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Turn $0.01 into $10K at the partypoker Sunday Party Tables

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Posted on 18 August 2023 by "T".

These days, what can you buy with $0.01? Pretty sure the answer would be - none.

Great news, because at partypoker, you can actually turn this single cent into your ticket to a $100,000 or more guaranteed prize pool in their weekly Sunday Party tournament! If you manage to successfully eliminate all of your opponents, you'd be sitting on a potential top prize worth $10,000 or more!

The Sunday Party is partypoker's biggest online poker tournament of the week. Currently, its guaranteed prize pool is set at a stunning $100,000, but this had already been doubled during their popular online festivals. Normally, buying in to the Sunday Party sets you back $109, but thanks to multiple satellites running around the clock, you can win a seat for just 1 cent and a little bit of luck.

In the search bar inside the "Tourneys" tab of the partypoker sofware, type "Sunday Party" to unveil every satellite feeding into their flagship weekly event. Sort by Buy-in and you will see The Sunday Party Centroll tournament cost, and as the name implies, 1 cent to enter.

Advance from the centrolls with a $1.10 Phase 1 entry. Make it through Phase 1 and battle with fellow partypoker players in a $5.50 Phase 2. Making it through Phase 2 will have you sitting down in the Phase Final, which takes place at 7:05 BST on Sunday with 50x $109 Sunday Party seats guaranteed!

There are other satellites as well. These cost $0.55, $3.30, and $16.50 to enter, with the latter awarding $109 tickets to the winners.

The Sunday Party details

The Sunday Party starts every Sunday at 19:05 BST. Each participant begins with 100,000 chips and plays to a 12-minute clock, where blinds start at 500/1,000/100a. Late registration stays open for 12 levels, and you can re-enter up to three times should your first few bullets fail.

The below table shows that the blind structure is excellent, with any player buying in during the last level of late registration still having a 25 big blind stack.

The Sunday Party is a progressive knockout tournament. Win a minimum of $12.50 for each opponent you knock out, but thanks to PKO rules, those bounties will soon grow even bigger! It is common for players at the final table to win four-figures worth of bounties!

The Sunday Party is a two-day affair, allowing the structure to be great. Day 1 ends when only 16 players remain. They will then return to their seats at 20:05 BST on Monday. A champion is crowned on Day 2. Will that be you?

The Sunday Party - Final Table Results on July 22

The July 22 edition of the Sunday Party attracted 1,091 entries, which created a $109,100 prize pool. Half of that sum went into the main prize pool, and the top 183 finishers won a share, while the remaining half was awarded as bounties.

With bounties included, everyone at the final table took home almost $1,500, with the final champion claiming almost $14,000! Partypoker player "Gandalf Sax Guy" was the champion of the July 22, 2023 Sunday Party tournament. His prize for eliminating 15 opponents on his way to the top consists of a $6,428 main prize pool payout plus $7,564 worth of bounties!



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91 comments on "Turn $0.01 into $10K at the partypoker Sunday Party Tables"

Displaying only the 25 latest comments. To view all comments, please visit the forum thread:
» Turn $0.01 into $10K at the partypoker Sunday Party Tables

 geseco1212/09/2023 03:21:39 GMT
Since I met partypoker I liked this room, it has been operating in my country for many years and I have always seen how they have evolved with their events, they always give great opportunities to low level players to also join the party.
 dule-vu12/09/2023 05:00:31 GMT
O god what what u member, just a spammer and collector of points!
 antonis32113/09/2023 04:03:15 GMT
i have two tickets . I would like to watch some table of 109$ Sunday Party before i play them , but the problem is that the hand history replayer works only if you actually are playing on this tourney , then it shows you all previous hands .
I like that at Pokerstars the hand history replayer shows hands of all tables that are open , either you are playing at them or you just observe them .
i can watch up to two tables live while i play other games , more its impossible because of the width of my screen and because i have no time while i play . even too much , maybe just only one table .....,and the action is very slow , thats boring .... i opned last time some table of the Sunday party it was very boring .....
i might watch some high stakes bounty hunter games at pokestars , i dont think the rng would be much diferent at bwin .... that would prepare me for the sunday party games , ....i think ...
 dule-vu13/09/2023 04:51:37 GMT
 antonis32114/09/2023 21:10:28 GMT
man .. 3 hours ago i was playing a 11$ ticket at Pokerstars to win a 109$ ticket , he (8bb) doesnt shove , he just bets 7bb with KQs , leaving 1 bb behind , i have KK , i think i know what he wants me to do , shove , then he calls and hits Ace on the board ((i though he had Arag hand ) i just call , no Ace on the flop , i bet one bb , he tanks , delays , spends some time bank , then he calls , runner runner on turn and river A and Jack for a starlight with his KQ and a 10 on the flop . lol crazy man ,

these hands drive you crazy . its very sad to lose to such hands , i mean many say poker is not rigged , that when you exaggerate when you say that many play with the RNG , which is problematic ,t hen you see such hands...

