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Bet on Eurovision Song Contest 2016 - First semifinal

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Posted on 10 May 2016 by "H".

It's finally here again. It's that time of the year. Eurovision Song Contest 2016. It's the biggest Song Contest in the world, and the first semi-final is here.

The Eurovison Song Contest is the biggest song contest in the world, and it's a tradition for many families to get together and watch this event, crossing fingers for their nations.

The first semifinal og the Eurovision Song Contest is today, and we have taken a look at the odds for you for the first semifinal


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Who will win the first Eurovision 2016 Semifinale

Russia: 1.20
Armenia: 5.00
Malta: 16.00
Czech Republic: 17.00
Netherlands: 21.00
Aserbajdsjan: 21.00
Croatia: 26.00
Hungary: 34.00
Iceland: 51.00
Cyprus: 51.00
Estonia: 51.00
Bosnia & Herzegovina: 81.00
Austria: 81.00
Greece: 101.00
Moldovia: 151.00
Finaldn: 251.00
San Marino: 251.00
Montenegro: 301.00

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7 comments on "Bet on Eurovision Song Contest 2016 - First semifinal"

 pochui11/05/2016 08:02:58 GMT
well russia's performance did look great from the technical point of view, not too great song, but technical side really excelled, especially after seemingly millions of sh1tty performances in the 1st semifinal. hope for more watchable songs in the 2nd semifinal. oh i kinda enjoyed cyprus.
 MykolaII11/05/2016 09:03:27 GMT
Hi, everybody.
If Lazarev isn't disqualified that Russia will continue fight further.
I think (and very much I want) that Ukraine has won and it will be on the first place.

Good luck all in life and at tables.
 DaCapo7111/05/2016 21:12:07 GMT
Hehe a betting tip for the esc semi final contest are a little bit crazy in my opinion. But i like the esc contest, there are a lot of crazy guys and friendly neighbours create interesting winners in the past Big Smile
 bowie198412/05/2016 00:34:07 GMT
There are some sites where you could bet on things like how much rain gonna fall on a given day in some scandinavian city.
Betting on an awful karaoke contest - where the real winners are those who won't turn their tv's on while this playin' out - is more negative EV than wagering money on the weather reports.
 Calmplay12/05/2016 05:27:45 GMT
Hi guys, tell me is it possible to bet on a contestant to finish in the top 3? as I want to do it on the France one...
 qzmag12/05/2016 09:06:29 GMT
Yes u can. in grand final, there is a top 5. semi final is top 3. I doubt France will be in top 5.
 MykolaII12/05/2016 09:58:45 GMT
Hi, everybody.
Ukraine - 1 place.
Ukraine - 1 place.
Ukraine - 1 place.
Ukraine - 1 place.
Ukraine - 1 place.
Ukraine - 1 place.
Ukraine - 1 place.
Ukraine - 1 place.
Ukraine - 1 place.
Ukraine - 1 place.

Good luck all at tables and in life.

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