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Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LV

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Posted on 09 February 2021 by "T".

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were victorious in the Super Bowl LV at the Raymond James Stadium by a score of 31-9 against last year's champions, the Kansas City Chiefs and their superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes, deemed as the player who will succeed Tom Brady one day.

Tom Brady has won his 7th Super Bowl, at age 43, in his first year with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and made history by being part of the first team to appear in a Super Bowl in its home stadium - all these accomplished amid the ongoing pandemic.

This is Tampa Bay's second title win, and it concludes an NFL season in a very unique way, with Super Bowl LV set in front of a crowd of nearly 25,000 and an estimate 30,000 cardboard cutouts of fans.

Brady has won his 7th Super Bowl this time, which is a remarkable feat for any football player. That total is more than any NFL team - his former team the New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers each have six. This was his 10th Super Bowl appearance, also the most of all time.

Brady said when he was asked how to rank his most recent victory, "I'm not making any comparisons. Being down here and experiencing it with this group of guys is -- every year is amazing, and this team is world champions forever. You can't take it away from us. Thank you guys. Thank you all."

For the fifth time in his career, Brady was named the Super Bowl MVP and he's the only player to win the award that many times. His performance this Sunday was superb, completing 21 out of 29 passes for 201 yards for three touchdowns and had no interceptions.

Two of those touchdowns were to tight end Rob Gronkowski, who came out of retirement after playing with the Patriots to reunite with Brady.

Throughout their years together, the Brady-Gronkowski tandem has made 14 touchdown receptions in the post-season, the most by a quarterback/receiver duo of all time, besting Joe Montana and Jerry Rice.

After the game, Brady and Gronkowski said they are not retiring, though the latter will be a free agent.

Their 68-year-old head coach Bruce Arians, who became the oldest head coach to win a Super Bowl, is sticking around, too. He said, "This really belongs to our coaching staff and our players. This is your trophy. I didn't do a damn thing. You guys won this game, alright? You came together as a band of brothers and you made it happen. So proud of all of you."

As for Patrick Mahomes, it was a rough day for last season's Super Bowl MVP. He threw two interceptions, was sacked three times and had no touchdowns. Other than that, the Kansas City Chiefs may have had an early 3-0 lead but couldn't get going, and also accumulated 120 penalty yards.

Mahomes said, "Obviously I didn't play the way I wanted to play. What else can you say? All you can do is leave everything you have on the field, and I feel like the guys did that. They were the better team today. They beat us pretty good, the worst that I think I have been beaten in a long time."

And that concludes the Super Bowl LV.

If you're already looking forward to next year's Super Bowl, then it will be held at the SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California on February 6, 2022.



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14 comments on "Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LV"

 geseco1209/02/2021 14:53:36 GMT
Congratulations to the Tampa Bay who won the super Bowwl LV against Kansas City, on the playing field the superstar Patrik Mahomes, who is a great player, showed off, in addition to the almost 25 thousand people in the stadium, it was appreciated this great show that they gave us.
 CALICUL10/02/2021 00:27:42 GMT
So the favorite lost this match at a very high score. Nothing new under the sun. It usually happens many times and the surprises are very frequent. Stadium had 25,000 spectators and is very good because this planned pandemic in some offices is starting to disappear.
 dule-vu10/02/2021 08:32:34 GMT
game was three days ago and as I said in other thread about super bowl,its just fascinating how tom brady play with his 43 years and that he will play also next season!he still have same smile when he started to be a pro and now in this years is same!for first time we had home team on their stadium in super bowl and they won it!
 CALICUL11/02/2021 02:11:17 GMT
this player must have a great talent in the sport he practices, because playing 10 finals and winning 7, That thing is something superb of course. His performance matters a lot and there he is very well known, due to his brilliant career.
 dule-vu11/02/2021 09:43:54 GMT
how big is this show and what this mean for whole america,say one thing that for this years super bowl one second of commercial was 180 000 dollars,just one second!its just too big money arround super bowl,no matter is it corona or normal situation!we will see what next season will bring to us!
 DinGo!11/02/2021 10:48:17 GMT
Also want to congratulate the winning team. Well done. That was a good game for sure. And it,s really nice, that some people even at age 43 can win a big titles. Congratulations for Tom Brady and his 7th Super Bowl win. Was receiving many different offers to make a bet on this game and also saw some kind of freebets, this is because lots of people were watching this game.
 CALICUL11/02/2021 14:23:37 GMT
Interesting decision made by Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski, who will continue to play. One is 43 years old but the other is much younger with few years. Ambitious people and that is very good. In the next season they must keep their quality.
 dule-vu13/02/2021 11:17:37 GMT
for first time we had that home team play at super bowl and they won it and with this win and tom brady they will be in history that probably nobody will do something like this in future!if brady will be healthy,he will have another great season and with 44 he will be on top again!look forward to see this next season/year!
 CALICUL13/02/2021 14:57:44 GMT
Probably he will enter in the Book of Records, if he wins next year another trophy with his team. Football players retreat much faster, but here resist more. 44 years it is an old age even here of course, but people have different physical condition.
 Rocio2512/08/2021 02:29:22 GMT
Great team that exciting Tampa Bay beat Kansas City Chiefs, and we see that the player Patrik Mahomes is one of the great players and he showed it on the court and with 25 thousand people in the stadium watching the show, unfortunately they lost Kansas City Chiefs but so It is in sports you win and you lose the important thing is to give your all, but to win is to show effort in what you do and a lot of effort
 CALICUL12/08/2021 07:58:15 GMT
congratulations for the winners but also for the finalists
 CALICUL19/08/2021 23:43:17 GMT
the defense and endurance of this team made them to win this trophy. This sport is not something which i know but sometimes it is nice to watch this show. They can do big matches sometimes and this thing is nice to watch. This spot is a quality one.
 CALICUL18/09/2021 11:42:20 GMT
What can i say about this final is that there will be more matches in future, where we can bet with pleasure if the odds are satisfactory and we have a little talent and skill in such a thing. Good teams have high chances at bookmakers, but with inspiration we will adapt better to this sport. Super bowl is too nice for betting
 CALICUL24/10/2021 16:15:40 GMT
Of course, she won the best team at the time and it's called the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In most cases, the favorites win, but there is also the part where the outsiders manage to produce the surprise. Anyway, there are a few months left to see who will play the next final.

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