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Unibet Poker Promo - €95,000 Prize Drop Anniversary

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Posted on 23 March 2021 by "T".

Come play at Unibet Poker as it celebrates its 7th birthday with a €95,000 giveaway!

Every day from March 18 to April 30, they're going to drop 73 prizes on Cash Game tables.

They could be MTT tickets, HexaPro tickets or bonus points. You just have to be at the right table, at the right time, and everyone seated wins! 

Unibet - €95,000 Prize Drop Anniversary

  • March 18 to April 30, 2021
  • 73 prizes on Cash Game tables: MTT tickets, HexaPro tickets or bonus points

How to Play

  • First off, sign up for a Unibet Poker account
  • Open Poker via the client, the app or directly in your browser
  • Follow the icon in the lobby. It shows which tables are eligible each day, with your stake determining the value of the prize drop


With hundreds of daily winners over six weeks, get dealt-in for a chance to be one of them!


Terms and Conditions
This promotion will run from 18th March until 30th April 2021.
A promotion day starts 00:00 UCT - 23:59 UCT.
The promotion is available at Cash Game tables only.
The promotion is available for all players, except players in the following countries: Sweden, Belgium, Denmark and Germany.
All prizes are allocated to random Cash Game tables and prizes may vary from day to day.
Bronze drops are available on Banzai games and Cash Games stakes NL/PL4 and above.
Silver drops are available on regular Cash Games stakes NL/PL10 and above.
Gold drops are available on regular Cash Games stakes NL/PL25 and above.
The more eligible tables you play during the day, the greater your chance of winning a prize.
The prizes are given out at random times during the day.
Players must be dealt-in to the hand to be eligible to win a prize in the promotion.
Each player at the table wins the same prize.
All prizes will be credited instantly.
General Unibet Terms and Conditions apply.
Prizes are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged.
We reserve the right to change or remove the promotion at any time.


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33 comments on "Unibet Poker Promo - €95,000 Prize Drop Anniversary"

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» Unibet Poker Promo - €95,000 Prize Drop Anniversary

