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Tom Dwan gets interviewed by Nick Shulman on High Stakes Poker and Short Deck

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Posted on 24 November 2020 by "T".

A month ago Phil Ivey got interviewed by Barry Greenstein on mental fitness and how he got so great at poker. This time, let's check out Tom Dwan getting interviewed by Nick Shulman on High Stakes Poker and Short Deck, along with other poker stuff you might find interesting.

In late September, online poker room Poker King announced its three new sponsored pros: Jean-Robert Bellande, Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan.

Tom "durrrr" Dwan talked with fellow poker pro Nick Shulman on two-part videos. The first one was about the new High Stakes Poker, the most he has won and lost in a single day, and whether he has ever been kidnapped by the mafia while in Asia.

The revamped High Stakes Poker shall be airing new episodes in the beginning of December 2020 on PokerGo. It has been nine years since the last HSP episode has been made.

Dwan sat down with Nick Shulman in an "Ask Me Anything" interview in which questions came from a Reddit AMA post and in the 2+2 poker forum.

Video: Tom Dwan answers the $20 million question

The second video was on how he was able to stay ahead of the curve in the high stakes world with PLO and Short Deck poker. The poker community considers Dwan as one of the Top 5 Short Deck players in the world, but of course he has been playing and studying the games much longer since he spends most of his time playing nosebleed high stakes in Macau and other parts in Asia.

Short Deck wasn't common in the United States, but in reality high stakes poker pros have been playing it in other parts of the world for years. Tom Dwan was one of the first Americans to take a whack at the variant of Texas Hold'em and since he was already a PLO expert that helped him stay ahead of the learning curve.

Key info on Short Deck poker:

  • Short Deck Hold'em I salso known as 6+ (Six Plus) Hold'em
  • A No-Limit Poker game with a reduced deck; uses 36 cards only (2's thru 5's removed)
  • Ace acts as high (TJQKA) and low (A6789) for making straight (so acts as A and as 5)
  • Flush beats a full house

Playing Short Deck poker is fast, fun and exciting as it makes it easier to hit a set when compared to a regular game. Short deck players holding a pocket pair have 2 cards remaining from the 34 to give them a set as opposed to 2 cards out of 50 in the regular game.

Dwan said, "Any time you change the game, some neat stuff will happen. Short deck has a lot of cool stuff."

Nick Shulman said that Dwan became one of the "Top 3 to 5 short deck players in the world. People talk about you like you're a savant."

Dwan explained, "I was playing short-deck before a lot of people. There was a time when I was way ahead of everyone because no pros were playing it. I have been working on it for two years and at high stakes."

He continued, "Up until a year ago, lot of people where thinking about the game wrong. A few had an idea, but not a lot of people. There's intuitive spots that people missed because they were new to the game and they'd miss high-value spots."

Video: Tom Dwan: How I Stay Ahead of the Curve.


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24 comments on "Tom Dwan gets interviewed by Nick Shulman on High Stakes Poker and Short Deck"

