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Unibet Poker Promo - The €30,000 Chip Race PKO Tournament

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Posted on 21 April 2021 by "T".

The Chip Race has turned 100 and is turning Supernova!

Come play at Unibet Poker this April, as there's a PKO Tournament going on right now sporting a €30,000 prize pool and loads more to give away, including €250 tournament tickets as special bounties for knocking out Dara O'Kearney, Dave Lappin, and Ian Simpson.

Unibet Poker - €30,000 Chip Race PKO Tournament

  • April 19 to 26, 2021
  • Compete against other players and look out for Unibet ambassadors to take the special bounty on their heads for a share of €30,000!
Finish in the money and you will also win a copy of Dara's book - PKO Poker Strategy: How to adapt to Bounty and Progressive Knockout online poker tournaments.

Buy-in is €100 and we've just added seats to exclusive satellites in the lead-up to the big Tournament on the 25th. They're a great value way to give yourself a chance to qualify for less.

How to Play

  • First off, sign up for a Unibet Poker account
  • Open Poker via the client, the app or directly in your browser
  • Go to the full tournament lobby in the poker client
  • Type "CHIP RACE" in the search bar to find all corresponding events
  • Compete against other players and look out for our ambassadors to take the special bounty on their heads

The Chip Race
First aired in March 2015, "The Chip Race" is the GPI Global Poker Award-winning podcast hosted by poker pros and Unibet ambassadors David Lappin and Dara O'Kearney.

A genuine variety show, David and Dara interview industry players and professionals, delve deep into hot topics and discuss the latest news with the help of Ian Simpson. Dara's strategy segments are legendary as he breaks down hands with famous players. 

You can listen to all episodes on Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud  and Stitcher . They also have a YouTube Channel  where you can watch their animated strategy videos, live interviews and spin-off web-show ‘The Lock-In'. 



Terms and Conditions
This promotion runs from 00:00UTC on 19/04/21 until 23:59 on 26/04/21
The ChipRace Bounty tournament follows normal PKO tournament rules and as such it is not possible to guarantee that an individual player will get a chance to play versus an ambassador before the ambassador is eliminated.
Players who knock out one of our ambassadors (Dara O'Kearney, David Lappin, Ian Simpson) will win an added €250 poker tournament ticket to the SuperMoon tournament.
The added-value €250 ticket bounty on the ambassadors cannot be granted to players from Germany, Denmark, Belgium or Sweden due to local regulations
All players who reach the paid positions in The ChipRace 100th Episode PKO tournament will receive a personal email from the poker team with a download link to PKO Poker Strategy by Dara O'Kearney
By entering The ChipRace 100th Episode PKO you agree to receive a personal email from the poker team using the email registered with Unibet
It is a player's responsibility to ensure that we have the correct email address
The added value of the ITM award of the PKO Strategy book cannot be granted to players from Germany, Denmark, Belgium or Sweden due to local regulations
All general terms and conditions of Unibet Poker apply at all times
All general terms and conditions of Unibet membership apply at all times




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15 comments on "Unibet Poker Promo - The €30,000 Chip Race PKO Tournament"

 dule-vu21/04/2021 14:43:47 GMT
even this race look great on start and it will offer lot of things in this 7 days,again unibet make news when everything started and they do this on every promotion that they have,to publish new 2 or 3 days later!another thing is that this tournament have buy in of 100 e,which isnt cheap at all,even when you will satellites of 10 e!will be interesting to see how many players will play this series on end,I dont think that will be lot of them!
 geseco1221/04/2021 16:32:01 GMT
Very interesting this promotion that unibet launched, these tournaments are very fun to play, great prizes are ahead, but the bad thing is that it costs expensive, 100 euros is not cheap, but it will still be very good to play or at least watch it.
 Cesar1422/04/2021 04:00:12 GMT
Unibet is offering very good tournaments, the entry for the great tournament of 30 thousand euros is around 100 euros, but there are satellites from 10 euros to win your seat in this tournament that will actually be with great news regarding the prizes.
 Rogerio1022/04/2021 05:49:58 GMT
It's a litle bit high buy in like others said if we condisder that unibet is not place that players registers for great tourneys series. Satelitles for 10 euros sound little bit more accepatble (i am talkng from my perspection of course) and tourney will probably be soft, maybe some tourney pros will try it,
 CALICUL22/04/2021 13:30:12 GMT
An interesting game for the power of Unibet Poker, but which gives you the chance to win a few hundred dollars, or in the case of a final table at positions1-3 - a few thousand. I notice that their ambassadors are unknown to me, and Isildur 1 don't think he's here anymore. Good luck with the qualification.
 geseco1222/04/2021 18:24:28 GMT
The big prizes are given in between tournaments that unibet is offering, although we also know that the tickets are not cheap there are satellites that can help you, the best thing would be to win a ticket and play for the big prizes and if you are lucky you will get it.
 CALICUL23/04/2021 14:15:18 GMT
Regular players have time to sit in front of poker tables for hours, but for other people there is no such thing and they have to reorient to larger satellites. I mean people who want to play. Unibet offers a good chance to win, because we don't have too many professionals here and the chances for a better game can appear more often.
 Cesar1423/04/2021 14:57:29 GMT
you also have a chance to win copies of Dara's book - PKO Poker Strategy: How to Adapt to Bounty and Progressive Knockout Online Poker Tournaments. That is interesting to be able to have them and improve your game, although the buy-in is € 100 you have the opportunity to qualify in some satellites that are preparing.
 CALICUL24/04/2021 14:03:25 GMT
I read about this thing or many other things, but i can't buy anything if it's not translated into Romanian language. I didn't like English in school, but i have options to play as i know. Momentary i'm not a high profit player, but i don't insist too much on learning. I want to be able to earn more in the future and it is possible. Personally, i would like to gain with my skills and not to learn from professionals. Unibet is a small room and here i have some chances in future.
 Cesar1426/04/2021 13:26:02 GMT
Of course, we must find a way to be able to play and be a winner in poker with your skills, that takes time to study and try to create solid strategies that in the end you will apply at the poker tables, each one will have their method to study , but it is certainly a good initiative if you want to go far in this game.
 geseco1227/04/2021 03:27:04 GMT
I particularly like to see how the players play and try to know why they make those movements in each poker hand, I think that is the best practice for me to learn poker, and it has given me good results.
 Cesar1427/04/2021 14:16:03 GMT
Each one has his method, in particular I like to see him play zeros poker as he plays, I like his videos that he does, he helps the community a lot with how to play, I have learned from him and I do well at the tables, even so I have bought some courses and they are good you learn how to really play poker.
 CALICUL28/04/2021 16:36:36 GMT
for low stakes the best way to learn how to play poker is freeroll games. There you have the opportunity to try more methods of play, but at medium or high stakes you will need to buy poker learning materials and see how the professionals do it. With Unibet it's more easier to learn.
 geseco1229/04/2021 04:39:37 GMT
That's right, friend, if you want to go further in poker, you should be trained in poker schools, with great advisers who help you play and have your game solid, now unibet is a room that can help you.
 CALICUL29/04/2021 17:32:15 GMT
I like to see players who have about the same still as me. When they are aggressive or play chaotically it is harder to concentrate because they are changeable. However, this thing should not be an obstacle because in final you are based on your cards and then try to qualify for Unibet tournaments. It can be easier sometimes than you think.

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