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Super Bowl 51 Coming Up!

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Posted on 01 February 2017 by "T".

The National Football League (NFL) championship game between New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons is just days away now! Each year Super Bowl brings the United States to a standstill with its expensive commercials, world-class halftime entertainment acts and, of course, America Football at its very best!

The 51st championship game (Monday, February 6th at 00:30 am CET) will take place at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas and is expected to attract 140,000 visitors and cost the city $5.5 million. It might sound like a lot but the event is expected to fuel the local economy with at least $350 million thanks to visitors spending money on hotels, entertainment, food and drinks.

Here are some fun facts on Super Bowl 51:

  • NRG Stadium is able to hold 71,795 spectators
  • Over 100 million TV viewers in America, and many more worldwide
  • Average reseller ticket price on Monday was over $6,000
  • 30-second TV Ad costs more than $5 million
  • $4.7 billion (97% illegally) in wagers will be placed
  • Lady Gaga is headlining the halftime show
  • Bookmakers hold New England Patriots as favourites to win the final


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14 comments on "Super Bowl 51 Coming Up!"

 pochui01/02/2017 12:11:46 GMT
well this superbowl thingy enjoys quite a massive popularity back in the lands where the great leader donald tramp is the ruler of all things. not really into this feaver of bowl, even they are super, so nothing interesting for moi here, maybe except the amount of cash companies will pay for seconds of commercials time...
 arsenej101/02/2017 12:58:21 GMT
never got into football...buncha grown ass men tackling eachother just aint my thing. now womans beach vollyball. im on board with that
 dule-vu01/02/2017 15:33:15 GMT
cant say that I watch much of american football!in last years I watched few times,mostly super bowl games!its not sport that I spend lot of times watching,but this year maybe will watch too see who will win and will be interesting game!
 pajalnick01/02/2017 20:39:46 GMT
in the US it is certainly a very big event ... but I think in other countries do not have such a big fuss out of this event ... is a tradition it is the US, and only the United States ... but the bet is certainly interesting although I do not understand this kind of sport
 Gerimantas01/02/2017 22:04:06 GMT
I also agree with what has been written already by other posters that american football is mostly popular in united states, naturally it is called american. Stiil lots of information about super bowl when it comes near is on internet, many headlines, stories , interviews. Probably americans are going creazy for this super bowl
 damosk01/02/2017 22:07:49 GMT
I have to say that while I am aware of Super Bowl and what it means to many people across the globe, let alone in the United States of Trumpville, with its capitol at Washington Dictatorship Central, I have absolutely no interest in this event and won't be staying up late on any night soon but to those who do.... enjoy!
 doubletop77702/02/2017 09:27:02 GMT
I have always been a small fan of American Football but i always really look forward to the Super Bowl. I think that New England will win but the Atlanta Falcons have been scoring for fun and this could be a high scoring affair
 Robbo199002/02/2017 13:18:41 GMT
the only time of year people get excited by adverts on tv. also when you have 100,000+ cpacity stadium the atmosphere would be reason to go even if you dont know the sport.
 bowie198402/02/2017 20:12:57 GMT
Posted by doubletop777:
I have always been a small fan of American Football but i always really look forward to the Super Bowl. I think that New England will win but the Atlanta Falcons have been scoring for fun and this could be a high scoring affair

I'd recommend taking the under tbh. Super Bowls are not really high scoring affairs and I see plenty potential running game in this match. The fact that the line is still close to sixty points now is a gift from the gods - means the public expects high scoring game.
Take the under.
 Tony_MON7ANA05/02/2017 19:49:22 GMT
“It’s commonly known as the single largest human trafficking incident in the United States.”

Source: The Super Bowl and Sex Trafficking
 pajalnick05/02/2017 23:52:52 GMT
in the United States is a very cool event, and today I watched a commercial for the event advertising ... very interesting ... and to broadcast the exorbitant prices of course ... but I love football and not the correct rugby American
 dule-vu06/02/2017 12:22:24 GMT
I watched first half of super bowl!I am not some fan of american football,but I watched because its final and wanted to see will this match be good!but on half time I thought that all is over and cant believe that new england made such a comeback!
 bowie198406/02/2017 20:10:10 GMT
Cannot believe that Atlanta players could blew 25 points lead in the biggest game of their lives but hey theres a first time for everything. Absolutely ridiculous was how they have been outplayed after the halftime.
 pajalnick07/02/2017 00:32:08 GMT
Canadian tennis player Eugenie Bouchard during the Super Bowl between "Atlanta Falcons" and "New England Patriots" the bet date user Twitter. When the score was 28: 3 in favor of the "Falcons' 22-year-old athlete wrote:" By the way, I knew that "Atlanta" win. " In response, one of the social network of users invited her to make a bet: go out with him if he wins the "Patriots." Bouchard agreed. As a result, "New England" won with a score of 34:28 and won the Super Bowl. Bouchard lost the bet, and have asked where her lover lives. Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

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