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Las Vegas Sands Plans to Enter Online Gaming, Eyes 888 Holdings

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Posted on 20 January 2021 by "T".

It appears that Las Vegas Sands is eyeing a move to the online gaming world, and is considering acquiring or teaming up with one of London's online gaming specialists, much like what its rivals MGM and Caesars have done.

The late CEO of Las Vegas Sands Sheldon Adelson was known to be a long-time opponent of online poker and online gaming in general. His seriousness in the matter led him to set up various campaigns trying to stop it and he even created an organization named the Coalition to Stop Internet Gaming (CSIG). His reason behind this is that online gaming results to higher levels of addiction and gamblers end up suffering from substantial losses.

The pandemic played a huge role in Las Vegas Sands' decision to enter the online gaming world, as the coronavirus caused their land-based operations to suffer immensely.

Adelson's deputy Rod Goldstein is taking charge on this potential new expansion and is currently negotiating with possible partners with regards to their upcoming sports betting project, which involves the creation of a new betting platform.

Potential Partner - 888 Holdings

One of the possible moves that Goldstein can make is to follow the steps of Sands rivals by means of hiring one of London's bookmakers and gaming specialists. Exactly what MGM Resorts and Caesars did, with Ladbrokes and William Hill.

Broker company Peel Hunt said, "Working with 888, or buying it, is not its only option, but it would bring market-leading knowhow, technology and a great brand, for Sands China in particular. A collaboration between 888 and Sands, commercial or corporate, is uncertain, but would have the potential to materially offset UK risks to revenue."

The casino-resort giant is currently utilizing third-party sports betting tech from William Hill, which is partnered with their rival casino Caesars.

Las Vegas Sands is currently in talks with potential buyers for their Palazzo and Venetian properties. Once done and over with, it will allow the casino giant to focus more on its assets in Singapore and Macau and will bring forth more income for the realization of their new potential move.




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29 comments on "Las Vegas Sands Plans to Enter Online Gaming, Eyes 888 Holdings"

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» Las Vegas Sands Plans to Enter Online Gaming, Eyes 888 Holdings

