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Man Utd Fan bet entire inheritance on Liverpool FC to win Premier League, wins 36k

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Posted on 16 July 2020 by "T".

The extremely lucky punter bet the massive amount early on in the season, and he's most likely the only Manchester United fan in the world delighted with their rival's victory.

Liverpool sealed the Premier League title on June 25 without kicking a ball, and they have done it with records tumbling. The club won the English Premier League title for the first time in 30 years. Jurgen Klopp's (pictured below) side secured the title after 2nd-placed Manchester City lost 2-1 to Chelsea in London, which means Liverpool could not be caught with a 23-point lead over City with seven games remaining.

A Manchester United fan has won a total of £36,000 ($46,000) after he bet the entire amount of his inheritance, a whopping £55,000 ($69,000) on Liverpool winning the Premier League in October 2019 at odds of 4/6.

Tony Ward, age 55, from Bradford, West Yorks was so certain of the Reds' chances of winning, so much so that he staked the entire inheritance left by his mother Rose when she died in 2017 at age 82.

He was forced to wait nervously during lockdown when football was suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic; however, when the games resumed it didn't take long until Chelsea's win over Manchester City on June 25 confirmed Liverpool as champions.

The incredible outcome saw Tony Ward win a total of £91,000 ($115,000), including his bet, from Ladbrokes. He is now planning for an overseas holiday before saving the rest in the bank.

He said, "Liverpool were always looking like they could win the title. I picked them after a long, long debate. I would have got my stake back, I think, if the season had been cancelled. But that would have been unfair. Liverpool were that far clear. They only needed six points."

"I fancy a big holiday. The rest is for a rainy day."

Tony Ward also asserted his mum would have approved of his risky bet, saying "she wouldn't have minded what I did with the money - not at all. She liked a flutter!"

"She liked the horses. But I'd give it all back to still have her around. I cherished her."

Tony added that he's going to stay away from the bookies for some time and has no plans to reinvest some of his winnings. He said, "I certainly haven't got any plans to put another bet on for that money again. I won't dive in. I don't bet just £5 or £10. I won't just do it willy-nilly! I've always liked a flutter - especially when I was younger - but I've tried to be good over the last few years. I only bet when I really feel it. I pretty much knew when I stuck the bet on that Liverpool were going to do it."

A Ladbrokes spokesperson said, "Liverpool won the Premier League with ease in the end and delivered the goods for our confident customer."

Liverpool had a great start to the season, having won their first eight games in the Premier League, so perhaps it was not surprising to see that betting on them for the title would definitely be worth it.


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18 comments on "Man Utd Fan bet entire inheritance on Liverpool FC to win Premier League, wins 36k"

 dule-vu16/07/2020 11:00:37 GMT
I know for this news,it was on site few days ago,even last week I think and just can say that its big bet for something that you need to wait for so long!we all know how long is season and now with corona its even longer,so no matter what amount you bet,its too long to wait for 8 or 9 months that everything finish and with few injuries in team everything can be ruined!but congratulation on this big bet and big win!
 antonis32116/07/2020 15:50:08 GMT
Congratulations to this fan , for winnng this amount of money , well done !!! Smile And heis a fan of Man Utd ??? LOL hahahahahahaa . He bet all the money on the rival , lol . Besides laughing , that's the right thing to do . He fosaw the win of the title of the rival Liverpool, and bet the whole money , now he has won and he's very happy . A success story . Wishing him the same luck for his futere bets Smile
 CALICUL17/07/2020 08:41:03 GMT
This is a brave bet, but risky at same time. Punter man deserves congratulations for his power to give up a very large amount of money, that he could easily lose... if Manchester City were in excellent shape. It was not the case and ticket was a winner.
 dule-vu17/07/2020 13:10:19 GMT
he is from bradford,fan of man utd,but I think not so big fan and that he dont go on games,as I find that before in news about him,so maybe isnt so strange that he bet on liverpool!but to bet every penny that he got after death of mother was very risky!its easy to say now,but would ask anybody before start of season would you put even 1000 pounds or euros on this kind of bet!
 antonis32117/07/2020 22:22:36 GMT
His mother would approve this decision of his to gamble all his inheritance , some $70K and win 2/3 as a profit from a it , she would like it he says . lol.. Ofcourse he says he would give everything to have her back , very sweet of him Smile A very nice profit, showing he is a man who like gambling . Now he can have some fun with this profits Smile
 CALICUL18/07/2020 15:42:25 GMT
Imagine that this man could easily lose all money and then cry for it... if he is not a man with a good financial situation. It is always risky because a bet can always produce a big surprise. He relied on the tenacity of the German coach from Liverpool.
 antonis32118/07/2020 22:46:04 GMT
He bets when he has a feel , a strong feel for this event or result , this is a good advice for anyone who wants to bet , he has to have some very good info on the target event , follow the action , watch the teams or the athletes , his instict to advice him strongly to do it , not just throw money out of the window or to the fireplace Smile Very nice of him , and if his feelings to other betting events in his betting past history were the same successfull , I can imagine how lucky he might have been until now Smile
 dule-vu19/07/2020 09:56:29 GMT
I know that he waited for few months more because of this corona situation,but you can imagine how would he feel if they made decision to stop whole premier league and not to have champion?that was one of options in FA!so he would just get back his money that invested,without win,even liverpool had over 20 points more then city!
 antonis32120/07/2020 02:20:33 GMT
He won't bet for now anymore , he will take a break , essential not only for the one who lose but also for the winners imo SmileHe was lucky that the premier league was not cancelled , he had a stong feeling for Liverpool's success , that would have gone to waste , alongside with the winning money . Thankfully , in the end , it was concluded , and Liverpool won the title , now he's a winner as well Smile

