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Check out the new series ChampionChip Games by 888poker

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Posted on 17 July 2021 by "T".

888poker has launched their newest series, the ChampionChip Games.

What's great about this event is that is has smaller, affordable buy-ins but with bigger guarantees. Check it out!

ChampionChip Games by 888poker

  • Duration: August 8 to 15, 2021
  • Micro Buy-ins
  • Massive Cash Wins
  • High-jump into the $500,000 Main Event! Buy-in for only $50
  • Qualify for free Everyday

Get the heat on this summer with the new "ChampionChip Games by 888poker" promotion! Starting on July 15 Thursday, players will be able to join a part tournament series that boasts massive prize pools and still made super affordable.

The series will run through August 15 with the much-awaited $500,000 Main Event Day 2 topping off the action on August 16 at 18:00 GMT.

The $50 buy-in Main Event offers top-value for money. It will run as a series of Day 1s starting on July 18 right up until August 15 - one day before Day 2.

ChampionChip Fun for Everyone!

This poker tourney series is designed to deliver both action and fun with a side of challenging competition.

Thus, whether you are just a newbie or a more experienced player, you will definitely find something suitable for you.

Also, there's a trophy going to each winner - this series is seriously champion!

Check out the juicy tournament events below:

ChampionChip Games - Special Offers

If you are a first-time depositor at 888poker, there's a special offer in store for you!

• Make a first deposit of $10 using the promo code provided
• Get a free $50 ticket to Day 1s Main Event

You can also qualify for free in their daily ChampionChip Freerolls (for depositing players only).

It's time to ramp up the poker action this summer with 888poker's new ChampionChip Games!



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37 comments on "Check out the new series ChampionChip Games by 888poker"

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» Check out the new series ChampionChip Games by 888poker

 dule-vu27/09/2021 00:27:08 GMT
You love to answer after two months Big Smile
 philpax27/09/2021 15:04:21 GMT
It maybe two months old here but it's my first time reading it Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile
 CALICUL27/09/2021 15:55:43 GMT
The 888 poker software sometimes gives me errors when when is opened together with another room from the i poker network, but also with a google link. This has not happened before and i have windows 10. Something is not connected here and i do not know what or i have some programs that are not compatible. Cheers
 philpax28/09/2021 08:13:16 GMT
Hi, You need to DL the stand alone application for all of the filters you mentioned. It's stable as well...I am wary of programs closing in a money Tournament and always make sure of that first thing. You can get the program here :

it's stability.
 CALICUL28/09/2021 08:27:28 GMT
Thank you, Philpax Big Smile
 philpax28/09/2021 08:32:11 GMT
Posted by CALICUL:
The 888 poker software sometimes

The link I posted is for the latest version . I have it running in the background always as it is now. I'm not playing atm but easily could join a game, chat here with you, and watch youTube while playing. My sytem is not top of the line either. I have Windows 10 Pro , 12gb Ram Intel i5 dual core

Let me know how things go Smile
 CALICUL28/09/2021 19:27:06 GMT
I will try in november, after i buy another video card for my second PC because it is broken and has 16 GB Ram. The idea is that 888 poker software had problems, even when the second PC was running. I don't like how it works and i will try to look for a better windows or programs. Their old software was better
 philpax28/09/2021 20:46:25 GMT
CALICUL : I recall some issues at first when 888 upgraded from 7 to Windows 10. I have no problems now and I don't hear of any from players I know. I like this version better than the old. Maybe your issues were found in the early release. You mentioned issues with game filters, these work fine for me now You will find out in Nov Smile

Edit: The old version is obsolete and no longer supported so you you have 4 options:

The mobile apps (I hate it), Browser version for instant play (I hate it), Stand alone version for Mac (I've never used) or Stand alone for Windows (the one discussed here). Good Luck!
 dule-vu28/09/2021 20:50:45 GMT
before they had many problems with software and you couldnt even instal it on laptop,because my avg didnt allow it to do it,so they must have big problems with bugs or something else!
now when I cant play from february I dont know how it is,but seems that they still have problems!
 philpax28/09/2021 20:58:19 GMT
I don't know about problems in other versions, it maybe true. I can only comment on the Windows Desktop application and it's works fine for me and has for some time! This is 888's bread and butter application so I'm sure 888 put all effort into making it reliable. My opinion.
 dule-vu28/09/2021 21:01:45 GMT
I have older version of windows,because I dont need new one on laptop,but maybe you are right with this new one,so cant comment about this!but I know that I wasnt only that had problems just to download software and not to comment about installation!
 philpax28/09/2021 21:18:05 GMT
I copied this from 888's support page:

What Platforms and Operating Systems do you support?

