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Maryland Man has won $2 Million from Lottery, Again

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Posted on 04 November 2021 by "T".

A retired utility worker from Maryland, USA, has managed to find a $2 million lottery prize on a scratch off card, for the second time.

The 65-year-old man from Salisbury, Maryland won $2 million just by playing the $2,000,000 Richer scratch-off game many years ago and has since then continued to play it.

According to Maryland Lottery officials, during the pandemic, the man purchased two tickets at a local Exxon station and noticed that one of the scratch-off tickets had a "Gold Bar" emblem over a $1 million prize.

His other ticket was actually a winner as well, revealing a $100 prize. The man placed the $2 million-winning ticket inside a safe and waited just until before the expiration date to redeem it. He said, "I was just a bit nervous. I worried that I could have a fire (at home) that would burn it up, that the ticket's expiration date might come up and even had just a bit of doubt that it was really real."

It was back in February 25, 2019 when Maryland Lottery started offering the $2,000,000 Richer scratch-off game, with prizes ranging from $30 to $50,000, and six top prizes worth $2 million. November 1, 2021 is the final day to claim prizes in the game.

The lucky man told Maryland Lottery that he plans to use his latest $2 million prize to pay for home improvements plus a family vacation. The previous $2 million win allowed him to retire and to take a family vacation as well.

Despite his incredible double luck, the man advised other lottery players not to expect such an outcome. He said that rather than always expecting or strongly hoping to get a winning ticket, people should enjoy playing for the chance to win.

He said, "Be realistic and make sure that when you play that you aren't just playing for the big jackpot. Play for enjoyment and as long as you enjoy what you are doing, win or lose, you've already won."



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46 comments on "Maryland Man has won $2 Million from Lottery, Again"

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» Maryland Man has won $2 Million from Lottery, Again

 geseco1213/11/2021 21:02:01 GMT
It is always good to bet on the lottery, but not to be very frequent, I think that in the long run you will spend a lot of money, but it is always the decision of each one, maybe there are people who win money in the lottery, it is a question of each one, but in my place, more poker than lottery.
 CALICUL13/11/2021 21:02:14 GMT
it's good to bet if you are a good player, because a good player win many times at games, but less at lottery, because here is very hard.
 geseco1214/11/2021 22:51:45 GMT
you are right, it is difficult to win in the lottery, most of the time you lose in the long run, but the illusion of winning the big jackpot makes you not take it very important and play more and more, that's why it is a game with responsibility.
 dule-vu14/11/2021 22:51:53 GMT
people spend much less money on lottery,then on other gambling games!
 geseco1216/11/2021 03:37:48 GMT
It will depend on how you control your money to play different casino games, or lottery or other games, I think it is important to take those things into account, because otherwise you will ruin yourself.
 dule-vu16/11/2021 03:38:51 GMT
This kind of lottery you dont play online...
 ligador3717/11/2021 03:01:11 GMT
This is impressive! Winning a sum of money for that amount is incredible, but doing it twice is even more so!
Congratulations to the winner.
Undoubtedly he's pretty lucky, or he knows something haha. I think that after winning a sum of those he would not play anymore, but this man shows that you have to keep betting haha
 dule-vu17/11/2021 03:02:01 GMT
When you play so many years,you must hit something on end!maybe not such a big amount as him,but some luck you will have!
 geseco1217/11/2021 16:45:54 GMT
that's right, when you play for a long time you will always have a chance to win something big, maybe not the biggest prize, but a prize that you will never forget, that's what games are all about, good luck to everyone.
 CALICUL17/11/2021 16:46:31 GMT
how nice it is to earn over a million after taxes
 antonis32117/11/2021 20:13:47 GMT

The amount of money that you can win from lotteries , also in some casino slots' Jackpots , is awesome , $1M , $2M , many millions of $$$$ , in a moment you are rich and can spend a tone of money for luxeries , but houses , cars , anything !!! On the other hand I play poker , and on every tourney I take most of the times my buyin back lol . Maybe I will start playing the sats for the greatest of tourneys (Sunday Million SP , etc) , or else I might start playing lottery , who knows , lol
 dule-vu17/11/2021 20:13:56 GMT
lottery is much different then casino,because how much people buy tickets,thats how it will be big main prize,but on casino you can lose much more!
 geseco1218/11/2021 17:34:37 GMT
I think that both the casino and the lottery are very risky games, it is difficult to win money, maybe luck will be with you and you can win the jackpot, but that is almost impossible.
 CALICUL18/11/2021 17:34:52 GMT
risk or not, we choose what we play and hope for a good win
 antonis32118/11/2021 23:17:49 GMT
Yeah , in loterries it depends on how many will but tickets , the more playrs the bigger the prizepool , and ofcourse there might be some jackpots making even bigger ot huge the first win prize . In loterris you buy one , two threetickets , at least I think this is what most do , but in casino BRM can go out of control for sure , but casino is way far more fun to play , especially I would say the slots . If you have a good bankroll for this cause and time to have fun , it is a good way to spend your free time and have fun .
 CALICUL18/11/2021 23:17:58 GMT
the lottery is hard, but if you know how to invest in it, you can sometimes get lucky with different prizes in the lower categories
 geseco1222/11/2021 00:42:52 GMT
it is true, you can not win the jackpot, but you can be lucky enough to win the secondary prizes that are also very attractive, so sometimes I play some lotteries in my country, but so far I have not won anything, maybe later, we know it is 100% luck, keep trying.
 dule-vu22/11/2021 00:42:57 GMT
Well you play for real money,so you can win!but we all know who cant even win money on freerolls...
 ligador3722/11/2021 00:47:01 GMT
In my country, the lottery prizes do not reach such impressive figures as I have read here. Sometimes when the jackpot is not won for some time, it accumulates and becomes an interesting number (1 million dollars approximately).
The most important lottery in my country is played at Christmas, and the first prize consists of about 3 million dollars. I've never been even close to winning it haha
 dule-vu22/11/2021 00:47:09 GMT
America is big country,so its very easy for them to have big prizes!
 ligador3722/11/2021 00:51:32 GMT
Posted by dule-vu:
America is big country,so its very easy for them to have big prizes!

Yes it is. In Uruguay we are barely a little more than 3 million people. So it is natural that the prizes are not so great.
What I have read about the United States lottery is that one can choose between receiving the prize in a single payment (and has to pay a good sum for taxes) or receiving annual payments, up to a term of 30 years (but receiving the award in its entirety).
 dule-vu22/11/2021 00:51:40 GMT
And they have 330 millions,so if only million or two buy tickets,you already have big prize!but lot more people play it!
 geseco1223/11/2021 02:48:11 GMT
in that of the lottery is to have a lot of luck to be the lucky one to win the big prize, there are people who have several years playing and have not won anything and others that if, has tried to see if there is luck.
 dule-vu23/11/2021 05:59:51 GMT
In lottery you need luck to know when to buy tickets!
 dule-vu24/11/2021 17:29:22 GMT
somebody like to choose numbers like to play lotto,somebody like to just buy tickets with serial number and then to wait for draw!you dont need to spend lot of time on it,but you can win big amounts for few dollars!thats why its so popular in usa!

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