 CALICUL20/07/2020 06:49:58 GMT
If Premier League was canceled then he would get his money back. This win is not so important in relation with amount of money he bet, but it was obviously a good decision but also a risk. I look at football results and i don't see anything for sure...
 dule-vu20/07/2020 10:52:35 GMT
I am sure that he will not make this kind of bets in near future,even to make 1000 pound bets,because nobody know how will new season look and will be fans on stadium,when will start and everything else!its just hard to predict anything,so who will wait for so long time to try to guess champion on end of season!
 CALICUL21/07/2020 08:47:38 GMT
You can never know what these bettors have in mind who throw a lot of money at bets that can be easily lost. People can risk all sorts of amounts and unfortunately there are only few happy cases. There are more losers and their cases are rarely shown.
 antonis32122/07/2020 21:59:35 GMT
lol , I could never bet this amount of money , or more , in one event . Only if I had undisputable inside info for a game , which is not possible , i have no such connections , lol . I like only betting very small on many events , with standards or not , and multipliers , system with many events is better and cheaper , could be very profitable , than one bet event .

But his instict wqs advicing him to do it , and he did and got rewarded for it Smile

I have only bet less than 300 euros in some euro football games , when Greece took the first position . What an unlucky guy I am , I was betting all the time the wrong result , second much to lose I think it was a draw with spain , 3rd much with russia to win failure , next event last 8 teams to lose , failure , again next event to lose , failure , lost some 300 euros , very little , probably the only greek who didn't believe greece would take the cup in the end , lol Smile
 CALICUL25/07/2020 12:34:54 GMT
I don't bet big money and couldn't win good money either. In my neighborhood there are several bettors who won nice amounts. Bad luck is with me. Doesn't want to leave & don't know what to do. It's odious because made a lot of tickets and predictions with 5-6 matches don't want to hit.
 dule-vu27/07/2020 12:21:30 GMT
I love to wager a lot on gambling,especially on slots,but to make single bet with this kind of money and especially to wait for almost year to see what will happen on end of season is just too much for me!even to bet 500 e on this kind of bet is long time for me!probably would make some bet on that weekend and to know in one day did I won or not!
 CALICUL27/07/2020 15:24:59 GMT
Football will be resumed in about a month or more in many championships and i need much ambition for accumulation a good bankroll. I want some money for betting and covid 19 must disappear definitive. Politicians can do that and we to live normal lives.
 antonis32128/07/2020 01:45:36 GMT
Betting $70.000 on a single event ,wow ,I could never ever do this , it sounds like crazy to me , lol . But if you have info good for the teams or one event ,youcan do this . Some people with inside info and knowledge , bet million or millions of dollars ,get richer and richer . lol . The best way to win by sportsbetting is by settling the result before the game starts . Just ask the presidents of the teams in the 1st football league in Greece , and not only . Having teams doesn't awards much , but the profits from sportsbetting from your team results , well , that's another story , lol Smile
 CALICUL28/07/2020 15:55:29 GMT
You are aware that this man has either been drunk, his financial situation is good or more than that... No one bets so much, if they don't have money. In conclusion, his bet was good and he had an adequate profit. It was not easy but succeeded.

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