 dule-vu22/01/2021 12:39:59 GMT
you are only fool at this site and dont lie anymore people here!you dont know what are you talking about and you just spam every day!
you write your posts before,because you have two or three posts in one minute,so how the hell you can read some news and write two comments like last night at 20:42 BRM time?there is no chance!
anothe thing that we know is that you dont understand things or you dont care at all,because you write here how he want to take money,but man IS DEAD and you tell how he will bankrupt because of corona?wtf?!
in other thread about him you write how he was great man and he will be "in your heart" and after few days you write here how he want more money!wow,you must be very stupid for something like this!
 CALICUL22/01/2021 19:51:39 GMT
geseco, avoid the scandal with this frustrated member. Tell us the idea of this possible merger because las vegas sands wants to enter in online market and it is normal to be interested in this union. We can't know when luck comes with a big name in this industry. Good luck.
 dule-vu22/01/2021 19:57:02 GMT
As I said before,nobody ask you anything on this forum,because you are not important!
This man is dead and he belive that he will make deal from grave!
 CALICUL22/01/2021 20:10:43 GMT
I don't know who makes the deal from grave, because this man have five children who will continue to run their father's business. The American state can't take these casinos because don't belong to him. The union with 888 poker can be made with succes and you are the only dead person on this site, because you are a man with zero character.
 dule-vu22/01/2021 20:32:26 GMT
we all know that you dont know english and that you need to use translator,so thats reason that you cant read his comments where you will see what he say in first post and that he laugh to DEAD man!
but yeah,you are stupid as him,so you cant see difference!
you are not important for this forum and stay out of forum please and play your freerolls!
 geseco1222/01/2021 21:02:21 GMT
dule-vu, let's stop fighting, and we have to start again, good friend, good luck, it doesn't matter what happened, if I was wrong, sorry, but we have to continue, we are all here to grow in poker, we know that many companies are entering the world of online games, that this community can grow more.
 CALICUL23/01/2021 20:18:13 GMT
Speculations is true in most cases because they are generally exposed after some tips. 888 has poker, casino or sports betting and an immense name in this industry can anytime to ally with him. Such a plan is not to be avoided. Both sides can earn from this.
 dule-vu24/01/2021 20:00:56 GMT
there is just too big story about online gambling in USA in last years and who know when and how this will end!we all know they poker stars had some deal to make big company with other betting and gambling sites and to enter on us market,but now we have this option with 888 company!we will see who will pay more for licence!
 CALICUL24/01/2021 20:20:01 GMT
I would love for Las Vegas Sands to come up with a definitive purchase proposal for 888 Poker, or at least an alliance. A business kuke that must to bring benefits for customers. These two names can invigorate more this platform. We will see.
 geseco1224/01/2021 22:47:45 GMT
I think that the union between Las Vegas Sands and 888poker would be better, it could improve the platform and benefit its customers, I think that separately it would not be the same, they should join, we will see what happens, but it would be great if they go for the first option.
 CALICUL25/01/2021 19:57:24 GMT
We will see if the rumors are realistic and the business will materialize. Covid 19 can prolong that planetary lie and casinos can have bigger losses. Online area can make them more active, so it will be good for they and for the winners of his games.
 dule-vu25/01/2021 21:12:29 GMT
now usa will have new administration,new president,so know on what way this will go and how will finish!we all know that in usa everything is in lobbying,what rich people you have behind and other things!it same like they can do anything to stop selling guns!so if they will have people on right place,online gambling will come!
 DinGo!25/01/2021 23:05:01 GMT
For sure if they can,t make money from people offering live games, they will try to make it online and looks like the only way is to cooperate with some big companies. I think this will be not so easy to make and they need to think twice, because lots of players don,t like everything new and they prefer to play in the places, which already had some reputation. Also looking strange, when the people was a big opponents of on online gambling and now they try to make money on it.
 CALICUL26/01/2021 20:37:30 GMT
Internet is necessary for las vegas sands, but success is not guaranteed if they enter on the online market. Many people prefer live casinos and they don't trust to play from their homes . Customers can be attracted by advertising if this alliance will exist in future.
 antonis32126/01/2021 21:25:13 GMT
It would be interesting to see this company to buy a share or to cooperate with an online poker room such as 888poker , and this would strenghten both these companies , and would give sth new to the online poker industry , more profits , knowhow , chances to the players , etc etc This should have been done much earlier , a year at least earlier , when the corona crisis began Blink
 dule-vu26/01/2021 21:42:59 GMT
when you look how many big companies we have on market,888 company isnt biggest,not in poker,not in casino games,not in betting,so its will be strange if they choose them on end!much better and bigger companies are there,so every can bring success to las vegas sands,whole usa and players!
 geseco1227/01/2021 00:38:27 GMT
A good alliance, and also a good promotion and marketing will make them enter the online market successfully, we know that now the buum has it online games and everyone is interested in entering this world, I think they should do it would be great for the company and for gamers.
 CALICUL28/01/2021 23:58:03 GMT
Now that the old man is dead, his children maybe have different opinions and the decision belongs to them. The second problem would be that they to want but 888 poker to refuse that alliance. We don't know what it will be, but we will see.
 dule-vu02/02/2021 12:08:47 GMT
I just hope that if any company come on US market,they americans will not change whole casino and betting system in world,because we all know how they can change anything in the world and to make their own rules!would be great that they just allow people to gamble online and not to change anything that can affect on rest of world!
 CALICUL02/02/2021 17:04:24 GMT
This news about a rumor will not materialize, if any restrictions on covid 19 are lifted and people resume their lives as in 2019 and the beginning of 2020. I honestly would like 888 to grow, but at that moment we have no way of knowing.
 CALICUL04/09/2021 20:56:00 GMT
I have not heard of any alliance in recent months and i think they are negotiating or giving up the idea. It would have been an alliance which could be quite profitable for both parties, but now it depends on what the owners want.
 CALICUL15/10/2021 12:36:40 GMT
I think this plan will definitely fall in the next few years, as long 888 has a very strong online casino and i guess they don't want an alliance, that could be to their detriment. It would have been interesting, but when it comes to a different kind of stability, some alliances are not made.
 CALICUL06/11/2021 19:49:24 GMT
I don't think Las Vegas Sands will be able to make an alliance or buy 888. Here things are going well and their profit is pretty good. Why would they want to ally or sell? An offer of billions could change that, but I don't think this casino would offer that much money.
 CALICUL28/11/2021 00:24:30 GMT
from the point of view of 888 they do not want to make such an association with Las Vegas Sand, but I think that these customers of the online operator would have wanted these two names to unite in a collaboration. I think people felt more hopeful of winning well.
 CALICUL16/12/2021 12:25:55 GMT
Las Vegas Sands will have to wait and put their appetite in the nail. 888 is a solid place and it is not going to lose its profits in favor of a casino that has already started to have results again after the period when it was closed due to the fake pandemic. For now, each will continue separately.

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