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Record Bingo Outcome - 290 Winning Cards in One Game

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Posted on 26 November 2018 by "T".

Hundreds of bingo gamers gathered last week Monday night (November 19) at the Potawatomi Hotel & Casino bingo hall in Milwaukee, USA, where each one is allowed to play up to 180 electronic cards at a time, so it is possible for an outcome of multiple winners in one session.

In one particular and incredible round, the bingo jackpot prize was split between a record 290 players!

The bingo game caller astoundingly called out 44 balls without drawing any ball coming from the "G" column, which put most of the players in the room on the verge of winning. Finally, "G-53" was caught, resulting in a massive shouting chorus of "BINGO" heard all over the hall.

Bingo staff counted and confirmed a total of 290 valid winning cards. According to a professor of math sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee named Jay Beder, the odds of this incident occurring are roughly 1 in 1.5 million.

In normal circumstances, the game's jackpot prize money of $500 would be shared amongst all winning players; however, this odd occurrence would only give out $1.72 for each winner. Even if the smallest bingo buy-in at the casino is $5, the prize would still end up as a net-loss for each player.

Fortunately, the generous casino opted to award each winner the minimum $25, thus the total payout was $7,250 for the 290 winners, or about 14.5 times the original $500 jackpot.



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5 comments on "Record Bingo Outcome - 290 Winning Cards in One Game"

 doubletop77726/11/2018 09:22:20 GMT
This is something that i have never heard of happening before. The odds of this happening were astronomical, i in 1.5million according to the article, and the shout of 'bingo' when the last number came out must have been deafening
 Mober26/11/2018 11:41:45 GMT
That must be a first indeed.
Winning a jackpot in bingo and getting less than your buy in Smile
A 5 USD buy in by the way which seem quite a big for one card.
But at the end the players got something back since they awarded everyone
with 25 USD.
After that no one would mind being in the same situation again Smile
 bowie198426/11/2018 21:30:29 GMT
Well, they messed up badly the algorythm with the electronic cards for sure. It is possible but not really probable and I don't know what would have happen if they do this multiple times a row making bingo night into a nightmare for hundreds of old people Big Smile
 CALICUL27/11/2018 15:33:21 GMT
A situation too complicated for the winners but that casino was generous and offered more money. I've seen in movies how old people played bingo but i do not know how it works.
Probably the same as lottery game, but here you choose fewer numbers.
The situation is on the reverse and this time won a lot of players. Smile
 Gerimantas27/11/2018 16:30:17 GMT
Not play bingo in my life and so when o read this article i try to understand how it is happen but not understand very well. What i understand very good is that a lot of money to win and some people who have luck can become very rich

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