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Win up to P$100 Every Day with the Exciting Fastforward Leaderboards at partypoker

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Posted on 06 March 2023 by "T".

At partypoker, the fastforward cash games are not only the fastest way to play poker and to earn cashback points, as thanks to the ongoing fastforward Leaderboards, these games could also be the most lucrative game type available on the platform.

The daily leaderboards award up to $100 worth of Party Dollars every day to its fastforward players, potentially giving their bankrolls a good boost throughout the week. Fastforward games are available in:

  • a No-Limit Hold'em format with blinds of $0.01/$0.02 to $1/$2, and
  • across three levels of Pot-Limit Omaha games: $0.01/$0.02, $0.10/$0.25, and $1/$2.

Fastforward Leaderboards

The fastforward Leaderboards are open to all partypoker players that currently have a cashback boost of more than 30%. If your cashback booster is 30% or less, don't worry, because you can still increase the value of your grinding by participating in the fastforward Boosted Hours.

Players with cashback booster value of over 30% can continue reading further details below.

Fastforward Leaderboards run daily from 18:00-22:00 GMT and can earn you four leaderboard points for every $1 you contribute to the rake during those hours.

Leaderboards are split into two, based on the stake you play. One leaderboard is for players grinding the $0.25/$0.50 stakes and below, while the second leaderboard is for $0.50/$1 and above. Both No-Limit Hold'em and Pot-Limit Omaha fastforward games are eligible for the promotion, so hit the tables and earn some points!

Up to 40 places are paid, depending on the leaderboard you're at, with all prizes paid in flexible Party Dollars (P$).

PartyPoker Dollars

Party Dollars (P$) are the flexible currency that replaced Tournament Dollars (T$) in April 2022. Before, some promotions awarded T$ as prizes and, as its name implies, it can only be used to buy into tournaments.

As partypoker wants to give everyone more flexibility, Party Dollars appeared! Party Dollars can be used to buy in and rebuy in to all of their real money poker games. This means you can spend them anywhere you like: at the cash game tables, fastforward games, multi-table tournaments, sit and gos, satellites, and even enter SPINS where you can win up to $1 million in just a matter of minutes!

Even better - any winnings you make from using Party Dollars are credited to your account as real money. Note that unused Party Dollars will expire after 12 months, but the games at partypoker as always thrilling so you shouldn't have any issue using them within a year!

Jump right in, win up to P$100 every day of the week, only on partypoker!




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61 comments on "Win up to P$100 Every Day with the Exciting Fastforward Leaderboards at partypoker"

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» Win up to P$100 Every Day with the Exciting Fastforward Leaderboards at partypoker

 geseco1225/03/2023 03:06:05 GMT
I really like that rooms like partypoker make this kind of promotions, where for playing you can earn extra points and accumulate on leaderboards and win money for it, good luck to everyone in this promotion.
 tomex1125/03/2023 06:48:51 GMT
geseco12 precisely points, rankings and such promotions are extra rakeback for players who play a lot. Regular players especially benefit from this. dule-vu, yes, every country has some websites to play, but there is a problem when it comes to the quality of these services and taxes, i.e. whether the game is profitable for the player at all, traffic when it comes to poker, etc.
 CALICUL25/03/2023 09:34:14 GMT
whoever wants to play in this promotion can do so, if they have opted for it and if it is a promotion where players are registered directly. Then it's good if he wins something. Good luck, mobsters.
 geseco1226/03/2023 03:58:35 GMT
that's why I really like partypoker because they are always doing promotions that benefit poker players, for example now they are doing hourly freerolls, you can win some dollars playing these freerolls.
 CALICUL26/03/2023 08:32:30 GMT
Party Poker has many benefits to poker or casino, that's why it's good for players with average potential to play there. It's a room where you can make money if you play nicely and responsibly.
 geseco1227/03/2023 04:11:42 GMT
for me partypoker is one of the great rooms that I have known, and that throughout its existence has been able to give the best to its users, in particular I have benefited a lot with partypoker, now with this new promotion even more for everyone.
 dule-vu27/03/2023 06:26:06 GMT
but do you play this leaderboard?
 tomex1127/03/2023 06:37:49 GMT
These types of promotions are for players who play a lot. You have to play a lot and pay a lot of commissions to get rewards from the promotion. It does not always pay off because winning from the table may not cover our losses ... But if someone plays on a daily basis and so much, he can always benefit. Because playing by force for this type of promotions does not make sense.
 dule-vu27/03/2023 06:41:37 GMT
we will wait for his answer till tomorrow!
 geseco1228/03/2023 04:33:20 GMT
partypoker is one of my favorite rooms, I like to play tournaments there, I have a great time, now with the promotions they are giving many players will join the party.
 dule-vu28/03/2023 06:18:48 GMT
but this is something that you need to play every day, but you dont play every day as you say and you have problems with electricity, so how this promotion and leadeboard affect on you and how do you collect points, money or anything?it would be nice to get some answer and to see details or just and with thread!
 geseco1229/03/2023 05:24:40 GMT
the problem with the rains and the electricity where I live is being solved little by little, while there is opportunity to play it can be done, I will not play for many hours as I want, but at least some hours if it is possible.
 dule-vu29/03/2023 06:05:57 GMT
its hard to expect any answer as I see and to hear something more from you! so this is leaderboard for all players that play every day and wager lot of money on this kind of games, so they can earn points and try to be on best places on end and then to get reward for it! ofcourse this isnt for freeroll players!
 geseco1230/03/2023 11:12:07 GMT
it is very true, it is more complicated to be able to play almost all day, on the leaderboard you have to dedicate many hours and play at a high level to win those first places, but it is still a great opportunity for everyone.
 dule-vu30/03/2023 11:38:36 GMT
good chance for all regular players who love this type of poker games!
 geseco1201/04/2023 14:23:14 GMT
That's right, a good opportunity for all poker players who play every day, this promotion will increase your winnings a little bit more with the leaderboard prizes.
 CALICUL01/04/2023 14:44:14 GMT
if players participate in it, i totally agree and it is good that they can earn something by any method. The bankroll is the most important and sometimes even if it is small, they can earn a little more for withdraw.
 geseco1203/04/2023 02:24:04 GMT
We know this is an amazing promotion from partypoker because we can win some more money with this leaderboard, good luck to all of you who are always playing.
 dule-vu03/04/2023 05:02:12 GMT
Good luck to all!
 F4xis03/04/2023 07:53:52 GMT
 dule-vu03/04/2023 08:00:48 GMT
hope that you will play it!
 geseco1204/04/2023 03:30:46 GMT
Good luck to all those who are always playing to be in the top of this partypoker leaderboard, it is not easy to play every day many sessions, but those who love poker if we do.
 dule-vu04/04/2023 05:51:55 GMT
Seems that nobody from forum play it!
 ggusia04/04/2023 06:58:17 GMT
Almost no one plays because they can't due to the restrictions introduced in certain countries. Well, we can't influence it, we can't play because our government doesn't want it. It's like the governments of some countries want us to play but in games that are under the full control of our rulers. It's sad that this is how the lives of many citizens of different countries look like.
 dule-vu04/04/2023 07:06:57 GMT
this will be problem for lot of countries!

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