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Quick Facts about UEFA Euro 2020

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Posted on 08 June 2021 by "T".

UEFA Euro 2020 is finally about to start and football fans all over the world are getting excited to see which nation will be the last one standing..

A total of 24 teams will compete for the prestigious trophy starting from June 11 to July 11, 2021.

The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) has finally pressed the green light for Euro 2020 this year, kicking off with the group A clash between Turkey and Italy at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome.

For the first time in its 60-year history there is no single host country. Instead, the tournament's 51 fixtures shall be played across 11 host cities, with the semi-finals and finals being hosted at London's Wembley Stadium.

Also, for the very first time, each team has been allowed to choose a 26-player squad instead of the usual 23.

Here are some quick facts about UEFA Euro 2020.

Tournament Format and Groups
The field consists of 24 nations, which has been divided into six round-robin groups. The first round is from June 11 to June 23.

The two top-performing teams in each group, along with four-best third-place teams shall advance to the round of 16 that starts on June 26. It's a single elimination format from then on until the final on July 11.

The six groups are:

  • Group A: Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, Wales
  • Group B: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Russia
  • Group C: Austria, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Ukraine
  • Group D: Croatia, Czech Republic, England, Scotland
  • Group E: Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden
  • Group F: France, Germany, Hungary, Portugal

Who is the tournament host?
Unlike the previous European Championships that had just one or two nations serve as hosts, what makes Euro 2020 different is that it is a pan-European event, which means the matches shall be held in 11 cities in 11 countries.

The Stadio Olimpico in Rome, Italy will be the host of the opening game.

Finland will be appearing in its first-ever major international competition. The Nordic country has actually never qualified previously for a European championship or World Cup.

Another first-timer is North Macedonia, led by veteran striker Goran Pandev.

Favorites at the Euro 2020
Who are your favorites at Euro 2020? The top favorite would be the reigning World Cup champions France. Coach Didier Deschamps has multiple quality options at every position.

England also has a fighting chance in winning its first European championship title this summer, since they were able to make it to the semifinal at the 2018 World Cup. Manager Gareth Southgate has a bunch of great attacking players in his arsenal that other teams at Euro 2020 would surely envy.

Other nations to definitely watch out for include current number 1 in FIFA rankings Belgium, defending European champions Portugal, Germany and Italy.

Will fans be permitted to attend the matches?
Of course! All of the 11 host cities will be open for fans to attend inside their stadiums so they can watch the matches this summer.

Budapest is aiming to have 100% audience capacity, whereas the other ten cities are expecting fans will fill up their stadiums anywhere from 11% to 50% capacity.

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57 comments on "Quick Facts about UEFA Euro 2020"

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» Quick Facts about UEFA Euro 2020

