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Sports Betting Ads Could Be Banned In Australia

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Posted on 15 April 2016 by "T".

Professional sports and games will always have sponsors that help in making the event possible. Companies sponsor huge amounts of money on gaming events mainly as a means of publicity and advertisement.

Like them or not, if there are no huge companies to sponsor sports games, the ticket prices will surely be very high, as the event host will have to need to collect more on entrance tickets to make any profit.

Ads and banners of sponsors are commonplace in any sporting or gaming events. Although they can sometimes become distracting, they are in every way, legal. 

Among the many ads you will find in sports games these days are sports betting ads. Like companies who contribute and finance sponsorships as a means of marketing and promotion, sports betting businesses also pay huge money to get their ads posted on sporting events.

In Australia, a political group is pushing to ban all sports betting ads entirely. It seems they are not amused with the advertising of gambling and thus have filed a bill that will eliminate sports betting companies from placing any ads, regardless of event and location.

Senator Richard Di Natale, leader of the Australian Greens, emphasized that his political party wants sports betting ads to be treated just like that of cigarettes.

"The Greens have a bill to stop the promotion of sports betting, in the same way tobacco advertising was banned in 1992. Nobody is saying people shouldn't have the freedom to have a punt if they want, but watching a game of footy shouldn't be like walking into a casino," Di Natale said.

"Sports betting ads still dominate sport with one in six ads aired during the first round of the AFL for sports betting," he added. "It's time to take the promotion of gambling out of sport and to stop normalizing gambling for our kids."

The gambling industry in Australia has reached record levels with more and more people spending money on gambling. In 2015, an estimated amount of $17.4 billion USD was spent on gambling. In the world of gambling, the Australians come out on top as the biggest spenders.



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