 geseco1225/11/2020 02:16:05 GMT
For me Tom Dwan is one of the best players in history, I see his plays and strategies, he is an aggressive and good player, he knows how to fold in situations that some would not fold, also his ability to read the game is impressive, that's why he has millions With dollars to his credit and big tournaments won, he mostly specializes in cash.
 dule-vu25/11/2020 13:20:21 GMT
now dont have time to watch this videos,but probably they are interesting and lot of poker players and members from here will watch it!he is so long in poker,he had so many big winnings,he love to play private live games,so he can talk for hours and answer on lot question about poker!we dont have much players like him and young generations can learn lot from him!
 antonis32126/11/2020 09:34:08 GMT
So Tom Dwan was not kidnapped by Asian mafia , wasn't that the reason he was absent for so long Big Smile lol It's good to see him again , answering some quesions , giving some tips ,showing that he is still motivated to play the game he loves a lot , and that he has plans for the future . He is one of the best , despite the new wizards of the game and the development and the srudy of the game the;pros had all these years .
 CALICUL26/11/2020 19:43:42 GMT
Interesting situation for 3 players who found a sponsor. Jean-Robert Bellande don't know who he is, but Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan are living legends and still quite young. I will also watch this video who have for minutes and a half, to see what it says.
 geseco1227/11/2020 04:22:27 GMT
Tom Dwan is one of my favorite players, his level of aggressiveness is tremendous, in addition to knowing how to read his opponent's hands, he is not intimidated by large bets, and he is capable of making an allin of almost 1 million dollars and does not tremble nothing, a great player with high stakes, a pro worth imitating by all of us.
 CALICUL27/11/2020 21:06:48 GMT
We can't make money from poker if don't have aggression, intuition and a lot of bluffing. The strategies of a player like Tom Dwan can be used by many players with succes. We must a lot to learn from this professional gambler.
 Rogerio1028/11/2020 08:23:21 GMT
The guy is a legend. Playing high stakes for years and have ability do adapt to chages of the game is a quality not anyone have. Some players just "sleep" on old titles. Was nice to hear from him, since a didnt see him long in inteviews etc. I am looking forward for more ama's to come and sure for high stakes poker.
 CALICUL28/11/2020 21:18:40 GMT
That's the truth, you're right. When Tom Dwan performed at live poker tables, we didn't even have accounts created. Those periods were beautiful, but if you don't have many ambition, can't become an honorable and profitable player.
 geseco1204/12/2020 19:54:21 GMT
Tom Dwan for me is the best player by far, I like his very deep analysis of the hands in addition to being a fairly aggressive and good player, I like him a lot because he puts his rivals to a limit where he makes very difficult decisions, I think that he is a player who has won everything.
 CALICUL07/12/2020 19:02:31 GMT
That huge poker pot... of twenty millions of dollars it's a fascinating story that we should hear very well from Tom Dwan's mouth. The secret is pretty well kept but this super player doesn't have to give a name of his opponent.
 antonis32108/12/2020 10:53:24 GMT
I like that he says when he is asked if he was mentally beaten someday in his life , and thought to abandon poker , at least for some time , he thought , he thought , he answered no . Hmmmm , very big words , everyone has his very bad times and memories from the game , downswings , rep;eated bad beats , mistakes , personal attacks from players enemies , ...... he raised his eyes up , kept them there as if his mind was thinking then , and answered no .... That's not persuasive to me , lol . Anyway , he is a legend , now he is master in 6+ holdem , best of luck to him .
 CALICUL08/12/2020 19:39:49 GMT
I saw great players who played very important hands as amateurs. Tom Dwan, Phil Ivey, Viktor Blom etc.. Their physical and mental condition is not always high, because fatigue that sometimes accumulates it makes them to give up very easily for lose faster.
 geseco1210/12/2020 03:51:35 GMT
I saw many players with a high level throughout history, but I think Tom Dwan is one of my favorites, I think his game I like him, he takes you to the limit to exploit all his weaknesses from his opponent, his game for that earned him millions of dollars throughout his career.
 CALICUL10/12/2020 19:41:05 GMT
I don't know why he laughs during the interview and he's not a serious guy. Compared to other professional poker players, he smiles too much and doesn't answer exactly every time. Someone who respects himself should start doing this.
 geseco1201/01/2021 02:02:59 GMT
Tom Dwan is a great player, I know how he plays, I have seen all his videos of him playing high-level poker, and I know that he is a great aggressive and good player, I remember a crazy allin with AQ and the other had AA, It was tremendous, a pot of almost 2 million dollars, but for him it is a single, because he has won a lot of money, of course this is why he plays at those levels, but he has always been a winning player, an example to follow.
 CALICUL01/01/2021 10:35:26 GMT
Tom Dwan's bluffs are great if we think about it. An exceptional player if we take into account that as a young man he managed this good performances. She needs bracelets and titles but i don't know if he will fight for them because maybe he is very rich ( Asia..).
 Rogerio1001/01/2021 17:25:56 GMT
Yeah i think too he doesn't care and have too much motivation to get titles nad bracelets. He is like the legend of cash games from young ages, and will always be well known name in poker world. And like you said i think he has enough money from rich private games in asia.
 CALICUL18/01/2021 15:33:55 GMT
Tom Dwan can only be better if he is more serious. I saw this interview a little and he smiles quite a lot. This must disappear when the questions are mature and he becomes a man who takes poker more seriously. Then he could win bracelets.
 Rogerio1019/01/2021 13:12:09 GMT
Of course he smiles this is interview lol. That's not means nothing about how serious he takes his game. Probably more then 99 percent of the profesionals. That's why he is where he is. And from what i see in the shows like PAD, HSP he is really mentaly good not tilt allot and so much, at least outside he looks like that.
 CALICUL19/01/2021 18:56:20 GMT
It's related because Tom Dwan has a lot of times when he plays poker, and is not focused. He is more interested in joking and smiling. Will need to have a very mature focus for a title or a bracelet. It's not easy but maybe was successful online and in Asia but is not interested for a bracelets.
 CALICUL18/08/2021 21:40:31 GMT
I was pleased to see important hands from Tom Dwan's games because he is an important player who has produced many surprises for his fans, through his way of playing poker. I hope he will return to games more often because he is a player who deserves to be watched.
 CALICUL15/09/2021 10:55:34 GMT
I'm glad Tom Dwan started playing more poker in the USA than in Asia. His fans need to be more focused on his game to learn many things. He has done a lot in poker and is still young. He has the chance to win many tournaments from now on.
 CALICUL20/10/2021 14:20:48 GMT
A lot of stories have been told about Tom Dwan, but my personal opinion is that he made a lot of money there in Asia and plays poker much less often than he used to. He risked a pot of 20 or 30 million dollars in his games, and that means he was doing very well financially.
 CALICUL10/11/2021 19:57:34 GMT
how easy it is to take an interview with easy questions. I would like something beautiful that would make it difficult and develop the conversation that would be pleasant and rich in answers. Fans need interesting topics to put their ambition into action and play better.

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