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2023 WSOP Event #16: $25,000 High Roller - Isaac Haxton wins First WSOP Gold and $1.6M

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Posted on 16 June 2023 by "T".

Isaac Haxton now joins the circle of WSOP gold bracelet winners!

On the eve of Thursday, June 8, Isaac Haxton reigned supreme in Event #16: $25,000 High Roller NLHE 8-Handed of the 2023 WSOP at the Horseshoe Las Vegas.

This is actually Haxton's very first WSOP gold bracelet, and with it he's taking home the first-place prize money worth $1,698,215. He outlasted a player field of 301, with Ryan O'Donnell as his heads-up match opponent to wrap up the event.

Haxton said that he felt honored to be the last man standing.
"I've finished second and third many times for my biggest cashes so it's nice to finally win. A three hundred-player field for a $25k, yeah I guess it's gotta be up there with one of my biggest accomplishments."

Haxton was known to be forced to settle for many second and third-place finishes in the past, but 2023 has been treating him very well so far - he now has recorded six wins this year already, accumulating more than $7,000,000! In recent years, many poker fans have talked about the "Year of Fedor Holz" or the "Year of Justin Bonomo, but for Haxton, he is set to perhaps have one of the best years ever recorded in the history of poker.

His good friend Justin Bonomo cheered him on his rail and joined him during the post-match interview. Haxton was asked about his future goals and if he aspires to chase down the No. 1 live-tournament winner of all time.

He laughed and said, "No, not really. I don't really look at that stuff. I just really like playing poker and making money at it."

There were 13 players who returned for the third and final day of this tournament.

The heads-up play to determine a winner was between Ryan O'Donnell and Isaac Haxton: 



2023 WSOP Event #16: $25,000 NLHE 8-Handed - Final Table Results






Isaac  Haxton




Ryan O'Donnell




Darren Elias




Lewis Spencer




Roman Hrabec




Frank Funaro




Brian Rast




Joao Vieira



The win brought Haxton's lifetime winnings up to $37,509,332, placing him 12th on the all-time money list, according to The Hendon Mob.



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27 comments on "2023 WSOP Event #16: $25,000 High Roller - Isaac Haxton wins First WSOP Gold and $1.6M"

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» 2023 WSOP Event #16: $25,000 High Roller - Isaac Haxton wins First WSOP Gold and $1.6M

 dule-vu17/06/2023 00:32:59 GMT
First gold bracelet and great first prize!
 geseco1218/06/2023 02:31:11 GMT
congratulations for him, he deserves it, always giving his best in every poker event he attends, a player who has remained at a high level for several years, he is currently one of the best, keep it up.
 CALICUL18/06/2023 08:03:06 GMT
this professional player deserves a WSOP bracelet because worked hard in his career. He has been a star for several years and his talent is appreciated by many players. Congratulations for the prize he won.
 nuta5818/06/2023 13:53:48 GMT
a very lucky player, congratulations and good luck in the future...
Dollar Dollar Dollar Dollar Dollar
 dule-vu18/06/2023 14:08:05 GMT
He will win some more prizes and this years wsop!
 geseco1219/06/2023 03:19:30 GMT
is a great player, it will not be the last one he wins, his statistics are crazy, he is always present in the big poker tournaments, surely soon we will see him winning another big tournament.
 dule-vu19/06/2023 03:42:39 GMT
this is high roller tournaments with 25000 $ buy in and ofcourse we cant expect big number of players, but still 301 player was in this tournament and its not easy to be first on it! this gold bracelet and over 1,6 million dollars will be great prize for his effort! just dont understand this mask and why he is so afraid, but ok! this will be nice win and nice start for this years wsop and who know what he will play after this, but probably he will win more money, just depend on what position on some tournament he will finish!
 geseco1220/06/2023 18:15:15 GMT
These players always play at a high level, yesterday I was watching the final table of the 250k super high roller, a crazy game, excellent level, I think this makes you love poker more.
 CALICUL20/06/2023 18:41:49 GMT
he is a very good player who often plays at high stakes because he has enough winnings in poker and he obviously likes to play with big players. Some professional players play with smaller players to make quick money, but others prefer hard matches...
 geseco1221/06/2023 18:29:17 GMT
There are professional players who like to play with 5k and 10k entries in tournaments, but there are others who are always playing tournaments of 50k, 100k and even 250k, this is crazy, you have to have it well placed to play that amount.
 CALICUL21/06/2023 18:47:03 GMT
professionals players can do this and for some of them money doesn't matter too much. Some of them are rich because they not only won from poker, but also have businesess. Obviously for us the amounts are very high, but at the WSOP it is all the cream of the professional players.
 geseco1223/06/2023 04:09:48 GMT
That's right my friend, some are rich from other businesses and others are great poker professionals who have started from the bottom, in particular I really like this player, I love his style of play, I hope he continues to play at the top.
 dule-vu23/06/2023 08:12:46 GMT
Good win!
 geseco1224/06/2023 17:55:43 GMT
we all want someday to be like one of them, follow in their footsteps, and become high level players who play in major tournaments, it is an achievement that few can achieve, but with dedication can be achieved.
 dule-vu24/06/2023 17:55:52 GMT
 geseco1229/06/2023 14:37:27 GMT
I always see this player in the big poker events, it seems to me that a month ago he won a big tournament, he is a great player, I hope he continues like this, for us it is very proud to see high level players for many years.
 dule-vu29/06/2023 14:37:55 GMT
Great win and gold bracelet!
 geseco1201/07/2023 20:47:18 GMT
That's right, it's a pretty big prize for us, for them it's normal, they are always dealing with big prizes, besides this player is one of the big ones, always the best ones are getting the best results.
 dule-vu01/07/2023 20:48:19 GMT
We will see results!
 geseco1203/07/2023 01:51:56 GMT
is a great player, you have millions of dollars in earnings, a sign that with hard work and perseverance you can get great results throughout your life as a player, this one has proven it.
 CALICUL03/07/2023 02:11:12 GMT
he has millions from poker, but worked hard for his abilities to understand the game of poker so well. He made a greater effort than other professional players and in the end he got a bracelet. Maybe more in the future.
 geseco1204/07/2023 02:37:43 GMT
I think there are small details that will make you very different from others, many times you will not notice it, but it will make a difference in the future as a poker player, this man is a clear example of it.
 dule-vu04/07/2023 04:45:13 GMT
Ha,ha, yeah, small details between him and you Big Smile
 geseco1205/07/2023 02:58:13 GMT
I am talking about the differences between the best poker players who are always playing big tournaments, I hope you read well before commenting nonsense, I hope you can understand.
 dule-vu05/07/2023 04:39:18 GMT
I can read and you write: small details that will make you very different from others! So you say you, like somebody from members!

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