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Tiger Woods withdraws from PGA Championship 2022

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Posted on 23 May 2022 by "T".

Tiger Woods has withdrawn from the 2022 PGA Championship after he struggled in his third round, carding his career-worst score at the event.

The PGA Championship announced on Twitter that the 15-time major winner withdrew from the event, after he shot 9-over par 79 at Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma in his second major. This comes after an almost 17-month layoff as a result of suffering serious leg injuries in a car crash back in February 2021.

Woods was able to make the cut on Friday by just a single shot, showing glimpses of his excellent prowess to qualify for the weekend.

However, the fatigue of playing 36 holes coupled with his injuries (pain and discomfort in his right foot) appeared to catch up with the 46-year-old under a cool and windy Saturday.

According to CNN:

  • "He produced a long putt to save par on his first hole, but had to settle for a bogey on the second.
  • Things went from bad to worse on the par three 6th hole with a triple-bogey six, and it was the start of a bad run for Woods.
  • Over the next seven holes, he had six bogeys -- including a run of five straight -- before his first birdie of his round on the 15th.
  • He managed to narrowly avoid his worst ever score at a major -- 81 at the 2002 Open at Muirfield."

Afterwards, Woods made a frank assessment of his gameplay, saying he "didn't do anything right and didn't hit many good shots."

He added, "I just didn't play well. I didn't hit the ball very well, and got off to not the start I needed to get off to. I thought I hit a good tee shot down two and ended up in the water, and just never really got any kind of momentum on my side."

After the round, Woods did not clearly confirm on whether he'd be completing the major.

He said, "Well, I'm sore. I know that is for a fact. We'll do some work and see how it goes."

Many people on social media were sympathetic and understanding on how Woods' performance turned out.

Tiger Woods had not withdrawn from a tournament since the 2019 Northern Trust.

After almost losing his leg in a car accident in February 2021, Woods has to reassess his game plan. He even admitted that he will be challenged walking golf courses "for the foreseeable future."

Woods played at least 18 tournaments once in the past 17 years. Now, he's focusing on just four.

He said after Friday's round, "I'm not going to be playing a lot of tournaments going forward. They're going to be the biggest tournaments. I want to be able to play the major championships."

2022 PGA Championship winner

Justin Thomas has won the 2022 PGA Championship after a dramatic three-hole playoff against Will Zalatoris. This is his second time to win the Wanamaker Trophy in five years.



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39 comments on "Tiger Woods withdraws from PGA Championship 2022"

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» Tiger Woods withdraws from PGA Championship 2022

 dule-vu01/06/2022 04:52:01 GMT
We will see when he will stop with everything!
 geseco1202/06/2022 02:55:44 GMT
We all know him as a great athlete, he should rest and take good care of his health, he has earned a lot of money and can live comfortably for many years, he should not have this kind of risk.
 dule-vu02/06/2022 05:02:01 GMT
We know from last news that even car isnt for him anymore!
 geseco1203/06/2022 03:29:48 GMT
He should enjoy the money he has earned over the years with his family and loved ones, and at the same time take care of himself, his life is worth more than anything, he should not take too much risk, sometimes I do not understand this, what will be his goal to play at that age.
 dule-vu03/06/2022 04:51:37 GMT
Golf is his life,but he should know when to stop!its just crazy!
 geseco1204/06/2022 03:44:34 GMT
Of course it is very true, he loves his sport that he started as a child, but one must always know when to stop, it is about his health, his body, he should take care of it, in this case he should take a step aside now, it is a question of his family to support him in that sense.
 dule-vu04/06/2022 07:03:58 GMT
He was best in this sport and people should rememeber him about that,not thing like this!
 geseco1205/06/2022 16:44:38 GMT
you are very right, he has been a great player, people will remember him for a long time, and I think he should step aside, because otherwise it would damage his career, a pity what happened to him, but he should get over it.
 dule-vu05/06/2022 16:45:34 GMT
He should try to learn somebody how to play golf!
 geseco1206/06/2022 17:31:36 GMT
I think it would be a good idea, he should start a school where he teaches golf, and that way he will always be practicing his favorite sport without taking risks to compete in a real tournament, I think he should think about it very well.
 CALICUL06/06/2022 17:32:41 GMT
I think Tiger Woods took many hours of golf practice to become one of the highest paid players, then he became number 1 in money and trophies. He is remarkable in this sport.
 geseco1207/06/2022 18:22:48 GMT
Nobody doubts how great this player is, but like any athlete there always has to be an end, and I believe that his career of this great player has come to an end, he should not demand to play, but rather take a step aside and enjoy his money, taking care of his health first.
 dule-vu07/06/2022 18:22:55 GMT
Maybe he will learn something in next months!
 geseco1208/06/2022 20:23:01 GMT
He has a lot of time to think and make the best decision for his future, it is not easy from the player's perspective, but he must always give priority to his health and that of his family, hopefully he can do it and be very calm and happy.
 dule-vu08/06/2022 20:23:07 GMT
He dont think on anything!
 geseco1209/06/2022 21:40:00 GMT
He should ask for help from professionals so that he can become aware and take care of his health which is the most important thing before accumulating more money that he does not need, hopefully he can make the best decisions for the welfare of his entire family.
 CALICUL09/06/2022 21:40:35 GMT
he can do what he wants because he is a great player and it is his choice
 geseco1210/06/2022 22:10:21 GMT
it is very true, he can do whatever he wants, but he should do what is going to favor him in the future, first is his health, then comes the rest, if we want to live a few more years we should always take the best decisions of our life, he should know that.
 dule-vu10/06/2022 22:10:31 GMT
He can do,but he must know that lot of people watch what he do and that kids can think that this is normal!
 geseco1211/06/2022 22:40:02 GMT
Hopefully he can make the best decision for the welfare of himself and his family, a great player that we will remember for many years, he no longer has to prove anything, we admire him, surely many young people will follow his example.
 CALICUL11/06/2022 22:42:58 GMT
I don't complain about Tiger Woods because he knew best what decisions he made at certain times in his life. This man was very balanced in sports, but not in real life, so sometimes he may be missing in one game
 geseco1213/06/2022 00:30:57 GMT
You always have to make the best decisions, and I think this player knows how to do it, the most important thing is to take care of his health and recover and then enjoy his successes, he should not take any more risks, he has achieved almost everything in his sport.
 CALICUL13/06/2022 00:33:55 GMT
he is a smart man and we don't have to think about it much. Golf also requires some brains, so I think he is a much smarter man than other people and what he has decided is just his choice
 geseco1216/06/2022 04:01:30 GMT
he is a great athlete, he is also a very intelligent person and he will know how to make the best decisions for his future, that is why we will always remember him as a great athlete and a great human being, sometimes things happen for a reason, he should know that.
 dule-vu16/06/2022 07:53:01 GMT
If he would know what is best for him,then he would stop with some things!

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