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Satellites now Ongoing for Unibet Open

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Posted on 18 May 2021 by "T".

Unibet Open has announced the second event of 2021, with a €200,000 guaranteed Main Event starting on May 30.

This edition of the Unibet Open will once again team up with the Unibet Online Series, and a plethora of satellites and qualifiers are already running on the Unibet Poker client.

For as low as 1 cent, players can win their way in to the Main Event in the ever-popular Centrolls, and there's also a huge number of €1, €2, €4 and €10 turbos along with €5 FLIP tourneys.

The €250 buy-in qualifiers are running every Sunday evening with eight €1,100 Unibet Open seats guaranteed. Ten-seat weekly qualifiers will kick off a few weeks before the event and €50 daily qualifiers will also get underway nearer the tournament.
On May 30, there will be both €50 and €250 buy-in Superqualifiers.

Unibet ambassador Dara O'Kearney said: "Unibet Opens boast an excellent feeder satellite system with feeders running every day leading to a weekly final that allows players of all bankrolls and budgets to parlay a small investment into a massive score. And I've even written a book to help - my Poker Satellite Strategy book is available on Amazon!!!"

The 2-day Main Event costs €1,100 to enter, and features a single re-entry option with a 15k starting stack. Late reg is open until the end of level 14. The final Day 2 is scheduled on Monday, May 31.

Many other flagship UO events are also making an appearance in the Unibet Online Series line-up. In addition to the Unibet Open Main Event, the schedule will include a £12,500 guarantee Unibet Open Warm-Up on May 28 plus a two-day £50,000 guarantee Unibet Open rebuy tourney starting May 30.

The 12th edition of the Series features 102 events over 15 days with four different buy-in levels, from nano to high-roller - giving everyone a chance of scooping some of the €650,000 total prize pool. There are also five leader boards, exciting mystery tournaments, and exclusive satellite tourneys adding an extra €23,000 in prizes.
All of this year's Unibet Opens are being held online, making it as easy as possible for players from all over the world to join in. Super High Roller Dominik Nitsche won the first Unibet Open of 2021 after taking down the online Main Event in March for €68,527. Nitsche, originally from Germany but now based in Edinburgh, beat a 320-entry field including a plethora of Unibet ambassadors.

The prize pool for the Unibet Open Main Event in March was a whopping €334,950 - way over the €250,000 guarantee. The Series as a whole also celebrated a huge turnout: there were nearly 26,000 entrants creating a guarantee-busting total ­­prize pool of €1,174,485. The coming series - which is the 12th edition - will feature a total of 145 tournaments.

Unibet's Head of Events Nataly Sopacuaperu said: "We really had an amazing first event at the Unibet Open in March. Not only did Dominik Nitsche - an absolute superstar - take down the Main Event but we also celebrated a massive turn-out and prize pool. We're very much looking forward to the next Unibet Open at the end of May and hope players take advantage of the scores of satellites available."





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13 comments on "Satellites now Ongoing for Unibet Open"

 geseco1218/05/2021 15:26:00 GMT
good promo for unibet poker, and as the ambassador of unibet says, it has the best satellite system that runs every day, and allows players of all funds to turn a small investment into a big prize, that's why this is about being able to make the leap to the most competitive level of poker, and that is why unibet has done this, good luck to all.
 CALICUL18/05/2021 23:21:59 GMT
I think this is the most serious game in Unibet because it is a fabulous tournament, even for this poker room. I didn't think they would offer such an event so quickly, but this thing is a big surprise. Enough good players will migrate here for this game.
 dule-vu19/05/2021 07:58:43 GMT
unibet see that they need to make everything online this year also,so they dont want to wait anything and they offer this unibet open online!we all know that they have tour in lot of european cities,especially that they go in not so big countries,like estonia and so on!
this satellites start from very low level,so will be hard to win package from just 0,01 e!
 Cesar1419/05/2021 16:54:32 GMT
The objective of this is to win, in addition to being able to give the opportunity to those who have a short bankroll to participate in the big prize tournaments with very low satellites, the important thing is to try it maybe they win.
 geseco1219/05/2021 17:30:05 GMT
This room every time gives better promotions, now it is big with tournaments that everyone can participate and win, the satellites are everywhere to give us the winnings package.
 CALICUL19/05/2021 23:40:43 GMT
is nice to play in this poker room, but i decided not to do it right now. I can't play anything important with their software, if i play at the same time in another poker room. I was convinced and i hope they change in the future that inconvenience, which bothers players. I have to save time and on this occasion i prefer to let you with these promotion and freeroll games. Good luck , mobsters.
 dule-vu20/05/2021 09:42:29 GMT
we all know that its never time for you!
unibet is known that they have something lower buy in-s for this unibet open tournaments and players pay less,no matter is this live tournament or now because of corona online!ofcourse prizes are not big as on other site,but thats why you pay only 1100 e for buy in!
 CALICUL21/05/2021 11:58:31 GMT
Time is precious when you have a good format of poker room software. It is not my fault that Unibet has one, that does not benefit me because it destroys my concentration. This poker room is growing, it offers more, but the software problem needs to be solved, and after that they will have more customers. I can't play at 3-4 tables at the same time, if they don't let me to change the table size.
 dule-vu23/05/2021 13:14:56 GMT
maybe prize pool isnt so big as on other poker sites,but if you are regular at unibet 650 000 e looks good,when you know that they have less players then other sites!so this prizes will be nice for place that they will pay and not low as everybody would think!
it will be good to read news about main event at least,to see how good was it and how many players they had!
 CALICUL23/05/2021 14:20:06 GMT
in a room like Unibet this year has been very good in terms of poker games. More serious tournaments for them, weaker players than in other rooms, good promotions, etc.... Whoever wants to earn a few hundred euros faster than elsewhere, can do it here, in Unibet.
 geseco1224/05/2021 15:46:57 GMT
The satellites can make you a winner of these great tournaments that unibet is doing, I think this year unibet has been doing things very well, the grounds are incredible and many will enter through both modalities, the important thing is to win.
 dule-vu24/05/2021 17:56:51 GMT
I see in their lobby that they have lot of tournaments now and that they have choice that they didnt had before!dont know is this mean that they have growth of players or what,but seems that they have much better offer then in last years!didnt play there for months,I think more then year,so didnt know about this!
but its question how much players like this unibet open and how much money they invest in online tournament series like this!
 CALICUL25/05/2021 15:46:18 GMT
Definitely we have to win, but that does not mean that we need to dream only in the 1st place. Money is also made with good positions at the final tables in tournaments. Unibet, like any other poker room, gives us this chance and it's good.

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