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Italy wins UEFA Euro 2020 Final, beating England 3-2 in Penalty Kicks

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Posted on 12 July 2021 by "T".

Italy won the final on penalties versus England following a 1-1 draw after extra time.

The UEFA Euro 2020 Final, played by Italy and England, took place at the Wembley Stadium in London on July 11, 2021, in front of 67,173 fans who attended the game.

Italy line-up: Donnarumma; Di Lorenzo, Bonucci, Chiellini, Emerson (Florenzi 118); Barella (Cristante 54), Jorginho, Verratti (Locatelli 96); Chiesa (Bernardeschi 86), Immobile (Berardi 55), Insigne (Belotti 91)

England line-up: Pickford; Walker (Sancho 120), Stones, Maguire; Trippier (Saka 70), Rice (Henderson 74; Rashford 120), Phillips, Shaw; Mount (Grealish 99), Sterling; Kane

It was 48-year-old Björn Kuipers from the Netherlands who was assigned as the referee for the final of the 16th UEFA European Championship. He was teamed up with three of his compatriots, with Erwin Zeinstra and Sander van Roekel as assistant referees, and Pol van Boekel as one of the assistant VAR officials.

Fans, mainly cheering for England, provided an electric atmosphere inside Wembley before kickoff. The match started at 8pm local time (7pm UTC), under a rainy weather. Italy played in blue shirts, while England played in white shirts.

Italy goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma was hailed the hero for the Azzurri in the shootout, while substitutes Bukayo Saka, Jadon Sancho and Marcus Rashford failed to convert from the spot for England.

Bracket of the UEFA Euro 2020 matchups from Round of 16, Quarter-finals, Semi-finals and the Final:

Italy won the final 3-2 on penalties following a 1-1 draw after extra time.

Italy won the European Championship for the first time since 1968.

Italy are the fourth team to win multiple EURO titles after France (2), Spain (3) and Germany (3). The 53-year gap between their titles is the longest in EURO history.

Gianluigi Donnarumma, named Italy's hero in the penalty shootout with two great saves, was deservedly crowned player of the tournament, and the first goalkeeper to be honored of the title leads a group of talented stars that should ensure this side stays competitive for the foreseeable future.

As for England, this defeat is going to sting for some time for both players and fans alike. Instead of coming home, the trophy is headed to Rome.



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25 comments on "Italy wins UEFA Euro 2020 Final, beating England 3-2 in Penalty Kicks"

