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Tiger Woods Congratulates Hideki Matsuyama for Masters Win: "Making Japan proud"

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Posted on 13 April 2021 by "T".

Hideki Matsuyama made golf history on Sunday, becoming the first-ever Japanese male golfer to win a major championship by earning the 2021 Masters title.

The cherry on top of his victory was when he was praised by the biggest name in the world of golf: Tiger Woods.

Woods wrote on his Twitter account, "Making Japan proud Hideki. Congratulations on such a huge accomplishment for you and your country. This historical @TheMasters win will impact the entire golf world."

Tiger Woods, who was not present at the 2021 tournament as he's still recovering from a car crash in February, has managed to capture the jacket five times, the most recent being in 2019 - in fact, the most recent Masters to be played in its traditional April timeslot. That title marked Tiger Woods' first major in almost 11 years, and 15th major title overall.

Woods himself made Masters history in 1997 when he won his first green jacket. That was the first major win of his career and made Woods the first African-American winner at Augusta National.

Hideki Matsuyama is the second man from an Asian country to ever win a major, according to The Associated Press.

Y.E. Yang of South Korea defeated Woods to win the 2009 PGA Championship.


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41 comments on "Tiger Woods Congratulates Hideki Matsuyama for Masters Win: "Making Japan proud""

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» Tiger Woods Congratulates Hideki Matsuyama for Masters Win: "Making Japan proud"

 Cesar1418/04/2021 17:49:59 GMT
Congratulations to this player, in the midst of a crisis he is bringing smiles to a country, this country will be proud of this player who has made history, it is not easy to get there, but he achieved it and he has it well deserved, greater successes will come. lucky.
 geseco1219/04/2021 06:07:51 GMT
He is a great man, and that he continues to reap awards for his showcase and for his country, I believe that today what matters most is the discipline you put into him and the passion for the sport you love and the results will be magnificent like this player.
 dule-vu19/04/2021 13:54:07 GMT
what a number of porst for golf player that I am sure nobody heard anything before and didnt know about his name,but now we have few posts every day and even 6 posts from one member about it and every day somebody still congratulate him about this success!its just silly!
I am first that didnt know anything about it,but to write every day about him just to write something,I would do that,but lot of them will!
 Cesar1419/04/2021 22:49:23 GMT
That's right, nobody knows anyone until they win something important and appear on the big covers for their achievements, that's what many want to be recognized by the whole world as great players, that's why they are working hard to achieve it, good luck to this player and that everything goes well.
 CALICUL20/04/2021 12:05:32 GMT
In any sport rivals should congratulate themselves when they win. This is normal and i would like it to be like this everywhere, between formidable rivals. In some sports this does not happen, but Tiger Woods did the right thing. Very nice his gesture.
 geseco1222/04/2021 18:30:08 GMT
I have spent it when I won a title in amateur soccer that I played representing my neighborhood, one feels excited, cannot describe such a fact, the same I think this player felt when representing his country won that title, that is incredible .
 CALICUL29/04/2021 17:56:30 GMT
I'm waiting to see if Tiger Woods will play golf as he did before the accident. It is not at all pleasant for an athlete to suffer physical injuries and operations and then to have an identical determination and talent. Here i mean in any sport, but let's see if the golfer will win more trophies in future or not.
 Rocio2510/08/2021 21:31:52 GMT
How proud and happy the Japanese must feel to know that Hideki matsuyama represents them and to be the first Japanese golfer to win, and in order to achieve this, a lot of effort and dedication is needed, anyone who is competitive and tries very hard cannot do it alone. , his family should be proud of him for the achievements that congratulations have made for him.
 dule-vu10/08/2021 21:37:07 GMT
Proud japanese maybe won aleady new championship when we see how old is this news...
 Rocio2517/08/2021 20:58:28 GMT
When we have goals and objectives we fight for it we strive we prepare to achieve it This is the case of Hideki matsuyama who is the first Japanese golfer to win. The Japanese should be proud of him because he represents them and especially his family should be proud of him for his achievement
 dule-vu17/08/2021 21:01:29 GMT
Who know when he will win next time!
 Rocio2519/08/2021 01:53:43 GMT
Every human being must set short-term, medium-term and long-term goals that help us to have a purpose in our life and I believe that we all have goals and this is the case of this Japanese Hideki matsuyama and if he managed to be where he is Why did he try hard maybe he left other things to dedicate himself fully to his career
 dule-vu19/08/2021 01:55:29 GMT
Thumbs Up
 Rocio2524/08/2021 14:45:44 GMT
When you have goals you know where you are going and you sacrifice, you strive to achieve it, maybe you burn your eyelashes and practice until you achieve it and many have achieved their goals because behind it there is sacrifice, this in one of the cases of Hideki matsuyama who won the title of masters 2021
 CALICUL24/08/2021 14:49:41 GMT
professional players have a lot of talent and experience, but there is also the professionalism, that makes them sometimes to win major tournaments, as it is here.
 Rocio2505/09/2021 01:40:18 GMT
In order to achieve this, he had to do his best, since nothing is easy, one always has to make an effort, and this is the case of the great golfer Hideki Matsuyama, who managed to win an important championship by winning the 2021 Masters title, the pride of Japan.
 dule-vu05/09/2021 04:15:34 GMT
Another old thread!read posts from other members!
 Rocio2508/09/2021 00:45:26 GMT
Congratulations to Hideki matsuyama who is a golfer who won an important championship by winning the 2021 masters title the Japanese will be proud of him for his performance although it is not easy to win a championship but it is not impossible so with a lot of effort and sacrifice he achieved it.
 CALICUL08/09/2021 00:46:04 GMT
Well done to him for winning something great
 Rocio2510/09/2021 01:57:32 GMT
Let's always fight for our goals and dreams we have in life I believe that perseverance and with a lot of preparation we achieve our goals in this case Hideki Matsuyama won being the first Japanese golfer to win a championship if effort was rewarded.
 dule-vu10/09/2021 05:08:28 GMT
Proud japanese!
 Rocio2516/09/2021 00:31:49 GMT
Hideki matsuyama is a great example to follow and is a source of pride for the Japanese because it is nice to represent your country and even more so when you win, so the Japanese should be proud of Hideki matsuyama for his victory in the Masters.
 CALICUL16/09/2021 00:33:19 GMT
for those who are passionate about golf, yes it's good to follow
 Rocio2517/09/2021 14:19:57 GMT
Congratulations to Hideki matsuyama for winning the 2021 masters title, it is a source of pride for his country that he represents them because of his ability and his effort and dedication to win it and we must follow the example of this great Japanese golfer for his achievement, everyone will be proud of him.
 CALICUL17/09/2021 14:29:28 GMT
this player deserves respect for its performance

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