 CALICUL25/03/2021 18:14:25 GMT
each player has his preferences in connection with this promotion. Some are happy, others do not like it. The decision to participate in it depends on everyone's choice. You can forget about it and play there for money. You have higher chances than in ps, 888, party. Almost all players are weaker than in these rooms.
 DinGo!25/03/2021 18:29:49 GMT
Looks liks this is the same promotion, that just was on 888poker, you also need there to play there on cash tables and you can get some random tickets, cash prizes and some free cash. Not sure, is it so easy to earn some free value here, but i think on other room lots of people got some prizes and cash.
 godoy25/03/2021 23:35:34 GMT
This unibet promotion is incredible whenever I play on this platform and I will win part of this prize and I will spend everything on other kkkk machines because they are celebrating their seventh birthday with a gift of 95,000 euros, and then I will also play poker games that are very good this platform I really liked verry good
 geseco1226/03/2021 05:18:05 GMT
You have to take advantage of these promotions of each room, and unibet is not the exception, every week it comes out with new challenges for the players and that is very good, to be able to play and win money, the other rooms are copying that model to attract people, and this becomes healthy competition.
 Cesar1426/03/2021 17:02:00 GMT
The promotions that this room is launching are interesting, I think its objective is to attract the majority of players to its room, but these offers should not be missed, every time more rooms come out with incredible promotions, they benefit us because they increase our earnings when there are bigger deals each week. good luck to all who play these events and win money.
 DinGo!27/03/2021 01:29:09 GMT
They always have lots of promotions, you just need to take an eye on it and don,t miss the oportunites to earn some free cash or tickets or something good. Right now i still can,t say, does this promo is better or not then the others, because usually as you can see the promotions is always the same, they just give you some money or tickets for playing cash games.
 CALICUL27/03/2021 10:09:59 GMT
DinGo!, Unibet poker offers these kinds of promotions because they are not big like other rooms. It can't be compared to big names in this industry. They also have freeroll games but their pocket is too small to offer more . When they will have more customers these things will grow.
 Cesar1428/03/2021 02:53:22 GMT
Freeroll are right and the promotions they give will depend a lot on how big the room is, unibet is in the process of growth and is offering what they can, but the most important thing is the initiative they give that is highly valued.
 dule-vu29/03/2021 11:38:07 GMT
but in all this situation and something that you celebrate,you could give some prizes that are not only for using later,that you cant get some cash prizes!I know that everything that is free,its good,but still all other poker sites when have this kind of promotion,they give gifts with some cash!
 CALICUL29/03/2021 15:02:41 GMT
I would like to play more here, but i can't handle with the keyboard because i haven't taken lessons like this. Nobody didn't teach me to be able to play at multiple tables at once. If i knew, Ii would try Unibet because i can't give up other poker rooms. Time makes me not give up on them, but this room is good for weaker players, because they make money more easy than in other rooms.
 DinGo!30/03/2021 10:04:16 GMT
I believe that Unibet is a big name in sportsbetting. For sure, also lots of players also know this as a good poker room. Just i think they don,t have enough good freerolls, like 888 for example. If they will have better promotions, for example not for the regular game, but just a good freerolls they will have more people. Because right now as i can see all promotions is just for the guys, who can deposit their own money.
 CALICUL30/03/2021 16:31:35 GMT
Unibet is good this is true, but their only disadvantage is the software. Many players do not like this thing and because of that they gave up this poker room. I don't know if they will change this but they lost enough customers with that. Anyway, there are a few, where you can win with them.
 DinGo!31/03/2021 17:33:40 GMT
Their software is pretty good. At least i can,t say, that if lags and when i open couple of rooms at the same time, that i feeling some kind of lags cause of that. I think the reason that some people don,t play there is just because they don,t have good freerolls at all.
 CALICUL31/03/2021 17:48:44 GMT
for you it's very good, but for me it's not because it confuses my image when i play in two other rooms. I can't change the size of the table and it's annoying. Unibet is a room where you can make some money but that software must be set to be able to modify.
 geseco1201/04/2021 14:24:11 GMT
You are right there are many things to improve in the unibet software, but as far as the promotions are at the top, it is a matter of tastes and preferences of many, some are interested in making money, and therefore they will not be thinking about anything else , but others are more detailed, they like to feel comfortable when playing, so we should not judge, each one chooses according to their comfort.
 CALICUL02/04/2021 19:03:23 GMT
I could give up everything for a few days and play only in Unibet, to see if i can create a good bankroll. I have friends who took out $ 1,000 or more. Some of them even several times. Is a nice room but they need more customers.
 geseco1204/04/2021 00:44:48 GMT
It would be a good idea to focus on a specific room, and get to know the rivals so that the game is profitable, in unibet we can find very soft players, it would be a good option, I think I could do the same if it works for me.
 CALICUL04/04/2021 12:37:00 GMT
Of course, but i forgot to mention that these friends won this amount in a month at low cash stakes. They didn't hurry and played 1/2 or 2/5 cents. If you have time you can do this thing, but i think they played around 90 minutes a day, sometimes more or less, but not in every day. Good luck with that.
 dule-vu04/04/2021 21:19:52 GMT
I am sure that lot of members that have posts here dont even play at unibet poker and dont know much about how it works,what can you win and even how their software looks like!you must play something there to see how it work!they had before daily freerolls with low prize pool and few of them trough year!with this series they want to offer something more and to try to have players and their tables,after they win this tickets and points from this freerolls!
 DinGo!04/04/2021 22:35:10 GMT
The only freerolls that are saw at Unibet was the cheapest freerolls, somethling $25 and $50 with at least 1000 people. I don,t think, that it was a good freerolls. If you look even for 888, they have more freerolls with better prizes. Sometimes i saw couple of better freerolls with passwords, but this passwords was ALWAYS share at different sites and there were also many people was playing it.
And of course they have big freerolls, but this is only for regular players, who can complete their missions and this is not free, you need to make rake.
 CALICUL13/08/2021 18:43:57 GMT

I agree that some freerolls should be restricted depending on the rake, but many are fine if there is a chance of winning something. Unibet is smaller in number of poker players, but you can avoid free games with very small prizes and to play something more interesting. Good luck with that.
 ligador3713/08/2021 20:24:59 GMT
I'm just coming back a little bit, but this site from what I see offers a lot of promotions. Although perhaps some are not still valid.
I think it will be one of the first places to try your luck (PS I am less and less convinced). I'm a bit worried about the topics they mention, like the software or the freeroll thing. But I think I'll have to see it for myself and then comment on it.
 dule-vu13/08/2021 20:25:45 GMT
maybe not so much for poker,but you will find something for you!
 dule-vu15/08/2021 11:15:27 GMT
they offer lot of promotions in last months ligador and they try to make something new for players,but its question how players react on this,because I think that they dont get much new players with this promotion,even they try to offer something bigger!
software and everything is much different then on other poker sites!
 dule-vu16/08/2021 21:20:29 GMT
when you see that there is not option in software to click check option or pay BB before you come on your turn,then what else to say about their software and how its not good!you can chat,you cant make preflop action,just to fold,you cant have normal functions as on other softwares!

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