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Unibet Poker Promo - Poker Replay Rewards

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Posted on 09 April 2021 by "T".

At Unibet Poker, everyone is a winner thanks to their newest promotion that starts this April up until the end of the year!

Every player goes through downswings, from those just getting started, to experienced pros.

Unibet Poker has just got the thing to liven things up, so they have launched their Replay Rewards.

Unibet Poker - Replay Rewards

  • April 5 to December 31, 2021
  • Join the Unibet Community, play your regular games and if you're down on luck, complete missions and you get a share of €15,000 per week
Their algorithm finds down-on-their-luck players and gives them a little helping hand in the form of missions. These missions return €15,000 to players in the community every week!

All you have to do to be eligible is join the community and play your regular games. If you hit a rough patch, they'll come to you.

How to Play

  • First off, sign up for a Unibet Poker account
  • You must be a member of the Unibet Community
  • Open Poker via the client, the app or directly in your browser
  • Enjoy your favorite poker games
  • If you're among the players to suffer the biggest downswing in a week, you'll get rewarded
  • €15,000 per week will be returned to players



Terms and Conditions
Promotion active from 00:00UTC on Monday-23:59UTC on Sunday each week until 31/12/21
Real money players
Players have seven days from date of email to claim mission
No information will be given about the weighting specifics of the algorithm, but consideration will be given to the following metrics
Game format and volume
Time of day games are played
Community Activity
There is no guarantee of winning for eligible players. Players should play their normal poker game.
Only players with a community account will be eligible to prizes
Unibet reserves the right to change any part, or all, of the promotion or the terms and conditions
Unibet takes no responsibility for any loss, real or perceived, that players incur as part of this promotion
All general terms and conditions of Unibet poker apply at all times.
All general terms and conditions of Unibet membership apply at all times



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39 comments on "Unibet Poker Promo - Poker Replay Rewards"

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» Unibet Poker Promo - Poker Replay Rewards

