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Phil Hellmuth vs Tom Dwan in $400,000 High Stakes Duel Rematch

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Posted on 13 January 2022 by "T".

The start of 2022 will see yet another intense heads-up battle between Phil Hellmuth and Tom Dwan on High Stakes Duel III.

Scheduled on January 26, the highly-anticipated poker game is a $400,000 heads-up match between the two poker star players. The match will be aired on PokerGO at 5pm PT so fans have the opportunity to watch the entire action. Though it is the third round of High Stakes Duel, it is actually the second match featuring these two rivals.

In High Stakes Duel I, the buy-in for that round was $50,000 per player. This is when Hellmuth defeated FS1 talk show host Nick Wright in July 2021. After the match, Wright declined for a rematch and the table was open for another challenger to step in.

Tom Dwan entered the scene for High Stakes Duel II, and added $100,000 to the remaining prize pool from the first round. This brought the pot up to $200,000 and the second round took place in August 2021.

Dwan successfully beat the Poker Hall of Famer. This was Hellmuth's first loss in eight games. Previously, the 16-time WSOP bracelet winner beat Daniel Negreanu and Antonio Esfandiari in each of the three rounds.

After the second round, Hellmuth was given the choice to either quit or challenge his opponent to a rematch at double the stakes. Never one to back out, the "Poker Brat" chose the latter and has to put up $200,000 to enter the third round, now doubling the prize pool to $400,000.

If the loser of High Stakes Duel III declines for a rematch or the winner does not want to offer a rematch, then the series will end. Either way, High Stakes Duel IV shall begin with a new challenger and revert back to its level 1 buy-in of $50,000.

Phil Hellmuth and Tom Dwan have a long history of heads-up matches, the first one dates all the way back to the 2008 NBC Heads-Up Poker Championship. In the first round of that 64-field tournament, "durrrr" cracked the Poker Brat's pocket aces, sparking one of the most memorable meltdowns in poker history.

The two have faced off in numerous cash games and publicly competed with each other again only in 2021. Over the years, they became very good friends.

Even though the second round of the heads-up match was quite uneventful, fans of these two poker legends can still expect a lot of action in the upcoming third round.

Fans should keep an eye out for what type of gameplay Dwan would use. Will he opt for a more patient approach or unleash his old hyper-aggressive style of play that involved random huge bluffs? It will also be quite interesting to see if Hellmuth too unleashes one of his infamous meltdowns when things don't go his way.



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31 comments on "Phil Hellmuth vs Tom Dwan in $400,000 High Stakes Duel Rematch"

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» Phil Hellmuth vs Tom Dwan in $400,000 High Stakes Duel Rematch

 CALICUL15/01/2022 18:35:02 GMT
it's not long until then and I hope it will be something special, because we have two super players here. These duels are far too interesting, and if they come with appropriate lines, it will be a successful show.
 geseco1216/01/2022 02:47:08 GMT
tremendous confrontation that is coming, two world-class players, it will be a tremendous spectacle to see them play, I do not know who will win, but Tom Dwan is always the favorite, he is an aggressive and good player and promises pure spectacle in this duel.
 dule-vu16/01/2022 02:47:14 GMT
Every heads up with this two players is great!
 geseco1217/01/2022 06:13:28 GMT
it is an honor to see these players face each other at a poker table, it is very much appreciated, it is not easy to get to where they are, so we are here to learn a lot from them, besides enjoying every move they make at the tables, great meeting.
 dule-vu17/01/2022 07:48:14 GMT
this amount with what they play heads up its just crazy!
 geseco1218/01/2022 20:32:25 GMT
That's right my friend, a lot of money in just one table, these are great professionals, and their hands don't tremble to play big pots, they are used to it, we can only enjoy these two poker legends, and learn from their moves.
 dule-vu18/01/2022 20:32:30 GMT
I know that lot of hands here will be for show and for tv,but its crazy what amount they wager!
 geseco1219/01/2022 23:34:49 GMT
dude they are used to play big bets, in a cash game in asia tom dwan made a 1 million dollar allin with AQ against a millionaire who had AA, HAHAHAHAJ, DWAN was bluffing, he is capable of making crazy bluffs no matter how much money he is playing with.
 dule-vu19/01/2022 23:34:55 GMT
I know that they play all time on high stakes level!
 eloy220/01/2022 01:42:37 GMT
The confrontation between these two great players is incredible. It is not easy to get where they are, they are great professionals. I wish them the best of luck. I hope that the best one wins the incredible prize.
 CALICUL20/01/2022 01:48:03 GMT
Phil Hellmuth and Tom Dwan are two professional players and they are too big for many PRO ... They made a lot of money and one of them has a lot of bracelets, compared with most professionals. They have something to show for their fans and it's great that it's televised
 eloy221/01/2022 03:05:26 GMT
ohhh how surprising these two players are the best professionals, they won a lot of money and prizes for being the best this time they are facing each other with a bigger prize I wish them good luck for both of them
 CALICUL21/01/2022 03:08:25 GMT
Their experience can be recognized by any professional player in the world who has played with them. Phil Hellmuth and Tom Dwan can do a big day show. Their concentration can be with only a few mistakes and watching him when they play, will attract you guaranteed.
 geseco1221/01/2022 03:47:50 GMT
These great players need no introduction, tremendous confrontation that is coming, for sure people will enjoy it a lot, we will learn a little more of what it is to play such high levels in poker.
 CALICUL21/01/2022 03:49:26 GMT
I really like their style of playing
 antonis32121/01/2022 05:18:51 GMT
It is going to be a very good heads up game between Hellmuth and Dwan , many will want to follow the action of these two awesome poker players , with the long history of games among them in the past . We will see who will achieve victory , I would like Hellmuth to take it down this time . Good luck to him
 dule-vu21/01/2022 07:29:42 GMT
they are two crazy guys who can spend big amount of money and not to regret at all!
 geseco1222/01/2022 21:38:39 GMT
That's right my friend, they are two great professionals, large amounts of money are going to move there at that table, there are only a few days left to see this great battle between these greats of world poker, they have been playing for many years and they are not afraid to play with that amount of money.
 dule-vu22/01/2022 21:38:51 GMT
We will watch their games for lot of years,especially dwan,because he is younger!
 eloy223/01/2022 06:08:59 GMT
big players Hellmuth and Dwan will be facing a jackpot duo this poker game is a $400,000 heads up between the two poker star players looks fantastic good luck to the two big players
 dule-vu23/01/2022 06:35:23 GMT
Eloy2 you can use sometimes .,! Big Smile
 geseco1224/01/2022 04:04:14 GMT
I really like to see this kind of confrontation of poker players, there you can see the level that they really have regarding their games, hopefully the best will win. hahaa, good luck to both.
 dule-vu24/01/2022 04:28:00 GMT
yeah,this was good very good show and we had lot of them before corona situation!almost every poker site had it and it was chance to see big names on heads up table and every time we had bigger challenge,with bigger amount on table!now they start again with this and will be fun to watch!
 Hyde515024/01/2022 21:09:17 GMT
The most dangerous players in poker are the ones who have no clue what they’re doing. Anybody who has watched a Phil Hellmuth meltdown knows what I’m talking about.

I confront this shit everyday. Morons going all in with nothing but a hope and a dream and a gamble.
 CALICUL24/01/2022 21:16:57 GMT
it will be interesting what the outcome will be between them and if it will be something very strong. They are very good hold'em poker legends and they can have good days and bad days and the duel may not be so good. I hope that doesn't happen.

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