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Unibet Poker Promo - Play Poker Freerolls every Matchday

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Posted on 17 June 2021 by "T".

Unibet Poker gives you the chance to keep playing your favorite game of poker after the final whistle of the UEFA Euro 2020 matches.

  • Freerolls every Matchday
  • June 11 to July 11, 2021

Bet €10 on the UEFA Euro 2020 for a ticket to use at one of two daily freerolls and play for €1,000 every matchday.

You can play every matchday - once your qualifying bet is placed, your ticket is available and ready to be used the same day.

The first freeroll is a €400 Flip tournament at halftime of the last match of the day.
The second freeroll is a €600 Turbo tournament starting after the last match.
That's an extra €1,000 to play for on every one of the 22 matchdays of the Euro 2020.

How it Works:

• First off, sign up for a Unibet Poker account
• Place a €10 bet on the Euros on matchdays to win a poker ticket to be used the same day
• Download the poker client or play directly via the web browser
• Find the exclusive euro freeroll tournaments by clicking on your ticket on your account or by filtering to "Euro freerolls" on the MTT lobby

Get involved in the Euro 2020 aside from just watching the games - play some poker at Unibet and get your hands on that extra €1,000!


Promo Terms and Conditions
 This promotion will run from 00:00 UTC on the 11th June 2021 to 23:59 UTC on the 11th July 2021.
 The promotion is open to all players except players from Belgium, Denmark, Germany and Sweden.
 Players need to make a qualifying bet on Euros of €10. They will receive the poker ticket to be used on the same day automatically.
 There will be two tournaments every matchday for which the ticket can be used for.
 The first tournament is a flip tournament which is played during half-time of the last game of the day.
 The second tournament is a turbo tournament which starts with the end of the last Euros match.
 Unused tickets will expire and have zero value left.
 We reserve the right to change the promotion at any time.
 General Unibet terms and conditions apply.
 In the event of inconsistency between the English version and any other language version of the Terms and Conditions, the English language version shall prevail.


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11 comments on "Unibet Poker Promo - Play Poker Freerolls every Matchday"

 dule-vu17/06/2021 15:32:36 GMT
once again ther are so late with their news of promotion and this is just crazy,even this is major football event this year!
ofcourse for this freerolls you need to place bets every day on football games and then you can choose one of two freerolls,which is great,because then it wasnt be full of players on both!
so place bet of 10 e,win ticket and plus get ticket for free!
 CALICUL17/06/2021 16:49:16 GMT
Incredible how many promotions this poker room has. It comes one after another without stopping and if you are a player of this room, you can take advantage of these things to win prizes of any kind. Now another good one has appeared and is fine for many players.
 geseco1218/06/2021 18:43:53 GMT
This unibet promotion is incredible, you can bet on a euro match and quickly secure a ticket to big tournaments, it's like you buy two for 1, you enjoy double, good initiative of this room.
 antonis32118/06/2021 20:01:43 GMT
Nicce promotion by Unibet , you bet on your favourite sport match for this Euro , and at the same day you are given a ticket to play on eof three freerolls , win in case your bet loses or win sth extra if your bet wins . Great promo , this Euro ends in three weeks , players have a lot of time to play until then . Good luck everyone Smile
 CALICUL18/06/2021 20:54:02 GMT
I saw that it is an interesting promotion and those who play here take advantage in some extent. When are opportunities don't miss them, if your bankroll is small. Such a thing can give some extra chances to win something. Unibet is great in this moment.
 dule-vu19/06/2021 16:20:06 GMT
would be good to see how many of players who make bets on football games will play poker or in this case this freerolls tickets!we will have people who dont like to play this freerolls,but I am interested is this big number of them or small!
probably lot of them will not have time to lose to play freeroll of 1000 e,even this isnt small one!maybe if you will watch football and to play in same time!
 CALICUL20/06/2021 08:53:40 GMT
Anyone who creates a new account here has many opportunities to create a good bankroll out of nothing or with a small investment. Unibet had many promotions, also offered bonuses or other gratuities. I think they will continue in the same rhythm.
 dule-vu21/06/2021 19:42:04 GMT
bet of 10 e in todays world is nothing,because this dont worth as it was few years ago!so if you like to play poker for free,play bets,win on that bets and plus you will play on one freeroll every day!just is question does unibet players love both of this things,poker and betting on euro football games!
 CALICUL22/06/2021 11:13:22 GMT
Who wants to look for some gains can get from Unibet, because it has good offers but there must also be intuition for predictions. I saw that they have a nice range of bets and here you can choose to risk your money. Good luck, guys.
 geseco1213/07/2021 19:05:19 GMT
Most players also like soccer, I think it is an amazing sport and why not sports betting, now Unibet is doing things well this year, that way it will grow by leaps and bounds.
 dule-vu13/07/2021 20:53:52 GMT
promotion is over few days ago...

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