i know this thread is not about pokerstars .. i mentioned it only because thats the gamestyle at the high stakes , they give you bad beats , the players , the RNG , the bots , everyone . Thats why i do not care so much for having these two 109$ tickets at bwin for Sunday Party . Also a 109$ ticket at PokerStars for Sunday Million ..
in the past i would feel so happy if i won two 109$ tickets , i would make dreams , but nowasays i do not feel happy , i do not feel optimistic . even if i had 10 or 100 109$ tickets , still i wouldnt feel confident or optimistic for profits lol
 dule-vu14/09/2023 21:13:07 GMT
 Gedemonas16/09/2023 00:04:35 GMT
Yeah it's always sucks to loose like that Sad
 CALICUL16/09/2023 00:10:35 GMT
we have to relax when we lose because this is online poker where bad hands come much more often than in live poker. It's sad because we lose a lot of hands like this and very rarely win, but if we want qualifications we have to play satellites.
 antonis32118/09/2023 00:38:52 GMT
They used to give away 50 tickets in this sat for the Sunday Party , now they changed it to 30 . Now it's more difficult to win . Also I have the feeling that players play even more crazy than before in the freeroll and the first sats , I struggle to get a $1.10 ticket , I have some time to win a 5.50$ sat ticket for this event . It's harder for me now.
 CALICUL18/09/2023 00:46:06 GMT
any great chance with a small investment must be tried if time allows. Cool
 geseco1219/09/2023 06:38:15 GMT
partypoker is a room that has always been concerned about the user, since it was launched to the market has given the best events where players of all levels can participate, so always continue in this way, good luck to all.
 dule-vu19/09/2023 06:55:49 GMT
such a old thread...
 geseco1220/09/2023 11:43:34 GMT
you are right, it is a very old thread but I keep rescuing this poker room that always gives the best offers and promotions to their customers, I hope they continue to operate in my country for many years, this kind of events is the one you like.
 dule-vu20/09/2023 11:51:46 GMT
wow, what to say.
 antonis32120/09/2023 15:54:48 GMT
It might be an old thread but the promotion is ongoing , it's not over . So I don't understand why we shouldn't post on it . It's not like the McClaren series that has ended . This one , this promotion is still on the lobby . I also I have my two $109 tickets Smile .

Lol . It would be funny if they expire and I do remember to play them . What's really bad with PartyPoker and Bwin is that they do not show the expiration date of all available tickets for one specific event ,but only the expiration date for the first ticket . So I know when the first ticket expires , but I do not know for the second . So I am forced to play the first of the two tickets this Sunday . The second probably next Sunday .
Good luck to me !!!!
 dule-vu20/09/2023 16:29:18 GMT
Because he dont say anything new about promotion, he doesnt play it and he just write to collect 10 points! Now you get it?
Good luck!
 geseco1221/09/2023 13:13:30 GMT
as the news says, what can you do with 1 cent on the dollar, almost nothing, but at partypoker this can work, you can play with as little as 1 cent on the dollar and participate, you can turn this single penny into your ticket for a guaranteed jackpot prize of $100,000 or more in their weekly Sunday Party tournament and many more prizes for eliminating all your opponents.
 dule-vu21/09/2023 13:14:40 GMT
As I said...
 ligador3722/09/2023 13:22:10 GMT
These types of tournaments are always good, because they allow everyone to participate. Of course, for only 0.01 one will have a much more difficult time reaching the main tournaments, but it is possible. I recently turned a $2.20 buy in into a $109 ticket. It's just applying what you have studied, and a little variance on your side
 dule-vu22/09/2023 13:28:18 GMT
with that you cant do almost anything!
 antonis32122/09/2023 15:02:46 GMT
Yeah , I agree that it is not easy to win big via a centroll , it's difficult. But if you have time , if you play other games at the same time (not just only these centrolls or freerolls) then why not , why not play also these centrolls ?? The only reason not to play them is when they distract or mess your decisions in other games or if you have many tables open , so one more makes it harder and if it's a centroll it doesn't worth it
But these occasions aside , it's good in all other circumstances to try you luck with centroll or freerolls , at least once in a while . If this is not a problem , if you have time
I have the feeling that even big bankroll guys or whales once in a while might play such a game , for fun or who knows why .
 dule-vu22/09/2023 15:03:44 GMT
Because you spend hours on them and most of players dont win anything!
 ligador3723/09/2023 16:30:12 GMT
The key in this type of tournament is to be willing to pay several re-entries and the add on, or at least the add on. It is quite important if one wants to get some of the tickets for the next tournament.
And then knowing how to play the bubble, choosing better hands, but well, what one should know in poker. Plus a little variance in your favor
 antonis32123/09/2023 16:39:50 GMT
I won 2 $109 ticket . I might win sth when I play them , or not , it sucks to have such expensive buy ins and not win sth , but it's variance

What matters is that if it weren't for these centrolls I wouldn't have ever have the chance to play such expensive games , my bankroll doesn't allow it .

The same applies in every poker room . Centrolls or freerolls can get you access to high buy in games with almost zero investment

Now , besides Bwin , I recently won also a 109$ Sunday Million ticket on Jokerstats through the power path steps . This is also a nice promotion . I still have this ticket
In the past I also won a 109$ ticket ,with a 1$ hyper sat , but I lost second hand my JJ Vs AA lol
I have also won many 55$ or 22$ or 11$ , on cheap sats or centrolls or freerolls , these helped me a lot to have some extra shots on higher stakes games

 CALICUL23/09/2023 17:14:23 GMT
we have to insist until we are lucky to get money with these tickets when we win them. It doesn't matter that the ticket is 5.50, 11, or 215 dollars. it's important to succeed in making money.

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