 Cesar1413/04/2021 16:05:56 GMT
They are absolutely right, the most logical way is to be grateful for what the room is doing to be able to earn money for free, I know that many say that it is little or that maybe they should not focus on these prizes because it makes you a loser, each one he takes it as he wants.
 CALICUL13/04/2021 22:47:00 GMT
It's not easy to win freeroll money, if you don't have a poker room that offers many free games. More than that it takes time to play. I play a few free games a week, but rarely get better results. The fact that i have to play a lot of bingo, it brings you into the situation of luck, and less of abilities.
 geseco1214/04/2021 01:58:57 GMT
We must be grateful to this room, that although it is not very big compared to the others we know, they offer us this incredible promotion, if you have a bad streak, they help you to recover it through missions, that's great says a lot about this room. I really like this.
 dule-vu14/04/2021 11:54:56 GMT
as we see we have members that only write in every thread how to get free money and where to play freerolls and then he will tell how he make serious money on poker,yeah,come on Big Smile !
I know that unibet poker isnt big site as other poker sites,but still this site isnt only for freerolls and free money and this news is about rewards that you can get for your play!
 Cesar1414/04/2021 21:21:27 GMT
Those who are just starting out value freerolls very much, until they make money and can really play poker, we know that this room has always given the best for its clients, that's why it has grown a lot in recent years, I hope it continues like this.
 CALICUL15/04/2021 00:05:36 GMT
I did not see if Unibet still had an ambassador. Isildur 1 had signed a contract with them a few years ago, but now i didn't look to see if there were any professional players who advertises
for this poker room. The important thing is that they are friendly with their customers and that matters a lot.
 geseco1215/04/2021 03:05:25 GMT
I like this room, I have always said it, because the appreciation they have for their clients is unique, from the first moment they say that players go through bad times and what we want is to try to animate things with missions so that they recover something That makes me think that it is not just any room, and that they really have an enormous ethic that we can hardly see in other rooms.
 Cesar1415/04/2021 21:36:24 GMT
These promotions really make you love poker and the unibet room more, they always care about their players, they try to make them feel like winners despite being the opposite, that encourages you to continue playing and never leave poker.
 geseco1216/04/2021 03:47:37 GMT
This room is surprising me every day more and more, in the way and the way that they are aware of their players when they face bad streaks in the game, it does everything to make you recover from that, the important thing is emotionally and then economically so that you continue in poker
 CALICUL16/04/2021 07:51:50 GMT
I'm glad because you like it here in Unibet and need to insist for money. Even if this room is a smaller one, the important thing is to earn money. I think it's good here because i only heard nice words, but for me the software is an inconvenience.
 Cesar1417/04/2021 01:49:05 GMT
That's what a friend for that is what we are for, for us to benefit from this room, that will help our bankroll a lot, poker will always be a risky game and what better way to receive these types of promotions that will benefit us in many ways.
 geseco1217/04/2021 05:11:24 GMT
The unibet room has shown that it is with its players despite being below the big poker rooms, it offers promotions that are incredible for the players, and that is why many are valuing this room more.
 CALICUL17/04/2021 09:27:13 GMT
I am a little surprised by how many promotions Unibet has offered in these almost 4 months. I didn't think something like this would happen, and i have no idea how many customers they attracted, but it is very nice for both.
 Rogerio1017/04/2021 17:06:02 GMT
The unibet is doing allot to give something back to players and that there is fun also while playin in at their site. They just do great thing if you want to take a break from grinding and play hand or two for fun. Their software is really good for me. To bad they have so many country restrictiions.
 geseco1218/04/2021 05:33:41 GMT
All the players appreciate it, these types of promotions help not only economically, but also morally, mentally, emotionally, to be able to be calm, because bat beats will always exist, bad streaks the same, that's why this would help us a lot to everyone.
 CALICUL18/04/2021 10:16:37 GMT
I like the most a serious poker room that takes care of its players. To be honest, i haven't seen this in big rooms. The average ones take more care of their clients and are much more serious. Professionalism matters the most and Unibet has enough, even if they are smaller.
 Cesar1418/04/2021 18:14:38 GMT
That's right, unibet has shown a lot of professionalism in terms of the well-being of its online players, I think that's more than just any room that is interested in making money and that's it, but unibet is not like that, that makes many players enter to the living room and enjoy your games.
 geseco1219/04/2021 06:09:59 GMT
It only remains that this room grows more and more, it deserves it for everything it is doing for its clients, hopefully in the not too distant future it will be one of the most relevant, I know it is not easy, but if they continue in that line of offers they will reach the goal.
 CALICUL19/04/2021 10:41:59 GMT
In my country there is advertising on TV or internet with Unibet every month and this thing has been going on for several years. This means that they get involved and spend money to attract customers. In one day i will play here for a while and if i do well, i will continue.
 Cesar1419/04/2021 22:52:44 GMT
Marketing is important in this generation in which we live, it is a very powerful tool, for this more investment in advertising is needed, and sometimes they do not have enough money to do this, but little by little unibet is getting it.
 CALICUL20/04/2021 11:55:16 GMT
The time will come when i will try something here, and i hope to like it there, because many players from different countries say it is good here, even if it's not a lot of money. A profit of $ 150 or more per month would be nice, but must be enough players for that.
 Cesar1421/04/2021 03:09:45 GMT
If you can win that at low levels, and much more unibet that is offering great things for you to play in its room, the great offers and promotions that it has made are sure that many will want to play in this room, if possible.
 CALICUL21/04/2021 12:44:37 GMT
in case you win at sports betting and want to withdraw in maximum 3 hours you have the money in your account. It's obviously something fast and their operators deal with this quickly. I think they have more customers at their bookmaker than in poker.
 Cesar1424/04/2021 22:00:37 GMT
You can mostly find bettors since there the situation is easier, in poker it is different you have to be working metal every minute that passes, you should not be deconcentrated but the results will not be in your favor, that is important to know.
 CALICUL25/04/2021 14:59:56 GMT
In my opinion, we must to play where we can win money more easier than elsewhere. Where it is hard or the software destroys you, it is good to give up, because i tried where it is hard and i did not succeed. I like where it is easy to earn.

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