 dule-vu12/07/2021 19:24:33 GMT
last night we had end as probably whole europe wanted and no matter that was finished on penalties,it was deserved win from italy!
england fans had their moments before game,when they had fight in front of stadium,because they came without tickets and lot of them got in!what a nation....
 antonis32113/07/2021 08:58:47 GMT
Congratulations to Italy on this victory , that crowned them as the champuons of Europe until 2024 when we' have the next Euro in Germany . I think they deserve this title , they had ball possession and many chances to achieve goals during the game , their goalkeeper saved them sometimes and lead them to the conquest of thie title . congratulations to them .
 dule-vu13/07/2021 10:10:03 GMT
england had that early goal and players just wanted that everything finish,didnt want to attack!
 geseco1213/07/2021 19:30:07 GMT
Those of England are cowards, they wanted time to pass with that early goal, and a whole life of the game was missing, they were thinking of defending themselves and waiting, it is a shame and a team shame, the coach is a beast, he had to correct that , the mentality of the players was on the ground, hopefully they learn from that failure, Italy deserved champion fought from the beginning and went to the front, a great team with a capital letter
 dule-vu13/07/2021 20:39:41 GMT
some fans made petition on internet how they want that uefa repeat game because of that start of chiellini and they think that he should get red card,not just yellow!
just think where they were to say how uefa should repeat their game with denmark,because of that silly penalty,such a big mistake!
 dule-vu15/07/2021 12:07:23 GMT
whole europe make jokes with england and what they did in last game or what they didnt do it!they were scared a lot,but probably big mistake was to push this three young players on penalties,even they didnt play whole game!more people are happy with this win,you can see in every country that!
 antonis32115/07/2021 16:15:50 GMT
It's very sad to me the way the english team played that night , especially 2-3 players of them , they were losing one chance after the other , they couldn't do good control on the ball or maintain the possession , many mistakes , I expected more from them , they played not good in front of so many spectators (more than the official number of 65.000 were in the stadium , I couldn't see any gap separating them , lol) . Their prince in the stadium , other personalities , so many in their homes and pubs , all disapointed ....
 Skpmorita15/07/2021 17:53:08 GMT
i guess whoever score the first goal lose
england surley didnt play well , italy won fair and square
congrats to them , they proved once again that they are legends of this game
england need to build over this team and dont let them get disapointed over one game
 dule-vu15/07/2021 18:36:20 GMT
we can imagine how fans will look on this three players when premier league start Big Smile
 Nelson171215/07/2021 19:59:16 GMT
Hello, the truth is, I have not seen a coach or coach so defensive for a long time, not even a cholo is so defensive Southgate, my mother, as he loses, criticism is going to rain all over the place, it cannot be loaded like that and deprive of attacking football Total, look that I like England for all the talent they have and that they are trained players to play well and play beautifully, well, I am not English and I would criticize Southgate for this poor and defensive approach, when this team is to play guardiola plan and at attack and have the ball in your power
 geseco1216/07/2021 01:06:26 GMT
England have a great team to win all competitions, but what the coach has done has no explanation, they defended themselves from the first minute and did not attack and therefore lost, they should take it as a lesson and not make the same mistake
 antonis32116/07/2021 12:31:53 GMT
it's unf***ing believable the way the English shot the penalties , hadn't they made some preparations earlier ?? Some free shots so as to be prepared , as most I think knew , feared or had felt that the match would end with the penalties because of the way the teams would had played , and so it happened . Some players played for this reason and only, I could see the way one of them playing during normal and extra time , really sad and odd , missing every control , couldn't pass the ball lol
 dule-vu16/07/2021 13:17:52 GMT
he made big mistake with this players who play only one or two minutes on end and then they missed penalties!now he will learn for next time,but he missed big chance for england,even everybody wanted that italy win!
I see some news in last days,where fifa probably will not give world cup to england for 2030 or 2034 (cant remember what year it is),because of this big problems with fans in front on wembley!
 geseco1217/07/2021 03:11:18 GMT
The mistake was made by the coach to put players who should not kick a penalty, I predicted the rasfort penalty that would fail him, he is a great player but to kick penalties he is a beast hahaha
 dule-vu17/07/2021 13:47:01 GMT
yes,it was his mistake and he thought because they shoot penalties better then this players,especially in their clubs,to put them one end and that he will win on this way,but now we see how big mistake this was and how they were not prepared for it!
if he will stay on this chair for next world cup,he will think twice who will shoot penalties for him!
 CALICUL17/07/2021 16:50:22 GMT
Italy managed a beautiful performance even if it does not have such exceptional players. Mancini proves that he is a good coach and i am curious if he will continue to train this team or will accept an offer from elsewhere. He did something remarkable and deserves congratulations.
 Rogerio1018/07/2021 03:54:43 GMT
Italy played very good al the tourney, i think they deserved it. I mean England was good too, but ok, that penalty against Danmark i don't know. I still feel kinda sorry for England fans that this happened in front of there eyes in Wembley but that's how it was. Forza Italia, European champions. Thumbs Up

 dule-vu18/07/2021 15:44:24 GMT
when you look where was italy before this euro and how they couldnt even come on world cup few years ago,now they cant lose any game and have arround 40 games without defeat!but we can see how good job is made by mancini and who know where is end for them!soon we will have world cup!
 CALICUL18/07/2021 16:50:21 GMT
You're right Antonis, and no one disputes Italy's game, but in the 11-meter shots they missed twice and this thing could cost them the European title. English footballers missed 4 times in a row and proved that they have a special fear of winning such a trophy.
 CALICUL20/07/2021 20:18:47 GMT
I hit key 4 instead of 3, but this member is really frustrated and she attacks me in another thread
 geseco1224/07/2021 01:55:24 GMT
In general, in soccer, the team that fights to the end will always be victorious, Italy never lowered its arms after the early goal, that's why they came out the winner, I really like their Italian game, just champion.
 CALICUL24/07/2021 08:51:22 GMT
Italy has proven to be a winner, even if at certain times gave the impression that he can't do more things. He won this match with good luck, especially since the hostile stadium was not a problem. The players did their job well and sometimes badly, but in the end he succeeded to win and it remains to be seen what will do next year at the world cup, if he qualifies. Now is 1st in his qualifying group.
 Nelson171225/07/2021 13:51:00 GMT
I will say the same here as I have said in other posts, Once again, England sank from eleven meters. Nothing does more damage to the memory of those who establish themselves as creators of this sport than a penalty shootout, a kind of coin toss that has denied them their hand many more times than it has smiled at them.
 CALICUL25/07/2021 14:01:53 GMT
I say the same like you, because it was very clear. The England coach should have known this thing, he is experienced and has had many and important matches in his career. This did not happen and the English population suffered because of that.
 dule-vu27/07/2021 10:28:29 GMT
Next chance will be in who know how many years,but I think that they dont have chances anymore,especially after this bad penalties!on world cup are even better teams and will not have chances with them!they played at home,when you were scared in final with this chances,you cant expect more on next tournament!

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