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WPT500 Returns to partypoker this March

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Posted on 05 March 2021 by "T".

WPT500 returns to partypoker online this March! This time, there's double the action with TWO big WPT500 events.

WPT500 at partypoker

  • March 7 to 23, 2021
  • Two huge WPT500 events with a $530 buy-in and $1M GTD prize pool
  • Super50 with a $55 buy-in and $250,000 prize pool
  • Super50 Knockout with a $55 buy-in and $400,000 prize pool
  • Multiple high roller tournaments
  • Omaha, Omaha Knockout, Hyper and Turbo tournaments
  • Two Mix-Max events

Running from March 7 to 23, the $1,000,000 GTD WPT500 with a $530 buy-in will kick-start the festival, immediately followed by the $1,000,000 GTD WPT500 Knockout with a $530 buy-in as well, designed for those of you who want a second chance at the all-important WPT title!

Other than these two headline events, there is a full WPT500 schedule with events suitable for all bankrolls, including the $55 buy-in Super50 and Super50 Knockout that features two big prize pools of $250,000 and $400,000, respectively.

For those with a larger bankroll, the festival also hosts multiple high roller tournaments with buy-ins ranging from $1,050 to $5,200.


Throughout the festival, there are lots of alternative poker formats to play on, including Omaha, Omaha Knockout, Hyper and Turbo tournaments, and many table max variants including two Mix-Max events.

As you can see, this festival has something in store for everyone!

Satellites are running now.
Head over to the WPT500 tab in the lobby for more information and win your seat for less!



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16 comments on "WPT500 Returns to partypoker this March"

 dule-vu05/03/2021 16:53:39 GMT
16 days of crazy poker tournaments and very big series at party poker site!so many different type of poker games and lot of different buy in-s!this will be for sure very interesting for all players that play at their site!from this news we can see that they will start with 1 million GTD tournament which isnt so often,because they live this big prize pool tournaments for end of series!
 geseco1205/03/2021 17:42:10 GMT
This partypoker festival is coming big with only 530 dollars you can participate in a prize pool of 1 million dollars, these tournaments are great hopefully you can play, but it is always exciting to play with this amount of money in big events like this.
 CALICUL06/03/2021 11:26:39 GMT
Of course, these games are the pleasure of any professional player, because there at major tournaments they will be the majority at big buy-ins. There is a chance to qualify for any player who is not an amateur and is very godd for all ( except for amateurs, which doesn't risk too much at that moment ). Their chances will be in future, when they learn more things.
 dule-vu06/03/2021 17:33:25 GMT
geseco you say that 530 $ for buy in is just "only"?you say about 530 dollars like this is 5 or 10 $ and that is only,but we all know that especially in your country this is big money,so you cant write so easy this kind of words!
but for all those who cant pay this buy in,can try some of satellites and maybe they will get their ticket!
 geseco1206/03/2021 18:09:10 GMT
Every player who is starting in poker dreams of one day playing these poker tournaments that are very big, I think that an entry of 530 dollars is already an entry that not everyone has that privilege of playing it, but with a lot of work you can make dreams come true by playing it.
 DinGo!07/03/2021 00:28:30 GMT
For sure this sounds good, but you need to have a good bankroll i guess to play it. Will need to look for some satellites, will be perfect to win an entry from a cheap satellite, hope will see it in the menu. I saw many times, how people can win some good cash, starting just from a few cents satellites.
 geseco1207/03/2021 18:34:27 GMT
Everything is possible in this life, of course, poker is very special, many rooms give you the opportunity to grow your bankroll, you have to be patient, I think it will be achieved, you can get the pennies for free, from there is where your discipline in the game will be reflected in your bankrool, good luck to all.
 dule-vu07/03/2021 19:00:44 GMT
so in one post you say how 530 $ is "only" and then why I ask you how is this only and that this is not cheap for most of players,in next post you say how this amount isnt for every player!?so can you at least stick to one thing and not to change statement every day?
this is chance for some players to get big amounts,but it will be hard to come there if you need to earn ticket from satellites!
 CALICUL08/03/2021 16:16:28 GMT
I would like all poker rooms to let you make serious money, because i have the impression that we receive cards depending on how much money we run. In small games it is good, but from medium to high it is harder. People would play more, if the satisfaction of receiving more good cards would be more dense.
 geseco1208/03/2021 19:30:45 GMT
The game is magnificent, also the rooms give you a great opportunity to win great prizes, the problem is that it is not for everyone, mostly they are for already experienced players, and some recreational players who want to play it, the satellites are very good but it is difficult, but you have to try.
 CALICUL09/03/2021 16:59:15 GMT
yeah, i know about that and is very important to play for qualifying in some good tournaments. Here you can earn some money to make a nice withdrawal, but the most important thing is to succeed. This is the situation and we fight for money. Good luck with that.
 geseco1209/03/2021 19:58:32 GMT
You are right, the objective of all this is to win, to make a profit, but if you try and it doesn't work out, don't get frustrated, you learn from mistakes, and I think that's a good initiative on the part of the halls to do these great tournaments that they benefit poker players in some way.
 CALICUL11/03/2021 18:16:44 GMT
What bothers me is that all poker rooms protect those who do more wagering more and others who run less disadvantage them to some extent. It's certainly not so random, but it's good if they lets us to make money. It is good if the amounts won are decent sometimes and not only small.
 geseco1211/03/2021 21:49:39 GMT
I don't quite understand what exactly you mean when you say that the rooms protect players who make big bets, well, what I do know is that the rake is lower when you play higher, but I think it's fair, because one day we have We have to go up to higher levels and we will benefit the same, we all go through that, well I know.
 Cesar1413/03/2021 13:22:36 GMT
I think it depends a lot on that level and the profits that the players who play at high levels give to the rooms, I think that we are all going to go through it, and it is a bit frustrating that it charges expensive and that the profits are small, but it is the there we can't complain.
 CALICUL14/03/2021 21:40:32 GMT
About this thing: poker rooms need to rethink their attitude, because if something doesn't change in good players will migrate to sports betting or other games. Wpt tournaments are fine for any large, medium or small player. Here you can earn more money and it's nice to play if we can.

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