The minimum recommended specifications to play are as follows:

PC Operating Systems:

OS - Windows 7 Home Basic
CPU - Pentium 1.8 GHz (or AMD equivalent)
RAM - 760 Mb
HD - 300 Mb available
Mac Operating Systems (shall be applicable at the Company's sole discretion):

OS version: Mac OS X 10.6.8
CPU: 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
Memory: 4GB DDR2 667 MHz
Important: Supported on the following browsers: Internet Explorer 11.0, Microsoft Edge and the latest version of Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

 dule-vu28/09/2021 21:23:29 GMT
thanks for this,maybe this will help to somebody,but for me its same,because as I said,I cant play at 888 from february because of goverment restrictions,so dont care much for them,but know what problems I had before this!avg didnt allow me to download it,because they had virus or something!
 CALICUL28/09/2021 21:41:56 GMT
the new version has a much harder lobby. I gave up looking for games because of that. They had to make the software much easier with the old settings.
 dule-vu28/09/2021 21:45:21 GMT
But they still need lot to improve it!their software just look old!
 CALICUL28/09/2021 23:48:15 GMT
I would like to change a lot if i could, but this thing will not happen.
 dule-vu29/09/2021 05:06:10 GMT
They should try not to lose so many markets and to try to take licence for them!
 CALICUL29/09/2021 08:20:02 GMT
Thank you Philpax for your help. We have an intruder in this discussion who doesn't even play poker in 888, because this room doesn't work in his country. He has a lot of problems...
 dule-vu29/09/2021 08:30:59 GMT
Stay away from me,nobody talk with you and answered first to him yesterday!you got even warning from tony that you spam in off topic thread!that show how stupid you are!
Instead that you answer to him,you write more then half post about me!
We all know how you spam in every thread about party poker,but you cant play at that since you are on this forum!
 CALICUL29/09/2021 08:40:30 GMT
you are the spammer number 1 and Abuse thread was something else. Fat Tony said a few weeks ago not to bother me with threads. I have friends in other countries who play in Party Poker and i know, but you don't play in 888 and you are a stupid and a shame. 888 threads is not for you and all poker rooms the same. You are not a poker player, but me i play slots sometimes.
 dule-vu29/09/2021 08:47:39 GMT
This answer show how stupid you are,when you say that you have "friends" who play at PP,but you dont how it look like!I know people who are doctors,but that doesnt mean that I know how to help people when they are sick!
But you must spam how every promotion is great from them and you cant even open their page or sofware!you dont go even from your house!
This is about problems at 888 software,not your freerolls play!
 CALICUL29/09/2021 08:54:58 GMT
you know nothing about me. I have VPN installed and if i want i can play there anytime. 888 software has many problems. Many players said this. Look at your spams. I'm talking about promotions and i don't destroy threads. You're the only one who destroy threads because Fat Tony doesn't block you. I try to develop all threads and i repeat: you destroy all threads because you are stupid. Look in the mirror and you will see
 CALICUL24/10/2021 16:35:43 GMT
I tried certain satellites in several of the 888 poker games or series and it was not successful. However, i think it is better to change the strategy a little and to try to have better results here. Someone told me that i must to play more and to have a level of over 140, to achieve something nice I have only 98 at that moment.
 CALICUL13/11/2021 20:36:49 GMT
I can't wait for the next promotion in this poker room, to try to achieve something beautiful. 888 is a good place and we must to have luck and a little strategy. Periodically is nice to manage a little win. They offer many advantages and you can not give up, if you like and want to make money. This is my favorite place because it is the room that gives you the most chances.
 CALICUL06/12/2021 09:13:59 GMT
I like the 888 poker series scheduled for one year because it offers the opportunity to play in tournaments with players who have greater financial strength but also a riskier talent in the game of poker. If we are careful we can learn a lot from these guys and 888 is a camera that can bring us many benefits.

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