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888poker wins Poker Marketing Campaign category on EGR Awards 2021

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Posted on 03 August 2021 by "T".

One of the world's leading online poker websites, 888poker offers players a relaxing and entertaining place to enjoy playing poker games. One of the reasons the company is successful is due to their revamped software, tournament scheduled and of course, their Made to Play marketing campaign.

888poker is happy to announce that they have won the Poker Marketing Campaign award at the 2021 EGR's Marketing and Innovation Awards, a virtual awards ceremony that rewards the most innovative and creative operators and affiliates in the online gaming industry. This ceremony aims to recognize those who have strived to bring something new to the industry in the last 12 months.

Made to Play campaign - Success!
The "Made to Play" campaign was launched as a multi-market celebration of 888poker's highly-anticipated Poker 8 product.

Powered by 888poker's own proprietary technology, Poker 8 delivers state-of-the-art software that presents an intuitive user interface.

Thanks to a creative and extensive global media campaign, 888poker was able to spread the word efficiently and quickly. They also used social media and influencers to spread their revamped brand far and wide.

Other than that, they also launched a promotions campaign that granted more than $1 million in prize money in round-the-clock freerolls, gift drops and daily spins. The campaign proved to be very successful as it resulted in a significant rise in new player numbers and a resurgence of active players.

VP Head of 888poker Elad Nir said, "This win is a true industry endorsement and testament to the hard work and dedication of the 888poker team. Alongside the launch of our fantastic new Poker 8 product, this campaign has brought a fresh and modern approach to the world of online poker, from the highly entertaining commercial and media activity to the exciting CRM campaign that placed our players in the center."



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22 comments on "888poker wins Poker Marketing Campaign category on EGR Awards 2021"

 dule-vu03/08/2021 10:17:03 GMT
dont know anything about this rewards and how long they give them,but for sure other sites also have lot of new promotions and products that players love!if you give this 1000000 $ freeroll promotion,then probably nobody give something like this,but still we have better poker site for players!about this poker 8 product dont know much,because I cant play at their site for months,because of country restrictions!maybe some other members will know more about it!
 geseco1204/08/2021 18:22:35 GMT
888poker was very famous at the beginning, it has remained at the top, but something is missing for it to consolidate itself above the others, there are more famous pages that are taking the lead, 888poker must change the software, it must be more attractive to the player, but otherwise it is very good.
 CALICUL04/08/2021 20:00:19 GMT
it's nice to play in 888 poker but they don't have strong software and it's not as well arranged as the old ones were. You can play nice poker, but unfortunately there are not so many registered players. I must to admit it's a good room, but they have to keep working and to get more customers.
 CALICUL10/08/2021 16:03:36 GMT
888 is good as long as they offers something to its customers. At the moment they do a good job with freerolls, but not with regular games. Exceptions are these series where good games come and we can win good money. For now, we need to play and see how profitable it is.
 MarkWest10/08/2021 18:19:05 GMT
Maybe they win this marketing award because of those freerolls but like Calicul says before ,
in their program still have some problems.
Not in poker part but casino part.
It's good idea from them that same time can play poker and slots but now it's almost one year when I wrote first time about it to them but they didn't fix problems between poker and casino.
Even now have updates for poker app those bugs just keep live in program.

 dule-vu10/08/2021 19:32:49 GMT
Thats what I said in last post,this probably just for inovation and new products,not for something that they offer for long time or reward for best site!they need to improve lot of things to be able to come near to party poker ane poker stars!
 antonis32111/08/2021 02:04:32 GMT
They deserve this award , they tried their best to bring sth new in their poker room and generally in the industry and I believe the numbers show they did it . Thos ''Made to play '' campaign was very successfull. The gift drops were my favourite , while being at the tables for some time , suddenly to see you 've just been rewarded a ticket (I won many free $1 tickets which I played later to get more expenssive tickets ) , and this was happening all the time , it was one of the best if not THE best campaign of free promotion ever , awesome !!!
 Rogerio1011/08/2021 04:42:27 GMT
I first heard about this reward. But i think they deserve it we always hear about promotions on their site, specialy freerolls for recreationals. And they try with their software improving allot too. Too bad there is not many bigger series there, but for micros site is ok. Congrats 888 poker.
 CALICUL11/08/2021 17:05:33 GMT
I would like their software to be better, but it has problems that force my video card too much. I thought it was from something else, but apparently not. They need to work harder, because it needs improvement. Otherwise it's pretty good.
 antonis32112/08/2021 01:00:05 GMT
Their reward system , I like it very much , the tokens that you accumulate and you use to buy things, tickets , casino bonuses , the levels that you have to climb up to get rewards , free tickets ,etc , it's awesome , also the fact that you can play on poker but at the same time casino sports and get points for the levels or win extra casino or sports bonuses or play so many freerolls and low buy in satellites . So many good features on 888poker Smile For sure one of the best poker rooms , also good for casino and sportsbetting Smile
 MarkWest12/08/2021 06:25:14 GMT
Yep antonis they have much good things like those tokens , if you are active player in poker , sportbet or casino it's possible quickly collect points and get those tokens.
Just 2 or 3 week ago was looked how much have tokens and change those in cash , it was around 52 $ , now they change it so can change only 1000 tokens it's 10 $ , don't know how many times can take it but this reward program looks very good.
Every 5 steps you take up levels and get some surprise , 2 time get extra points one was 8000 and one was 14000 so after those level change quickly Smile

 CALICUL12/08/2021 07:55:48 GMT
I'm glad because they win prizes
 antonis32113/08/2021 21:55:57 GMT
And now with their Twitch channel they have the opportunity to approach far more players , and let them know of the benefits 888poker has .They have many competitors , so they'd better use everything in their arsenal to prevail , this award will help them towardsthis goal .
 dule-vu13/08/2021 22:04:33 GMT
Depend does new generations love to spend many hours on watching poker!they are just too much different!
 dule-vu16/08/2021 21:26:45 GMT
they will need much more new things if they want to have new players on their site and not just this 88 $ for free on registration,because at least half of this players spend this 88 $ very fast and they dont make deposits after,so they have not big profit from this,they must do other things!
 MarkWest17/08/2021 05:54:19 GMT
Yep dule-vu that 88$ make many players to register and play.
Just like it happens to me about 2 years ago , like I told before I had little lucky and get around 300 or 400 don't remember with that free 88 and made withdraw without any deposit so after that I stay on their site.
There must be much players who try only that free 88 and leave sites so number of active players...who knows?
 dule-vu17/08/2021 06:31:44 GMT
If they have 100 000 active players,they can be happy!
 MarkWest17/08/2021 07:06:22 GMT
If they have 100000 active players , many of them play only freerolls , that site really have much to play all the time if have interesting about promotions , freerolls.
Those freerolls just will not be enough like you say , those bingo bango freerolls make you boring one day and then need found something new.
 dule-vu17/08/2021 07:18:03 GMT
In future somenthing need to be changed,or 888 will chnage it or players will change!
 dule-vu19/08/2021 10:42:34 GMT
if they want to have more players,to be better site,to have much more promotions,they they must be honest with players and to see what they can offer them in that moment,not to say how they have 10 million players in this moment and to improve their software a bit,not just to stay on this!
 geseco1220/08/2021 20:00:54 GMT
That's right, to compete with the greats, now they should get very new things, that way more people will enter the platform of this room, now it should not be stagnant with the same thing, we have very similar cases of rooms that disappeared because they did not renew .
 dule-vu20/08/2021 20:13:53 GMT
This isnt enough,they must offer something better,not just lot of freerolls!

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