keep it up so that this room grows fast, They are putting all the initiatives.
 dule-vu04/02/2021 16:01:20 GMT
we must know that unibet will not be big room as others poker room and they will not have big number of players as they have,but for some players this will be good,because they will not need to "fight" with lot of players for prize pool,like they would need on for example party poker!
 CALICUL04/02/2021 18:26:52 GMT
Sometimes you can try to make money in big poker rooms but the plan fails. Then it's time to choose something smaller like unibet and there to win often, modest but good amounts. There is nothing wrong with trying this.
 geseco1205/02/2021 05:51:07 GMT
Sometimes large or small rooms have their pros and cons, I think that in terms of tournaments as you say it is easier because there are fewer people, but the traffic is what gives you the most excitement, and even when you are at high levels is where but players who are connected are needed.
 dule-vu05/02/2021 16:40:34 GMT
you need to work a lot to come to big number of players in your room and to offer more and more promotions and prizes and with that kind of work you will take players from other sites!only with this kind of offers you can keep players on your site and software that dont have bugs!
they cant do probably this in next period,because other poker rooms offer much more,especially in last year and corona time!
 CALICUL05/02/2021 20:08:07 GMT
it's not about who offers more promotions, gifts or freerolls, because you often do a bankrolll where don't expect it. After that you earn money in tournaments, sit & go or cash games. We always make withdraw, if er think logically and know how to play.
 geseco1206/02/2021 07:13:47 GMT
They are very right, the rooms make many offers to the players to keep them connected to their platforms, and I think that unibet is doing very well, these initiatives say a lot about the room, the seriousness they put to work, and also their software which is very good too.
 dule-vu06/02/2021 18:25:56 GMT
but you keep players on tables with offer that they can use right away or with cash prizes,not with offer and prizes where you need again to play something and to think will you win something or not!its hard for players to play again some freerolls with lot of players and to maybe win something!with lower prizes,but cash prizes players would be happier!
 CALICUL06/02/2021 20:54:47 GMT
Unibet success can be traced by the number of their depositor clients and if it will be displayed on any site, we will see if the promotions offered by this room have been successful. The important thing is that they try to offer more, including poker series.
 geseco1207/02/2021 13:41:59 GMT
It is a room that has grown exponentially, of course its players are here because of the great promotions that always surprise us, now that implies that the room wants to try to keep up with the big rooms, and that helps them the community to grow.
 antonis32107/02/2021 17:34:48 GMT
1000$ and 3.000$ freerolls , sounds very juicy , you have a good reason to try and get these tickets by playing . Nice promo , good luck players at the Unibet poker tables .
 CALICUL07/02/2021 21:33:19 GMT
whoever wants to complete all missions will have to consult the terms and see that are only allowed to win a prize once per mission. I guess that is the way to be more winners but is a good decision. It is important to succeed in such a thing. Good luck.
 geseco1208/02/2021 14:19:07 GMT
These promotions motivate many players to continue as you can earn extra money for free, and that must be appreciated, these unibet offers are very good lately, hopefully it continues like this so that the poker community grows and consolidates in this room.
 CALICUL08/02/2021 22:15:58 GMT
I have always liked the help offered by poker rooms with their promotions, bonuses, gifts, points or freeroll games. Here we have the opportunity to create a bankroll and after that let's try to make some money. I could a few times.
 geseco1209/02/2021 15:07:50 GMT
their promotions in this room are very good, I like almost all of them, their bonuses and freeroll games that they have 24 hours a day, I think that helps many who do not have money for a deposit and I think there are no excuses for not making money in This, of course, will be a little more difficult, but that is what it is about being persistent and I believe that the results will come by themselves.
 CALICUL10/02/2021 00:59:34 GMT
who has no money but enough time can play here or in other rooms. I think it is more appropriate and correct to make a deposit. You have faster chances to make money and i read some happy cases where 3-4 Romanians won 1000 euros each of them.
 geseco1210/02/2021 22:36:20 GMT
It is very true CALICUL, you can make money playing only with a freeroll at the beginning, but it is very difficult, it takes time, but mostly it is advisable to make a deposit, but the freeroll at the end is not bad, since you are starting and you will see your mistakes and it will not cost you your money, when you are prepared there you deposit, to minimize losses, luck.
 dule-vu11/02/2021 10:07:22 GMT
after some time you will want to make more money and you will want for more,for bigger tournaments,cash tables and so on!so you cant stay on freerolls for years,its would be just boring to play against players who love all in on every hand!its just depend on what site you like to play and how many players they have!
 DinGo!11/02/2021 11:04:42 GMT
Well, for sure this will be an additional opportunity for those, who play regullary there to receive some tickets and win some money. Usually i don,t play this missions, just because of lots of people participating in this kind of freerolls. Maybe need to check this once again, because i,ve heard from other people, that in that kind of tournaments usually people showing not so high level of play and this is not so difficult to earn some free money from playing this. Need to keep an eye on this promotion.
 CALICUL11/02/2021 14:31:57 GMT
Definitely a good option for unibet to attract customers because this platform offers sports betting, poker, casino or bingo. You have a choice when you want to play. Promotions, bonuses or freeroll games are also good. Chances for money are.
 geseco1211/02/2021 22:42:55 GMT
These unibet promotions have to be taken advantage of, I think few rooms do this, it will always be good to try to play these missions, in addition to having fun and having a good time, you can earn money in the best way, I think that unibet's concern to attract customers is great and it shows.
 dule-vu12/02/2021 10:57:58 GMT
would be good that somebody who play this freerolls,to write us something and to see how this work,because its not so great that you only get tickets and then you again will play it!some other money would be even better,beside this tickets!
 geseco1214/02/2021 01:54:29 GMT
Something is something, the promotions are good, I think the experiences are unique, it may not be useful to one, but the important thing is that they can participate and earn money, I think the difficult thing is to be able to get something, but good luck to all participants.
 CALICUL14/02/2021 16:32:14 GMT
Unibet has good promotions for a few months but i ask you something. How do you deal with that software when play at the same time in other rooms? I would love to try more games here, but i didn't like what my desktop looks like... because it bothers me. I know we can make money here, but their software it confuses my activity in other rooms...

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