 CALICUL20/06/2021 09:09:58 GMT
Italy started this European championship very well and today's match is a very interesting one because i could bet on a risky draw, that will qualify both teams. Spain has two draws and does not confirm a power, but Portugal also won in 2016 after few draws. We'll see what will be.
 shokaku20/06/2021 10:47:12 GMT
Yes, Italy vs Wales is close to a friendly game, as both teams are through. Switzerland vs Turkey on the other hand will be a desperate struggle. A simple win would be enogh for the Swiss, but Turkey, with no points so far, and a bad goal difference, will need a decicive win with lots of goals, if they want to make it to the ko stages.
 dule-vu20/06/2021 17:43:27 GMT
interesting game last night between spain and poland and now all teams in that group can go in next stage,just depend who will take points in last round and ofcourse it will be great to watch all games!spain didnt have plan to have only 2 points from first 2 games!
but what a game between portugal and germany,must say that I didnt expect so many goals and easy win for germany,especailly after first game with france!
 CALICUL21/06/2021 10:35:44 GMT
Italy played with more dignity in last night's match, respected their opponents and did not want to force too much to tire their team. They have a superb goal difference in the 3 matches (7-0), and at this moment becomes a much more serious candidate to win Euro 2020 trophy.
 shokaku21/06/2021 14:29:28 GMT
Yes, after the disapointment in 2018 Italy is back with a vengeance. But in the knock out stages, the good group games no longer matter, as all games start at 0:0. With their tight defence they are a tough nut to crack tho.
 dule-vu21/06/2021 19:38:34 GMT
italy had 8 new players at start of yesterdays game,but they still played great and had lot of chances,they could score few goals more!
wales had great chance with 10 players,when bale didnt score chance that he wouldnt miss if next game it come,but ofcourse even that goal wouldnt change anything,because they would be on second place anyway!
 CALICUL22/06/2021 11:19:20 GMT
Any team can have problems, that's obvious. Nobody is a favorite, if we think about the match between France and Hungary. Matches are very fragile, and sometimes a weak team can eliminate a big team. I will be very curious what Spain will do in the last match of this group.
 dule-vu22/06/2021 22:16:55 GMT
we already know which teams will be play on one side of this euro and will have some crazy games in early stage on knockout phase!if belgium win their game and italy their in round of 16,they will play against each other in quarter final already!one of this gream teams will be out so soon,which is too bad!
and what to say about russia!they didnt play some good football,but they were on second position before last game and now they can go home!
 shokaku23/06/2021 04:58:09 GMT
It is unavoidable that the big hitters start playing against each other in the quarterfinals, actualy one of the games in the first knock out stage can be England vs Germany, should Germany finish second in their group, which is the most likely outcome.
 CALICUL23/06/2021 11:46:53 GMT
It's not that format which was in the past. Now at the Euro tournaments some teams get the qualifications, but their footballing power is not too great. I like matches when both teams are strong and they make a good show. However, this risk is always present with any team after the group stage and this is the situation.
 shokaku23/06/2021 12:19:13 GMT
Until 1992 it was only 8 teams at the tournament. So getting there was really difficult, and often even football powerhouses missed the Euros. Starting with 1996 it was increased to 16 teams. And in my view, this was a better number then the 24 today, or the 8 in the old days.
 dule-vu23/06/2021 23:49:33 GMT
what a crazy night we have behind us and what a great two game in both groups!spain had great play against slovakia,poland chance to go in next round if they score third goal,but even better games we had between france-portugal and germany-hungary!hungary had next round till 84. minute,but then this goal changed everything!
 CALICUL24/06/2021 13:16:49 GMT
Games between Germany and Hungary 2-2, kept all German fans speechless until the end, especially since at one point... they could be eliminated by the two goals of their rivals. In the last minutes in regular time, Germany scored that goal of happiness.
 CALICUL28/06/2021 17:51:04 GMT
Portugal was eliminated and Cristiano Ronaldo was very upset. I think he wanted to score more goals for a record, but also to advance in the competition. Unfortunately this thing did not happen and he threw his captain's banner and kicked. Such a thing is not done, but he didn't think of that.
 CALICUL06/07/2021 09:20:15 GMT
England played very well with Ukraine which paradoxically had the best Euro tournament in its history, even if the players from Eastern Europe lost with 4-0. The team from the UK has a difficult match with Denmark and is for the first time in a Euro semifinal. This match will be very interesting.
 CALICUL08/07/2021 11:07:28 GMT
An important thing is that in the Euro 2020 final, arrived two teams which did not lose in the group stage. This is beautiful, but Sunday one of them will cry and other will keep his invincibility at this final tournament. I hope we see a real show.
 antonis32108/07/2021 16:04:40 GMT
Italy vs England the great final , On Sunday ,so I will definetely be able to watch this match at 22:00 local time . I believe we will watch some good competition from both teams , they will fight and do their best to win the title , I do not have a standard preference who to win , neither I will bet on such a critical match , so i will relax and just watch the match . Ofcourse if England wins , their fans their will have a great party on Sunday , winning this title in their home .
 CALICUL09/07/2021 11:53:13 GMT
Italy can win this match but England has nothing to lose, because it has an enormous chance to win this trophy for the first time right at their home. Sometimes UK team has good matches with strong teams, but sometimes they don't play well and this thing can cost them on Sunday, if the same thing happens.
 CALICUL10/07/2021 13:01:23 GMT
Mbappe, Benzema and Ronaldo, "were avenged". The punishment received by Hungary for racism at Euro 2020 is three matches without spectators, and the Federation will have to pay a fine of 100,000 euros. I think they escaped cheaply because those players didn't deserve that.
 dule-vu10/07/2021 17:27:50 GMT
today that made decision to punish hungary with 100 K of e and to ban their stadium for next three home games,but england got only 30 K e and nothing more for last game and everything that was with denmark!what a joke!
today also we had information that uefa said that this is last euro with this kind of format!they say that is wrong!for smart its enough!
 CALICUL11/07/2021 14:36:25 GMT
The British Meteorological Office has warned that London stadium could be invaded by swarms of flying ants. Their radar detected rain but also spots that are actually insects. above a map showing especially in north-west London, where Wembley Stadium is located. This is a interesting thing.
 dule-vu11/07/2021 14:42:50 GMT
also NLO could come on wembley tonight,I see on some news....
 CALICUL11/07/2021 15:00:30 GMT
There is google translate and here you can find more details about the weather and other interesting things.
 Rocio2510/08/2021 20:35:20 GMT
Football fans are very happy to see the UEFA euro, in which 24 competitive teams will compete to win a great wonderful trophy, there will be 11 host cities, however today today is the World Cup champion is France by It is a competitive and very strong team, although England is also a competitive and strong team.
 dule-vu10/08/2021 20:56:40 GMT
You know that euro is over one month ago,right?

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